The Importance Of Heating And AC Repair | Arlington, TX

The Importance Of Heating And AC Repair | Arlington, TX

One of the most overworked appliances in your home is your HVAC system. It runs all year round, day and night in order to keep your home’s environment comfortable enough for you and your family. Unfortunately, air conditioning systems are one of the most ignored commodities people have. Most of us forget about them until things start going wrong, and they stop working as they should. It is at that point the people will look for a reputable heating and AC repair company in Arlington, TX. This is why you should prepare for any potential problems before they occur. You can do so by looking out for any warning signs that your HVAC system might be in trouble and contacting Minuteman Heating & Air for regular maintenance before you end up paying for more expensive repairs. So, let’s take a look at what your HVAC system is doing so you can take the appropriate steps.

Your Air Conditioner Makes Strange Noises or Vibrates

An HVAC system that is working correctly shouldn’t make any noise besides a low hum. If your system has started making banging or clicking sounds it could be a sign that something could be wrong with the compressor or the fan’s motor, especially if the sound is unusually loud. Another noise that should cause concern is a rattling sound. If you hear this sound you should try to find what part of your HVAC system it’s coming from, because if it’s originating in your furnace it could mean something is wrong with the heat exchangers and if it continues it can become a source for a carbon monoxide leak that could put your family in danger. In either case, if your HVAC system suddenly starts making any sort of unusual sound, your best bet is to call a reliable heating and AC repair company to identify the problem and make any necessary repairs before you are faced with a potential hazard.

Your Power Bill Starts Increasing For No Apparent Reason

One of the first signs you may notice when something is happening to your HVAC system is an increase in your power bill. This happens because it may be overworked to maintain the required temperature. This increase can happen suddenly or gradually over a period of several months. In either case, if you are not using more power than you usually do, a good heating and AC repair company may be able to trace the source of the increase to your HVAC system. In this case, a thorough inspection of your system will allow the technician to make any necessary repairs to ensure your system is working properly once more, which should reduce your power bill. Letting the problem fester for too long may lead your HVAC system to sustain enough damage to require a complete replacement, which will result in a more costly investment down the road.

Your HVAC System Emits Strange Odors

Your HVAC system is designed to deliver warm or cool air to maintain your Arlington, TX home at a comfortable temperature, but the air that comes out of it should not have any odor. When you first fire up your furnace after it’s been inactive for the most part of the year, it might smell of burning dust for a few minutes, but once that period of time has ended the smell should stop. If you continue to perceive a smell after an hour of it running, turn it off and call a good heating and AC repair company to take a look. The same stands true for your air conditioner. If it emits a burning smell, it could be an indicator of something being seriously wrong with the wiring or another component. If this happens, turn it off immediately and get professional help. When the scent coming out of your HVAC system is moldy or smells like rotting flesh, you will need to contact a professional to clean out your ducts. In most cases, a foul odor coming from your HVAC system requires only a simple solution, but if your system has been running for a while and suddenly start smelling like smoke, it could mean you are on the verge of it catching fire, so shut the whole system down and call an emergency heating and AC repair service before you turn it on again.

You Find Water Puddles or Your System Is Dripping

When water starts dripping from your HVAC system or forming puddles under it, a few things might be happening inside your system that will require the visit from a heating and AC repair technician to identify the problem. In most cases this sign could point to a few different problems that will require an immediate solution, such as a clogged drain pipe, a frozen evaporator coil, or a rusty drain pan. The most important reason why you should call a heating and AC repair company when you detect any type of liquid coming from your HVAC system is that if allowed to continue your home could sustain severe water damage, which is very expensive to repair. On the other hand, the liquid could be your AC’s coolant, especially if it looks green or yellow in color, which can generate an environmental hazard and put your family at risk. Liquid leaking from any appliance is hardly ever a good sign, especially when the culprit is the one that pumps air into your home. Because of this, any signs of a leak should be repaired as soon as possible to avoid putting your health at risk.

Are You Looking For a Reliable Heating And AC Repair Company?

We have mentioned only a few of the most common issues that could be affecting your HVAC system in your Arlington, TX home. There are other warning signs that could be pointing to a potential problem. Always remember to follow your instincts and use your common sense and keep in mind that if something seems off or suspicious, it’s always best to call Minuteman Heating & Air, the area’s foremost heating and AC repair company to take a look.

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