Smart Home Control and Other Upgrades to Consider On Your Next Heating and AC Repair Visit | Arlington, TX

Smart Home Control and Other Upgrades to Consider On Your Next Heating and AC Repair Visit | Arlington, TX

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When our heating and AC repair team from Minuteman Heating and Air arrive for a visit, it’s the perfect opportunity to enhance your home comfort system with a few updates. We can also perform upgrades, or talk about when it might be cost-effective to replace your Arlington, TX area home’s system. With modern engineering updates and control technology, you may find that your energy savings and cost recovery are significant. Seasonal pricing on equipment and services can also be a big incentive to sit down and see what your options are. Here are a few of the ideas we can offer when you call for maintenance or to perform routine repairs such as motor or thermostat replacement.

Smart Home Controls

One of the more visibly exciting features in home comfort systems is the ability to manage your climate controls using a smartphone or tablet app as part of your smart home system. A combination of thermostat controls and sensors for humidity and temperature provide basic thermal management. Software-managed comfort options can include factoring in outside air temperature, weather forecasts, and other influences on your home’s comfort. We can start by installing the smart thermostat of your choice and connecting it to your heating and cooling system so that it can be integrated with your existing or future smart home equipment.

Standalone Smart Thermostats

We recommend that homes with a basic thermostat at least upgrade to a standalone smart thermostat, one that provides time-based temperature control to automatically adjust temperatures for day, evening, and night comfort. Some units also learn your preferences and provide more sophisticated control without having to connect to a full smart home system. Replacing your thermostat is a simple heating and AC repair  that we can do along with most other services.

Zone Upgrades

One of the most powerful upgrades we can do for energy savings and comfort is turning your system into a zone-based system. In most cases, this involves some ductwork and the addition of some controls, and the result will astonish you. If you’ve been trying to find a setting on your thermostat where all the rooms in your home are comfortable, you won’t have to anymore. Each zone, such as bedrooms, living space, and finished basement, has its own thermostat and setting. That means that your bedrooms are cool when you retire for the evening, while your living space is still warm until your guests leave. If people are in the basement room on weekends watching TV, they can turn up the heat but if no one’s there during the week, there’s no need to heat or cool the space.

Duct Upgrades, Sealing, and Cleaning

Make sure that your ducts aren’t layered with years of accumulated dust and other particles. It can get pretty nasty up there, and as your system blows hot or cold air, layers may release particles back into the air for your family to breathe. By having your ducts cleaned, our heating and AC repair team eliminates much of this debris in the ductwork which means cleaner air. You may want to update older duct systems in places where they are damaged, and seal joints which have come loose from pressurizing and depressurizing over the years.

Humidification and Dehumidification

A big part of your family’s comfort is actually from the humidity, not just the temperature setting. This is also a factor for your lungs, skin, nasal passages, and other moisture-sensitive parts of your body. Our heating and AC repair team can add humidification and dehumidification equipment to regulate your home’s air and set it just where you want it. You can avoid dry air and static in the winter, and make sure summer’s heat and humidity here in Arlington, TX don’t have an impact on your indoor air quality.

Air Filters Including HEPA Units

On heating and AC repair and maintenance visits, we can check and replace your system’s regular air filters, but we also can install a HEPA air filter system that traps even extremely small particles to keep them from circulating in your indoor air. This is especially helpful for those in your home with respiratory conditions and for days when the outdoor air quality is not so great.

UV Air Treatment Units

Using an infection control technology popular in laboratories and medical offices, the UV air treatment system helps to reduce airborne microbes and other pathogens circulating in your air. Our heating and AC repair team can install one of these units in your home duct-based HVAC system.

Adding AC to Heating-Only Systems

If your home doesn’t have whole-house air conditioning and you’d like to make a bedroom or nursery more comfortable, our heating and AC repair and installation team can provide a ductless AC solution instead of awkward window-based AC units. These ductless units provide cooling to one or two zones without whole-house upgrades and offer efficient-through-wall AC flow that keeps your loved ones cool and comfortable.

Thermal Survey and Insulation

One very practical solution for energy cost savings and indoor comfort that doesn’t involve new equipment or even heating and AC repair and upgrade services is a thermal survey. We can review an image of your home that shows exterior temperatures and reveals where insulation, window upgrades, and other efficiency solutions could make a big difference. This can help you manage your home’s overall temperature by ensuring that there aren’t any major thermal issues causing heating and cooling problems in a single space.

Minuteman Heating and Air Keeps You Up-to-Date on Home Comfort Systems

How can we help you be more comfortable and save more money? Ask us for ideas and suggestions on our next visit, and make sure to find out about seasonal deals and incentives that might make your decision to upgrade an easier one. We serve the area with experienced, professional heating and AC repair services and new system installation. Call us at 817-284-2569 and ask questions or schedule a visit with Minuteman Heating and Air.