Situations That Call for a Heating and AC Repair Service | Mansfield, TX

Situations That Call for a Heating and AC Repair Service | Mansfield, TX

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Your heating and AC system is the most important equipment in your home as you have to deal with the unpredictable weather in the Mansfield, TX area. Most of the time, these systems are not maintained properly. This is unfair to them as they play a vital role in providing you comfort. The season-long usage of these appliances slows them down and affects their performance

Most of the time, you wait till something goes wrong with your appliances, then you take an immediate course of action. A situation like this can lead to a mayhem and cause commotion in your day to day life. No one wants to freeze on a chilly winter evening or feel suffocated on a blazing summer day.

It is advisable to call a professional service person at least twice a year for the maintenance of your HVAC for cleaning and inspections. Don’t count on this bi-annual routine maintenance check-up only.  You need to keep track of how your system is performing. The key is to be familiar with the situations that signal that your AC and heater needs a repair.

Keep reading on to find about the situations that keep you informed that the time has come to call professional service for your heating and AC repair in the Mansfield, TX area.

  • Foul Odor or Musty Smell in the Room

You can’t control the air that you breathe outside but you have a choice to only allow a clean and pure atmosphere in your home. The purpose of the air filters in your heating and AC systems is to filter out any dirt or any airborne particles that contaminate the airflow in your room. It is significant that you identify if there is a foul odor or musty smell in your room. In such a situation, you must check your air filters. The air filters must be free of any dirt at all times. Any mold growth, filters clogged with dust needs an immediate filter replacement.

It is suitable to clean or replace your air filters every 1-2 months as a dirty airflow can cause major health hazards.

  • Short Cycling or Insufficient Heating/Cooling

If you experience short bursts with your heating and AC systems, then it means they are short cycling. The continuous usage of these appliances can make them less efficient over time. This results in them turning on and off between short intervals. It will use more energy to start-up and during running as well. Your systems can eventually breakdown from the overheating, costing you hundreds of dollars’ worth of money.

The reason for short cycling can be dirty filters or that your thermostat is most likely out of order. This is a severe issue that needs professional heating and AC repair.

In case of insufficient heating/cooling, you need to carefully ensure that your vents and register are dirt free and unblocked. Any blockage caused by a carpet, rug or curtain can affect the airflow and the efficiency of your appliances. Blockages in the airflow will cause the system to use more energy to perform well and generate higher bills.

  • Unusual or Loud Noises

Any rattling, buzzing, humming or any unusual sounds coming from your heating or AC system is a matter of concern. Make sure you don’t confuse it for the operating sounds of your system. The operating sounds shouldn’t be loud. Shut down your appliances immediately and call a professional technician for heating and AC repair to deal with such a problem. Don’t wait for it to get resolved by itself as it can be unsafe for you and your loved ones.

  • Leakages

If your heating and AC system is leaking, it is a sign of an issue. Don’t look for tutorials on YouTube to fix the leaking as they do not prove to be very helpful in this case. Leakages usually indicate serious problems. It could be a clogged drain line with mold or sludge growth. It needs proper cleaning and maintenance. A professional heating and AC repair service provider can fix this issue and save you from any future nuisance.

  • High Utility Bills

Have you been noticing a persistent rise in your utility bills lately? If yes, then there’s a variety of reasons that could be the cause of it. Spending huge sums of your hard-earned money on something that can be fixed is wasting your resources. A professional heating and AC repair service will inspect this issue and point out your problem.

Broken parts like the motor or capacitor, low refrigerant, duct leakage, lack of maintenance and poor installation are all reasons your Air conditioner and heating results in high electric bills.

  • Don’t Lose Track of Your Heating and AC Maintenance

When was the last time you had an appointment with a professional heating and AC repair service? If you can’t recall, it means you have not been taking care of your systems. Your cooling and heating systems shouldn’t only be inspected when there is a problem. To avoid any unpleasant situation, it is necessary that you set preventative maintenance appointments. The end of the season in the Mansfield, TX area is the suitable time to do that.

There are also times where in spite of having a periodic maintenance schedule, your heating and cooling systems are not performing well. If your system is 10-15 years old, chances are its time for a full replacement. Systems that have covered their average lifespan become less efficient and require more energy to perform well. They are on the verge of a breakdown. Your old systems can also result in high electrical bills.

Call a professional cooling and heating service provider to have a thorough inspection of your system and to advise you with the best options for a full replacement.

Our team of skilled technicians at Minuteman Heating and AC is available for your service. We are extremely efficient and will reach your place on time. We will inspect yoursystem, clean the filters, follow up a thorough efficiency check, and come up with the most effective solutions to any issues that might cause problems in the long-term.

Stay on the top of your game by contacting us for your heating and cooling systems in the Mansfield, TX area. Let us help out with getting your system maintained or repaired.