Specialized Heating And AC Repair | Mansfield, TX

Specialized Heating And AC Repair | Mansfield, TX

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Less than two hundred years ago, the first wave of settlers was crossing into north-central Texas. The region posed many dangers like the oppressive heat of the blistering summer months which still impacts the Mansfield, TX community

Thankfully, technology has rapidly advanced. We are lucky enough to have environmental controls in our homes (heating and air conditioning) which makes living in the heat a lot more comfortable.

Like the majority of Texas, our city is on the warmer side of the thermometer with mild winters and boiling summers. The highest average temperature during the month of June is 89 degrees Fahrenheit.

Heatstroke and dehydration are serious conditions that can harm anyone but more vulnerable populations like children and seniors are at exceptional risk of being harmed by overexposure to excessive heat.

The wise community in Mansfield, TX has made Minuteman Heating and Air the most popular HVAC company in the region because when it comes to affordable and quick heating and AC repair Minuteman does its best.

Save Money with Prompt AC Repair

Texans understand the importance of a well-functioning air conditioner. The longer, summer days often reach high temperatures leaving most people with high electricity bills.

If your air conditioning units aren’t running at an optimally, then it can add an additional 30% to your electric bill. when it comes to the life of your climate control appliances?

Putting off repairs can cost you more money too. If you’ve neglected the necessary regular maintenance procedures for your environmental appliances, then you may need new environmental appliances much earlier than expected.

Why You Should Invest in Regular Maintenance

Cared for heating and cooling systems save you money by using less electricity and by extending the life of your climate controls for several years compared to an ignored heater or air conditioner.

Scheduled routine service from Minuteman can save you money by ensuring the HVAC system is continually functioning well.

  • Fewer heating and AC repair costs because we prevent damage before it happens.


  • No sweaty days waiting for an essential AC repair because we take pride in providing a streamlined service without interruptions to your services.


  • A smaller carbon footprint for your homes because appliances in tip-top shape use less electricity.


  • Regular maintenance prevents unexpected and expensive heating and AC repair.

The Pride of Minuteman Heating and Air Is Our Team Members

Minuteman Heating and Air recognize that inviting a technician into your home might be a little unsettling in our modern world full of danger. However, we ensure your trust by hiring individuals with integrity, skill, and polite natures.

That is why Minuteman only hires the most skilled HVAC technicians throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. We ask potential employees to submit to extensive background checks and drug and alcohol tests before offering them a position with our company.

To keep our employees’ expertise relevant, we offer many incentives to our team members to explore the technological advancements in Heating and AC repair.

We have discovered this investment helps our business lead the way when it comes to specialized heating, ventilation, AC repair, and other vital services.


“I manage a retirement home and last fall several of the residents were complaining about a musty smell in their rooms. Upon inspection, I could smell the foul scent as soon as I turned down the hallway to the rooms in question. Our handyman on staff could not find the source of the smell so I called Minuteman. The technician arrived on the same day and found a rotting snake in the vents near the rooms. He also found a broken blower and completed the necessary AC repair within the hour. I can’t endorse Minuteman Heating and AC enough!”

Ted Williams, Mansfield, TX, October 2019

“My wife and I run hot most of the year. We rarely turn the heat on or wear coats. On the flip side, in the spring and summer, we are always warm. We turn the AC down as far as it will go and run it at full blast. We noticed a few weeks ago that the air was not as cold as it usually is, so my wife phoned Minuteman. The service was quick. They fit us in later that week. The AC repair was affordable. The technician even cleaned up after himself! We have signed up for a maintenance package that will keep us nice and cool. Thanks, Minuteman!”

Steve Winnows, Dallas, March 2020

“The heat in Mansfield, TX is occasionally oppressive during the summer. I work outside most days and depend on my home being cool when I return home in the evenings. I consider myself to be pretty handy when it comes to maintenance around my house. I overstepped when I tried to fix the blower in the air conditioner. It went from bad to worse. Minuteman fixed my boiler a few years ago, so I called them. I’m always happy with the work they do. Plus, their staff are friendly folks who take pride in their work!”

Chuck Howard, Arlington, April 2020

Proud Leaders in HVAC Repair, Installation, and Maintenance

Minuteman Heating and Air offers clients friendly and specialized HVAC services. We aim to remain friendly, transparent, and affordable while providing efficient repairs, maintenance tasks, and installations.

Our team is fully licensed and insured. Your safety and satisfaction are our priority. If you are unhappy with any element of our pleases get in touch with us and we will make it right! Our promise to you is to remain transparent and affordable for all jobs we address and complete.

We are proud to serve the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and Tarrant, Ellis, and Johnson Counties. We are happy to discuss any issues and can even advise on choosing new appliances that can save you money on your electricity bills.

If you’re experiencing any disturbances to your heating or air conditioning environmental controls please don’t hesitate to call Minuteman Heating and Air!