The Importance of Professional Air Conditioner Installation | Mansfield, TX

The Importance of Professional Air Conditioner Installation | Mansfield, TX

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Installing a new air conditioning system is a complex process. It’s absolutely important to have your air conditioner installed professionally and avoid extra costs in the long run. Our expert team of professional air conditioning technicians in Mansfield, TX are highly trained in all matters concerning air conditioners.


Benefits of Professional Air Conditioner Installation

Having your air conditioner installation done professionally clears your doubts about any complications that may soon arise after installation. Here are some benefits that you will only enjoy if an expert performs your air conditioner installation:


Our professional air conditioning technicians in Texas do more than just installing new systems. We also inspect your home, identify possible problem areas and assess available techniques to alleviate air conditioner problems.


When we install your air conditioner, your warranty on the equipment will be valid. Moreover, we guarantee our installation services, which means you can trust us to effectively install your air conditioner.


Installing an air conditioner isn’t as easy as just flipping a switch. It involves electrical components that can easily electrocute an unprofessional if handled carelessly. Our professional technicians are aware of the safety precautions to take and are keen to deliver the job efficiently. 

Appropriate Refrigerant Level

Professional knowledge is of great importance in filling the air conditioner refrigerant. The vital liquid is what cools the indoor air through a detailed process. Filling the refrigerant to the right level is critical to the system’s performance. If it’s too low or too high, the air conditioner will eventually fail. Having our professionals recharge your refrigerant level correctly upon installation saves you a lot of trouble.


Professional air conditioner installation allows you to rest assured following your unit’s efficient performance. Our highly trained technicians ensure your air conditioner installation very well attends to your comfort needs.

Accurate Sizing

Our team of certified air conditioning technicians carry out calculations to ascertain the recommendable air conditioner size for your home. An oversized air conditioner causes short-cycling among other system problems. The same applies to an undersized air conditioner. A professional from our Texas team is able to prevent such problems before it’s too late.

Unprofessional Mistakes in AC Installation

An air conditioner will only achieve its intended purpose only if it’s installed correctly. Basic considerations include:

  • The room dimensions where the air conditioner will be put
  • Positioning of the unit inside the room
  • The size of the air conditioner

There are a lot of things that can go wrong in case of an improper air conditioner installation. Here are some seemingly harmless errors that may soon cost you a new unit altogether:

Wrongly Positioning Your Air Conditioner

The positioning of the air conditioning system affects it overall performance. It should be placed in a location that offers shade and away from direct high temperatures. The unit is thus shielded from having to work harder to cool your home.

Having Plantations Around Your Unit

Any shrubs or flowers near the exterior part of your air conditioner interfere with its optimal performance. Trying to aesthetically conceal your unit affects its ventilation and hinders proper drainage. Having our professionals correctly position your unit not only lengthens your unit’s lifespan but also regulates your energy bills.

Substandard Insulation in Your Room

Insulation is a very essential factor to consider during air conditioner installation. Substandard insulation affects the cooling system of the unit. It can also cause premature equipment failure, increased workload on your unit and leaking of cooled air.

Incorrectly Setting the Thermostat

A commonly done mistake is setting the thermostat to its lowest level. The goal in this case is usually to attain the coldest temperature that the unit can provide. Doing this is very ineffective and uninformed since it significantly increases the energy bills.

Placing the Air Conditioner Near a Heat Source

Stationing your unit near a source of heat pushes the thermostat into making unnecessary adjustments. Rather than the unit regulating the room temperature, it will regulate the temperature based on the nearest heat source. The air conditioner is therefore overworked and its lifespan drops severely.

Delayed Inspection for Leaks

Simply because an air conditioner is new doesn’t mean it cannot have leaks. It may have been damaged during its transportation or delivery. Also, improper air conditioner installation can result in leakage which would have otherwise been avoided. Contacting our professionals in Mansfield, TX saves you from these mistakes and ensures your AC installation is properly done.


Why Should You Choose Us?

Numerous qualities set us apart from our contenders in Mansfield, TX. Our dedicated team of experts ensures that each AC installation job is done in a satisfactory manner. Here is what to expect if you choose us to install your air conditioner:

Fast and Flexible Service

All calls from customers intending to have air conditioners installed are attended to on the same day. We schedule the installation in such a way that you will not have any inconveniences.

Timely Service Guarantee

We are very time-conscious and our skilled technicians always arrive in time. We also bring along all the necessary tools to avoid any unnecessary delays once the installation process begins.

Preventative Maintenance

Air conditioner installation is only the first step towards a comfortable lifestyle. Maintaining and servicing the unit is the next cautious level of sustaining your comfort. Hiring our professional air conditioning technicians for maintenance services enhances the efficiency of your unit.

Latest Technology

Our experienced professionals are always in the front line of acquiring training on the most recent air conditioner installation techniques. When undertaking a scheduled installation, our tech savvy professionals bring along all the special equipment needed for the job.

Trusted Technicians

We only hire the finest technicians in Mansfield, TX. Regular tests for drugs and background checks are done on our technicians before employing them. You can therefore rest assured of a high discipline level among our trained technicians.


Contact Us Today

Enlisting the assistance of our qualified professionals for your air conditioner installation is a worthwhile investment. It not only maximizes your use of the unit but it also saves you from sacrificing your energy bill. With our professional help at Minuteman Heating and Air in Mansfield, TX, your air conditioner will operate at its level best. Call us at 817-284-2569.