The Most Effective Air Conditioner Installation | Arlington, TX

The Most Effective Air Conditioner Installation | Arlington, TX

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An air conditioner is a delicate and complex system. Its installation requires precision and great expertise, without which a lot of things can go wrong. Hiring a professional technician to install your air conditioner ensures that the job is done right from the very start. You then get to enjoy the comfort that comes with an effectively installed air conditioner.

Our skilled air conditioner installation technicians in Arlington, TX do their job to your complete satisfaction. If you haven’t selected an air conditioner, our licensed technicians can help you choose the right one for your home.

What Makes Our AC Installation Different?

We specialize in creating comfortable households through quality air conditioner installation. Here are some qualities that set us apart in the industry:


Our experience and expertise enable us to install an air conditioner in the quickest and most efficient way possible.


We consider even the clients who do not follow the nine-to-five work schedule. Our evening and weekend appointments allow all clients to schedule their AC installation conveniently.


Our professional air conditioner installation specialists always show up in time. Moreover, we are highly trained in installing various types of air conditioners. As such, our skills enable us to deliver desired outcomes consistently.


Our air conditioner installation professionals are background checked and certified. We also continuously enroll our technicians in training courses in order to sharpen their servicing skills.


We step up our air conditioner installation by guaranteeing our services. We are committed to making things right if any hiccup occurs following the installation of your air conditioner.

Benefits of Professional AC Installation

Here are some of the benefits you will delight in if we install your air conditioner:

Correct Sizing

Our professional air conditioning technicians are highly trained in calculating air conditioners that best fit into different sizes of homes. Buying a unit that is too small or too large for your home ultimately costs you more over time. Our experts will not only help you choose the right size, but will also ensure it matches other critical requirements.

Longevity and Efficiency

AC installation is a detail-oriented process which if poorly done can compromise the efficiency of the unit. Our professionals in Arlington, TX increase the longevity of your unit by installing it correctly.


Trying to install your air conditioner on your own is a risky idea. The task is complex and involves sharp blades and electricity which may endanger your life. Hiring our certified technicians saves you from unwarranted injuries. We are also keen to ensure that your air conditioner is not damaged from improper handling and wiring.

The Risks of Improper Air Conditioner Installation

Your air conditioner can only serve its purpose if it’s correctly installed. When improperly installed, the unit’s poor performance and reduced lifespan are inevitable. The following are some common mistakes that are made during AC installation without a professional technician:

Wrong Positioning

The position of an air conditioner affects its overall performance. The unit should be positioned under a shade and away from direct high temperatures. Failure to which, the thermostat is pushed into making extreme adjustments that lower the efficiency of the unit.

Blockage of the Exterior Parts

Shrubs and plantations around an air conditioner affect its drainage and ventilation. The lifespan of the unit is thus reduced and the energy bills increase.

Poor Insulation

Substandard insulation in the room housing the air conditioner results in inefficient cooling by the unit. Open areas between window panes should be well-fitted with insulating foams. Proper insulation avoids the following from occurring:

  • Leakage of the cooled air
  • Premature failure of the equipment
  • Increased workload on the unit

Wrong Thermostat Setting

Lack of professional knowledge is characterized by turning the thermostat to its lowest setting. The aim in this case is usually to hasten the cooling process. However, the air conditioner cools the room temperature at its own efficient pace. Turning the thermostat to its lowest setting only increases the energy bills and narrows the unit’s lifespan.

Delayed Leak Inspection

A new air conditioner is also subject to leaks. It may have incurred some undetectable damages during its delivery. Exposure to leakages poses various health problems to your family as well as reduces the unit’s level of performance.

What to Expect During AC Installation

Our professional technicians explain to our clients the scope of the job before beginning the process. Which may include, drilling of holes for the duct runs, coolant wiring among others. We also explain whether other household systems will be affected and if the circuit breakers need to be turned off. Professional ac installation also custom-fits coolant supply lines and the metal ductwork for your home. The system components are therefore able to fit and perform effectively according to the specifications of the manufacturer. The right levels of comfort are thus met and minimal to no noise is made as the system runs.

Through double-checking all the connections and wirings, our professional technicians eliminate any future service costs. The professionalism of our service delivery also extends the life of your air conditioner.

Basic Qualifications for Professional Air Conditioner Installation

Ideally, you want a highly trained and experienced technician to install your air conditioner. Before signing a contract with us, feel free to inquire about the licensing requirements our technicians are supposed to have. These may include the safe handling of R-410A refrigerant common in modern air conditioners. Holding of G2 licenses is also proof of certification to safely work on industrial, residential or commercial air conditioning appliances.

Customer Care Service after Air Conditioner Installation

Our job is not fully done until we are sure that you are completely satisfied. Our professional technicians explain to you how the system works and what you should expect as the system runs. Feel free to ask on guidance on how to use the smart programmable thermostats and any other concerns. A new energy-efficient air conditioner adds value to your home only if it is properly installed. We appreciate the uniqueness of your home, convenience and lifestyle.

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Proper air conditioner installation really matters. You don’t have to endure discomfort and high energy bills from a job that is poorly and incorrectly done. Our professionals in Arlington, TX will ensure that your new unit performs effectively without any trouble whatsoever. Call Minuteman Heating and Air at 817-284-2569 during any time of the day.