The Most Common AC Problems and How an Air Conditioning Repair Professional Can Help | Air Conditioning Repair Service in Arlington

The Most Common AC Problems and How an Air Conditioning Repair Professional Can Help | Air Conditioning Repair Service in Arlington

It’s difficult to imagine our lives without air conditioners. They are the only reason people manage to bear harsh summer temperatures in Arlington.

People have become so reliant on air conditioning in Arlington that you’ll find them in almost every home of the city. However, it can get extremely troublesome when someone has to suffer from a breakdown during when the sun is at its prime

It’s also hard to find a reliable air conditioning repair professional in an emergency situation. Still, if you are able to spot existing issues with your unit, you can minimize the damage. This article discusses the most common AC problems and how an air conditioning repair service in Arlington can help.


One of the most common reasons in AC units struggle to work in a optimal manner is having clogged or dirty filters. Cleaning clogged filters is not rocket science; you can do it easily. Still, if you have problems, you can consult the manufacturer’s manual for guidance.

One way of telling that you need to clean the filter is by passing light through it. If the light doesn’t pass, it means that you should clean them immediately.

The time you need to replace these filters can vary. In some cases, you should do it once every month; while in others do it every three months. Dirty or clogged air filters can affect the airflow of the AC and cause your unit to freeze.

Such issues are not that complex and you can do it yourself. You won’t have to call an air conditioning repair service in Arlington to fix it. However, other complex issues in this list require the services of an air conditioning repair professional to get the job done.


Another thing that causes many problems is the thermostat in your home. The thermostat is responsible for controlling the temperature of the house. Doing simple things like keeping it away from sunlight and cleaning it, can help it work optimally.

However, it can make you suffer from downtime as well. When the thermostat isn’t working it’s difficult to set your AC right. If you face any issues with your thermostat contact an air conditioning repair service in Arlington.

Refrigerant Leaks

Coolants leaking from your AC system can cause it to malfunction. As a result, AC will not be able to work the way it should and temperatures will fluctuate. The effect of these leaks varies according to the location the leak is originating from.

The charges for these leaks will also depend on where it is leaking from. Air conditioning repair professionals have a better chance identifying where the real problem lies. So, avoid trying to find leaks yourself and consult a professional in Arlington to do the job for you.


Just like air filters, the drain line also needs to be clean. If someone doesn’t take care of the drain line; dust, dirt and lint can clog the drain line.

Clogged drain lines cause water to fill up inside the pan. If there’s a water leak, your AC unit can suffer from severe damage, especially if water gets inside the unit. In other cases, constant exposure to water can cause your AC to rust.

Moreover, anything that is near the pan will get spoiled as well. Therefore, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on the draining pan. Simple preventions like these can potentially save you from bigger problems.

If somehow water has found its way inside your AC, you should contact an air conditioning repair service in Arlington without wasting time.


The compressor provides energy to the refrigerant to propel it through the coils. This is necessary for carrying out heat exchange inside the coils. In the case the compressor fails to work, the AC will have no effect on your home’s temperature.

There are plenty of reasons that lead to this. It can happen when there isn’t enough refrigerant in the AC. On such occasions, the compressor will dry up, get hot and seize in the end. However, if the refrigerant is in excess, the compressor will got choked from the volume of refrigerant and will eventually fail.

Evaporator Coils

Evaporator coils are responsible for absorbing the heat in the air. After which they send the cooled down air back into the house using a network of ducts.  However, it’s possible for these coils to get corroded as a result of moisture and depreciation.

Even coils fixed inside the machine need maintenance every three years. Once coils get corroded, they severely cripple an AC’s functionality. Contact an air conditioning repair service in Arlington to fix these coils.

Condenser Coils

Condenser coils are typically located alongside the compressor. This may be convenient but it can also cause the compressor to get dirty from the constant airflow. These coils have to be cleaned once every year.

You can clean these coils yourself but sometimes it’s difficult to do so because of extended exposure to elements. If you have any problems cleaning these coils, you can ask an air conditioningprofessional to do it. These professionals have chemical cleaners that remove stubborn stains without any problem.

Who Should You Call?

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