The Joys And Potential Cost Savings Of A New Air Conditioner Installation | Mansfield, TX

The Joys And Potential Cost Savings Of A New Air Conditioner Installation | Mansfield, TX

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With the rapid advance of HVAC technology, it’s often a better deal for our Mansfield, TX customers to replace their air conditioning systems rather than try to extend its life. We can help you run the numbers, which will usually include energy savings from newer cooling equipment and probably a seasonal promotional deal, financing, and support equipment such as a smart thermostat. Creating your new air conditioner installation as a package gives us a chance to design and create the right system for you.

Types of Cooling Equipment

If you’ve had the same air conditioning equipment for some time, you may not be aware of the options you have for a new air conditioner installation. There are the traditional compressor-based systems, heat pumps, and even geothermal air conditioners. In addition, if you’re adding air conditioning to your home you can choose between several varieties of conventional whole-house central air conditioning and ductless mini-split that allows you to add air conditioning to your bedroom or other room where you want comfort or have medical needs for cooler temperatures..

Efficiency Gains from Newer Technology

Air conditioner installation of devices that use heat pump technology or geothermal energy can save significant amounts of money on electrical power. Even compressor-based air conditioners are much more efficient these days than a few years ago, making an upgrade often more attractive after considering both the cost of installation and the ongoing cost of operation versus repair costs to resume paying your usual electric bill.

Control Systems Savings

Modern control systems for your air conditioner installation go beyond a single temperature goal to zoned systems that apply the right amount of cooling to each of several zones of your home such as bedrooms, living spaces, and your home office. The addition of smart thermostats can go beyond zoned control to intelligent thermostat control that learns your cooling preferences and combines your style with information about the time of day and the likely amount of solar heating. The system can then anticipate the right amount of cooling to apply and the best time of day to apply it to cool down your space and maintain it at the right temperature. If your energy cost varies by time of day, the system can take that into account as well.

Adding Smart Home Features

Smart thermostats incorporate basic external factors such as time of day and solar heating, but air conditioner installation in conjunction with a smart home system can include information about room occupancy, weather forecasts, and even the use of smart blinds to keep solar heat out when you don’t need the extra light. Your smart home technology provider can connect their system to our installation and produce a wonderfully effective and intelligent way to manage your home’s comfort.

Including Duct Cleaning

If you’re replacing an existing duct-based central air conditioning installation, a great way to save money in the future and enjoy healthier air is to perform duct cleaning during the air conditioner installation. Sometimes years of dust have accumulated inside the ducts, trapping other materials, even grease and bacteria or viruses. Whatever’s airborne can land in your ducts and stay. A thorough duct cleaning helps with airflow and health at the same time.

Adding Humidification and Dehumidification

Your older air conditioner may not include components to manage your home’s humidity, but you’ll be surprised at how much humidity affects your comfort. Adding humidification and dehumidification to your heating and air installation removes the dry air and resulting static of winter heating, and helps manage the right comfort level during the summer as well. For duct-based systems, adding simple equipment to your central system can add a whole new level of comfort.

Air Filters and HEPA Filters

Your duct-based air conditioning installation usually includes a basic air filter, but we offer better filters to pull the dust and dirt from the air as well as trap even small particles carrying viruses and bacteria. We can attach a HEPA filter to perform this fine filtration, giving you results similar to those in many medical buildings and laboratories, and helping those who live in your home keep airborne materials and pathogens from affecting their eyes, nose, mouth, and lungs and causing allergies or other reactions.

UV Light Pathogen Prevention

Another way to neutralize pathogens in your air is to add a UV light system to your air conditioner installation. This is an increasingly popular option and is often used in doctor’s offices and sterile environments such as laboratories. Even some restaurants use UV light to reduce airborne contamination. By treating the air as it flows through your system, you can improve the quality of the air you breathe.

Seasonal Promotions Sweeten the Deal

Plan ahead and order your Mansfield, TX air conditioner installation during the off season when we’re not as busy and the manufacturer is offering improved pricing to keep their factories busy. It can make your installation a great deal. It can also help your budget or even enable you to choose a better system for your home. Let’s talk about the deals and offers. You may also be able to add in additional healthy options such as a HEPA filter and use a smart thermostat for more active control of your environment. In addition, let’s talk about whether you could benefit from the cost reductions of zoned systems.

Count on Minuteman Heating and Air for Your Cost-Saving and Comfort-Improving Air Conditioner Installation

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