The Importance of Indoor Air Quality, and How the Heating and AC in Arlington, TX Play a Role

The Importance of Indoor Air Quality, and How the Heating and AC in Arlington, TX Play a Role

Heating and ac in Arlington, TX is not only used to regulate the temperature inside your homes but also play a major role in maintaining the air quality inside your house. When we think of air pollution we often think of the air outside our houses. We gullibly believe that the air pollution is barred from entering our houses, and we are protected from all the smog and harmful contaminants in the safety of our house. But the reality is far from it.

According to researchers the air inside our houses, with poor heating and ac in Arlington, TX may be more polluted than air outside in the open. The possible contaminants that can be found inside our houses may contain harmful spores of mold, asbestos fibers, radioactive radon, and harmful chemical residue from the cleaning and perfuming chemicals we use inside our houses. And in addition to all of these, pollution from outside may also flow into our houses through the windows or stick to our shoes or clothes and we unknowingly bring them inside our homes.

These are many other contaminants as well like the dust particles and pet fur and dander, these along with mold spores cause several respiratory issues. You might not have pets but you might still find pet related pollutants in your home because they sticks to the clothes of your friends who have pets and they bring these fur and pet dander with them in to your homes as well.

Indoor pollution is becoming a major concern for people because people are spending more time indoors. Due to the advancing technology people are choosing to stay inside their houses as the entertainment, socializing and sometimes even work is accessible from inside the houses. Effective Heating and ac in Arlington, TX can help in reducing these pollutants.

Another major factor for deteriorating indoor air quality is more and more houses are being designed to be airtight for them to be more efficient. This results in the houses having poor ventilation. The pollution inside the houses is more concentrated, in contrast to the air outdoors. Properly installed heating an ac in Arlington, TX can help in providing the necessary ventilation.

Further Terrifying Facts About Indoor Air Quality

The following facts will help you realize the dwindling air quality inside our homes and offices. It is important to be concerned about the indoor air quality as most people spend almost all their time indoors about 90%. Therefore, it is crucial that you have a plan that includes attempts to improve the indoor air quality. Consulting with a professional technician for heating and ac in Arlington, TX can most certainly help.

  • The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have pointed out that the indoor air is the 4thmost threatening factor on our environment. EPA also researched and came to conclusion that the indoor air contains at least five times more pollutants than the most polluted air outside.
  • Another major pollutant indoors is the smoke from cigarettes. The smoke from the cigarette alone contains more than 200 highly toxic pollutants. And many of these pollutants are carcinogens, meaning they cause cancer. Smoking indoors result in secondhand smoking, this exposes other non-smoking people including children to the harmful cigarette smoke.
  • Asthma in children has seen a drastic hike in the last couple of years. Approximately 73% increase in asthma diagnosis in children is most certainly alarming. Poor indoor air quality has been a major factor in seeing this rise.
  • Our lifestyle also contributes in worsening the air quality inside our houses. Certain cleaning chemicals, paint and other products we use for our personal care may contribute in damaging the air inside our homes. Choosing these products wisely can help to manage the air pollution inside our homes.

What Can Be Done to Improve the Air Quality Inside Our Homes?

Heating and ac in Arlington, TX can play a major role in maintaining the quality of the air quality inside your homes. The following are some suggestions on how you can improve the quality of air inside your homes:

  • Make your home a nonsmoking zone. This will help in avoiding the secondhand, passive smoking. And your house will stay safe from all the major pollutants found in the smoke.
  • Ask the Heating and ac in Arlington, TX to compliment your HVAC system with UV light system that will help disinfect your air better.
  • The heating and ac in Arlington, TX need to be inspected and serviced at least once every year. This can ensure that no mold starts growing inside your HVAC system and the air conditioner works smoothly.
  • Using high quality air filters for your heating and ac in Arlington, TX. The air filters need to have at least 8 as the Minimum Efficiency Rating Value.
  • Calling a reliable and professional duct cleaning service in Arlington, TX to have the air ducts cleaned and dried regularly.
  • Maintain the temperature at around 73 to 76 degrees Fahrenheit to avoid the mold from growing inside your home.
  • Buying cleaning products that are free from harsh and toxic chemicals and storing the cleaning products in a well ventilated area like the garage.
  • Install high quality air purifiers and dehumidifiers to maintain the quality of the air and maintaining the humidity to ensure mold does not grow in your houses.
  • Avoid using pesticide inside the house.
  • Make sure you regularly vacuum clean your house so that dust and mites do not accumulate indoors.

The Bottom Line

A reliable company for heating and ac in Arlington, TX can guide you with maintaining and improving the air quality in your home. Minuteman Heating and AC are well trained and highly qualified professionals who are capable of providing the necessary guidance and support in improving and maintaining the quality of air inside your homes.