Signs You Need Heating and Air Conditioning Repair Services | Mansfield, TX

Signs You Need Heating and Air Conditioning Repair Services | Mansfield, TX

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A HVAC unit is an essential part of any building, especially in Mansfield, TX. With the extreme weather changes in this state, having a properly-working air conditioner and furnace is imperative. However, at times, HVAC systems do breakdown, and that can bring a lot of anxiety. Without a doubt, it is scary to picture a high HVAC repair bill at the end of the month.

Fortunately, many professional heating and air conditioning repair services are affordable. Additionally, when you get the repairs done in a timely fashion, you will save more money. That’s because you will not have to buy a new HVAC system.

Signs You Need to Contact a Heating and Air Conditioning Repair Service Provider in Mansfield, TX

If you notice any of the signs below, please contact a heating and air conditioning repair service straight away.

1.  Diminished Efficiency in Heating or Cooling

Homeowners notice problems in their HVAC system in several ways. First, you may notice that your house isn’t as comfortable as it once was. It might be excessively hot during summer or extremely cold during winter, or just hot or cold spots in your house. Moreover, you might notice your power bill increasing even if you have not modified your thermostat at all. That is a sign your unit is working harder than usual simply to maintain the same temperature. Lastly, if you notice that no air is coming out of your vents, your blower is probably faulty. A defective blower won’t keep the home effectively cooled or heated.

2.  Unusually High Electric Bill

One of the primary signs that your heating and cooling system is malfunctioning is when your power bills increase abruptly. Although utility firms do raise their rates occasionally, that’s usually done gradually. A dramatic leap in your energy bill may mean you are using more power just to have a comfortable home. That’s a sign that you need to call in a heating and air conditioning repair service.

3.  Your Home Feels Extra Dusty or Moist

Are you dusting your home frequently, but seeing more dust each day? That may be a sign your heating and cooling unit is dirty. A system with a high accumulation of dirt will ultimately spread the particles into your home. Furthermore, if you spot moisture buildup somewhere in your home, you may have an issue with your HVAC.

Fortunately, excessive dust is a fairly easy problem to correct. All that’s needed is to clean the system. However, if your unit isn’t cleaned regularly, you may wind up with an expensive meltdown later on. That’s why you need to book cleaning appointments every half year.

4.  Your HVAC Unit Goes On and Off Frequently

That may be a sign that your thermostat has a problem. When you call a heating and air conditioning repair service, they’ll inspect the thermostat and other system parts. They may have to replace your thermostat or just clean the evaporator, condenser, or fan.

5.  Water Leaks Around the System

Water around a HVAC unit may be a sign of multiple problems. You might be facing a problem with your condenser or drain tube. A more serious problem may be leaking refrigerant, which can cause health issues. Therefore, you will want to get that inspected straight away.

6.  Strange Sounds

Hearing a strange noise, be it rattling or clunking can be upsetting and bring anxiety. When that happens, many people think they are in for an expensive heating and cooling bill or a full HVAC replacement.

Thankfully, not all sounds lead to a total overhaul of a unit. You might just require the replacement of a belt or a malfunctioning motor part. Sometimes, a routine maintenance is necessary.

The most essential thing to remember is not to put off contacting a professional heating and air conditioning repair service. A repair bill is always better than the cost of a full system replacement. Acting quickly will help you save plenty of money.

7.  Strange Odors

Any unusual odor from a heating and cooling system should never be overlooked. Even if you’re simply sensing mildew or mold, it’s highly likely that either the system or the ducts require cleaning. You’ll need to get that done right away to safeguard the health of the unit and that of the building’s occupants. The more alarming smells, such as burning odors, ought to be tackled promptly. That’s because they could be the sign of faulty wires or overheating issues, all of which pose an electrocution or fire risk. If you sense a burning odor while your unit is running, turn it off right away. And, call a heating and air conditioning repair service immediately afterwards.

8.  Loss of Power

Any abrupt loss of power to a HVAC unit shows a need for a heating and air conditioning repair service. If the system is shutting off suddenly or the breakers are being tripped by a HVAC unit, you need immediate repairs.

9.  Yellow Pilot Light

Inspect your system’s pilot light. A properly functioning HVAC unit usually has a blue flame pilot light. If the light is mainly yellow, orange, green, purple or red, you have an issue at hand. Such colors show the existence of excessive condensates such as tar and rust in a heating system. Such condensates decrease the proficiency of your unit and may even cause toxic pollutants to mix with your household air.

Call Minuteman Heating and Air When You Require HVAC Repair in Mansfield, TX

At, Minuteman Heating and Air, we want your heating, ventilation and air conditioning unit to function effectively. Texas experiences some crazy weather conditions, from freezing winters to blistering summers. You need your heating and air conditioning unit to be in excellent working order for optimal indoor comfort throughout the year. That is where Minuteman Heating and Air comes in. Not only does our company offer replacement and HVAC repair services to residences and businesses, but we also conduct routine maintenance.

Have you been hearing weird sounds or sensing unpleasant smells in your HVAC system? If you think you may require heating and air conditioning repair, contact us. Our professional team will come out promptly to assess your system and provide you with an affordable quotation.