Specialty Heating And AC Repair in the Metroplex | Mansfield, TX

Specialty Heating And AC Repair in the Metroplex | Mansfield, TX

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The Dallas-Fort Worth area is an amazing place to live. Mansfield, TX was awarded the number 14 spot on CNN and Money Magazines’ Best Places to Live list. We have come a long way since the days of forts on the precipice of the American frontier.

We do share a common problem with our ancestors: the sweltering Texan heat. Temperatures frequently reach three digits locally making air conditioners vital to every home and office in Tarrant, Ellis, and Johnson Counties. The winters are milder in our area but that doesn’t mean Mansfield residents don’t need well-functioning boilers and furnaces.

The Technology of Modern Heating & AC Repair

We depend on modern technology more and more with each passing day. It can be a tall order if your furnace or air conditioner stops working. Attempting DIY with your HVAC system can lead to very expensive heating and AC repair.

Rely on the team at Minuteman Heating and Air because we take pride in helping your home maintain the right temperature.

Our employees receive regular incentives to remain knowledgeable about the evolving industry of climate control. As technology advances so do the skills of our technicians. We strive to invest in sustainable and energy-efficient appliances, accessories, and procedures.

Reasons to Invest in Heating and AC Repair

Prioritizing routine maintenance and repairs will prevent interruptions in your heating and cooling services.

Consider that the average temperature during July is a scorching 96 degrees (that’s four degrees from boiling water) and that Mansfield, TX is baking during the summer months which puts more vulnerable people at risk for heat-stroke and dehydration.

If you’re not regularly maintaining your air conditioner, it might stop working in the middle of July when the heat is at its’ worst. Maintaining an optimally functioning air conditioner saves you money too because a struggling unit needs more electricity to function.

Minuteman Heating and Air can protect your home from the ravages of winter. Not that winter in Texas is terrible but you will want your furnace nice and toasty when January comes around.

Caring for HVAC Systems

It’s important to care for all of your HVAC systems. Including the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning units because doing so extends the life of your appliances and uses less energy to operate.

The ventilation system needs to be professionally cleaned every year or more. A lot of this will depend on where your vents and ductwork are located but homes with registers located on the floor should expect a necessary professional service twice a year.

Extending the Life of Your HVAC System with Prompt Heating and AC Repair

Minuteman Heating and Air provide a dependable schedule to protect your air conditioning and heating appliances. The experts on our team will tailor a bespoke maintenance calendar to optimize your ventilation, heating and AC repair and maintenance tasks.

This process will lower your electricity bills while protecting your appliances from unnecessary stress. A clean ventilation system helps keep you safe by removing debris and reducing the amount of flammable material inside your home. Clean water heaters protect homes from carbon monoxide poisonings.

A Short Word of Advice:

Many carpet cleaning and painting services offer to clean your vents for an additional fee. Frequently, these individuals aren’t NATE-Certified which means they haven’t been adequately trained to correctly perform these tasks. Unskilled ventilation cleaning can result in unnecessarily Heating and AC repair costs.

Bonded, Insured, & NATE-Certified Heating & AC Repair Completed by Experts

All of our technicians are NATE certified and registered with the great state of Texas. Team members agree to submit to background checks and are held accountable for periodic drug tests and alcohol screens.

We offer out of hours appointments because Minuteman Heating and Air understand that heating and AC repair doesn’t always need completing during weekdays from 9 am to 4 pm. Our friendly emergency service is there to help you when the worst happens at the most inconvenient time.

Our Heating and AC repair technicians always arrive with the tools, diagnostic equipment, parts, and skills needed to get your climate back where it belongs, in your control.

Customer Feedback

“Friendly and Well Trained Tradesman and HVAC Specialists! Who had us fixed up in a jiffy!”

Barbara Stevens, Dallas, Texas, January 2020

“Minuteman technicians have extraordinary skills and are the best at heating and air conditioning repair. These hardworking people never quit learning about their trade and the HVAC industry advancements. I particularly admire that they aim to protect the planet and accepting sustainability as the way forward.

We wanted the best value for our chain of restaurants and needed an HVAC company that understands the nuances of small business and regularly offers deals on anything from heating and air conditioning repair to installation and routine maintenance. We’ll stay with Minuteman for the long haul because of their affordability, transparency, and spectacular service.”

Matt Whittington, Fort Worth, Texas, May 2019

Energy Star

Following the Energy Star guidelines when buying new appliances is good for the environment and it is good for your wallet. Minuteman Heating and Air fully support the Home Performance Evaluation created by Energy Star.

The U.S. Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency has nation-wide standards for sustainable energy efficiency utilities by reducing the consumption of energy in residential homes one appliance at a time.

The Energy Star Home Performance Evaluation is a great place to start if you want to know how to reduce your energy consumption. Minuteman Heating and AC repair strive to get greener and greener as our business grows.

The local community is our beloved home. We promise to stand by our work. If you’re unhappy with our repair for any reason we will work to make it right.

The Minuteman technician cares about their work and their professionalism. We don’t smoke or curse during call-outs and we don’t leave a mess behind for you to clean up.

Please give us at Minuteman Heating and Air a call if you need heating and AC repair or want to discuss a maintenance package or installation.