The Installation of an Air Conditioner is Not a DIY Job! | Heating and Air Conditioning Service in Arlington, TX

The Installation of an Air Conditioner is Not a DIY Job! | Heating and Air Conditioning Service in Arlington, TX

In case you have decided to install your new air conditioner system all by yourself then you must read on!

The installation of your air conditioner is not at all a DIY task. You just cannot install an air conditioner system while watching a video tutorial on YouTube. It involves a lot of technicalities and the use of right tools.

Unless you are a renowned professional who hasinstalled multiple systems previously, we recommend leaving out the idea altogether. The installation of an air conditioner system should only be done by the professionals of a reputed heating and air conditioning service in Arlington, TX.

The installation involves a lot of preparation and estimation. It is something a layman cannot handle properly. Not to mention, one of the major reasons why an air conditioner stops working immediately after the installation is the improper installation.

Your expensive Split AC is not a wall clock that can be removed or replaced instantly. An air conditioner is your long-terminvestment and you just cannot go ahead with its replacement immediately after its installation.

A professional electrician of a heating and air conditioning service in Arlington, TX is the only person who can ensure that your AC remain effective and fully functional for a long time

So if you were to try and perform it entirely on you won, thenyou must be ready to face the odds of bungling up the whole thing, because of a rangeof intricacies involved in the installation process. This is particularly true if we consider the installation of a Split AC unit.

So how do top-notch professionals nail their job? Well, they can perform a quick and accurate installation because they are well qualified to perform the job. They hold years of experience along with a permitto perform the job. They are equipped with the right tools and they understand the complexities involved in the installation of an air conditioner system

But you can only work withyour electrician if you know the basics of an air conditioning system installation. To help you with that, let us discuss the stages of the installation process.

Outdoor Condensing Unit and Its Installation

When you bought your split AC, it must have come with an outdoor unit. When it comes to the installation of the outdoor unit of your AC, it must always have 6 inches of ground clearance at a minimum.  This will make sure that the hot air is removed properly and is not obstructed. This will improve the functioning of your AC.

As per the experts of heating and air conditioning service in Arlington, TX, the outdoor unit of your split AC must be installed in a well ventilated and airy area right from the start. The unit should not be placed or installed in a place that receives direct sunlight. It should remain away from different harsh elements that are usually found in the backyard surrounding.

All of this will help in maintaining the efficiency of your AC, day in and day out. Being the owner of the Split AC it is very important that you take care of all these factors. You should take the responsibility and double check all the wires and pipes in addition to all other related air ducts. These air ducts are responsible to bring the cold air inside your room while removing the hot air by releasing it into the external environment.

This is to make sure that the pipes and ducts are securely connected. This is to ensure e that there is no leakage from the exposed wires. All of this makes it highly important that you only hire the top-notch expertise before handing over your new split AC to them. They must possess sufficient knowledge to perform the task.

Remember the performance of your split AC totally depends on the performance of the outdoor unit so, make sure there is no negligence during its installation process.

Indoor Unit and Its Installation

Once the installation of the outdoor unit is complete, it’s time to complete the installation of the indoor unit. As per the professionals of heating and air conditioning service in Arlington, TX you must find the best place to install the indoor unit. Usually,homeowners decide the location of the installation but with that, it is also important that the selected place should be free from direct sunlight and away from any close by heating sources which are immediately present in front of the indoor unit.

Just like the outdoor unit of your split AC, the indoor unit must also have at least 6 inches ofopen space. This space should be in the immediate environment of the unit. Furthermore, the unit must be firmly mounted on its mounts that are usually affixed to the wall with nuts and bolts.  The experts of heating and air conditioning service recommend it to be at least 84 inches above the room’s ground level.

Well, these are just the standard estimation. Since every location and scenario is different you must take the professional insight from your electrician.  These are just the basic requirements. To get the best recommendation, always listen to the professionalof heating and air conditioning service in Arlington, TX and follow the directions.

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