Signs That You Need Air Conditioning Repair | Mansfield, TX

Signs That You Need Air Conditioning Repair | Mansfield, TX

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Summer in Mansfield, TX, can be so brutal. That’s why it’s so important to invest in good air conditioning repair services. The AC unit that you have in your home will be getting a good workout during the hottest months of the year. Doesn’t it make sense to keep it up and running the way that it’s supposed to operate?

An air conditioner can make the hottest days of the year bearable. It gives you and your family comfort when you can’t be outdoors due to extreme temperatures. You can relax in your air-conditioned home knowing that the unit will do its job thanks to the air conditioning repair company that you’ve hired to service the unit.

It’s Time to Have Your AC Unit Checked Out

If your air conditioner is older or has experienced issues in the past, there are some things you can do to keep it in good working order. The first is to recognize the responsibility you have in maintaining it. Like any other piece of equipment in your home, it needs to be cleaned and serviced regularly to make sure that it works efficiently.

Some signs that you need air conditioning repair in Mansfield, TX include:

  • It’s making weird sounds. There could be a loose part or grit that has built-up inside the machine that is rattling around. Either way, a professional air conditioning repair service tech responds to the request for air conditioning repair by thoroughly checking the machine for problems. They may need to remove the front cover of the unit to get a good look inside of it. Keep in mind that the longer that you let a rattle go on, the greater the need for future repairs that can be substantially more expensive for you to pay for out-of-pocket.


  • It’s leaking fluid. It can be due to a few issues. One is with the refrigerant that cools the air. The other is the excess moisture that occurs when parts of the unit freeze and thaw. Both are problems that require your immediate attention. If you let a leak go on too long, it has the potential of damaging your walls and flooring. Minimizing the amount of damage that occurs from a leaky air conditioner is imperative.


  • There’s a smell coming out of it. An odd smell can be an indicator that something is wrong with the unit. It’s important to unplug it, so it doesn’t catch fire. Contacting a service technician to do an air conditioning repair service is imperative. It cannot wait because plugging in the unit could be potentially dangerous.


  • It’s blowing hot air. An air conditioner is supposed to cool the air, not heat it. If you find that your unit blows hot air, it’s time to have it looked at. It could be out of refrigerant or blocked by a dirty filter. Relatively easy fixes, the repair tech that comes to your home can fix the issue right away. They’ll get down to the root of the problem so that it doesn’t reoccur and cost you more money.


  • The temperature readout is incorrect. If the temperature control reads one temperature and it’s hotter inside the home, you know that there is a problem. The control panel may need to be repaired or replaced. Either way, you want it to be accurate so that you can control the utility bills that you rack up more quickly.


  • It’s causing your home energy bills to increase. Rather than making your residence more energy-efficient, it’s doing the opposite. You’ve gotten higher than average utility bills that you now have to pay for. It only makes sense to purchase a new unit because your old unit is draining your bank account by being inefficient.

Air conditioners run optimally when serviced regularly. Make it part of your home maintenance routine to call an air conditioning repair service tech whenever you have the opportunity to do so. We recommend having the unit checked out before you turn it on for the first time in the summer to ensure that it’s working optimally. If a new filter or batch of refrigerant is needed to keep the machine running, you’ll be able to take care of it before becoming reliant on the AC to cool your home this year.

Questions to Ask Before Requesting Air Conditioning Repair Service

You may want to ask questions before requesting an air conditioning repair service. That way, you’re well aware of the process the service technician takes when completing your repair. You won’t be left in the dark, wondering why it’s taking longer to fix the unit or why it cost you more to have it repaired than you initially thought it would.

Familiarizing yourself with the company’s work history, level of customer satisfaction and services provided help you get to know them even if you’ve never had the opportunity to work with them in the past. It’s a great ice-breaker that allows you to get a feel for how a technician works when you call them to repair the AC unit inside your home.

Who to Call When You Have an Emergency Repair Needing to Be Done

Minuteman Heating & Air is available to answer your call for service day and night. We offer emergency services that allow you to keep your cool during the sweltering days of summer. Call us at 817-284-2569 with your request for service. We’ll ask you a couple of questions to get a sense of the problem that you’re experiencing with your air conditioner. We’ll then dispatch a service tech to your location to take care of the problem for you right away.

We restore comfort to your home through the repair services that we provide. Don’t wait until it’s too late to save your air conditioner. We prevent costly repairs from occurring by fixing the small problems successfully. Our main goal is to ensure your satisfaction. If there is anything that we can do to make you feel reassured, let us know when you call to discuss your AC problems with us.