The Pros And Cons Of Different HVAC Air Duct Cleaning Service Methods | Mansfield, TX

The Pros And Cons Of Different HVAC Air Duct Cleaning Service Methods | Mansfield, TX

Imagine expecting to have clean indoor air only to get filthy air filled with dust, pollen, mold spores, bacteria, viruses, and dander. Polluted air can lead to numerous health issues, such as allergies, fatigue, confusion, nausea, asthma symptoms, and difficulty breathing.

Apart from the adverse health effects, dirty ducts can restrict air flow, leading to air drafts that lead to high energy bills as the forced air HVAC systems strain to ensure temperature-related comfort.

Having an HVAC specialist providing air duct cleaning service clean the ducts at least twice annually can significantly improve health and reduce utility bills. There are numerous air duct cleaning techniques, including source removal, point of contact, truck mounted, and antimicrobial chemicals, each with pros and cons.

Choosing the best cleaning techniques depends on aspects such as the size of the air ducts, accessibility to the ductwork system, the climate in the region, and the level of contamination.

Source Removal

Air duct cleaning service experts can use the source removal method to keep the system cleansed. The technique works with two devices, extraction, and mechanical agitation. As the mechanical element removes dust, dirt, rodents, and debris from the walls of the ducts, the extraction picks up the removed pollutants and eliminates them from the system.

Some devices the technicians use to break contaminants loose from the surface in the ducts include brushes, air whips, vacuums, and hand brushes. Experts in Mansfield, TX, performing air duct cleaning service start by inspecting the system to know what it requires and the level of dirt to remove.

They also look for a point of entry in the air ducts, choose their cleaning devices, loosen or agitate debris and suck the agitated contaminants with a vacuum which acts as the mechanical agitation appliance. After cleaning the ductwork system, consisting of air ducts, air filters, grills, air cleaners, registers, air plenum, and grills, a post-service inspection is appropriate.

Advantages of the Source Removal Cleaning Technique

  • Very effective in cleaning the air ducts leads to a more efficient and durable unit
  • Makes use of air-powered cleaning devices such as rotary brushes and vacuums
  • The professionals in air duct cleaning service employ both the mechanical and extraction devices
  • Efficiently improves indoor air quality.
  • More effective in air ducts previously infested by molds to prevent spreading spores to other rooms.

The Disadvantages of Source Removal

  • An air duct cleaner cannot use the extraction agitation device without mechanical air pressure cleaners.
  • The process seems cumbersome.

Point of Contact Cleaning Method

HVAC contractors can also use the point of contact technique to cleanse dirty air ducts to improve the air quality in homes. They use a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) vacuum to clean the ductwork system.

It is a high-velocity vacuum that lifts the dirt and removes it from the system by relying on air filters to reduce contamination. Like the source removal technique, it requires contractors delivering air duct cleaning service to find a point of entry into the ducts and prepare for the cleanup process.

Advantages of the Point of Contact Cleaning Technique

  • It is more efficient than the source removal method.
  • Can effectively use one appliance to clean the air ducts
  • It is a safe air duct cleaner
  • Efficient in capturing smaller dirt particles that conventional vacuums might fail to capture.

Disadvantages of Point of Contact

  • It might be more costly than the source removal method.

Truck Mounted Air Duct Cleaning

Also known as air sweeping, truck-mounted air duct cleaning is a high-powered air duct cleaner that most HVAC companies in Mansfield, TX, use to eliminate dirt in ductwork units, making them spotlessly clean. It carefully removes all the contaminants and pollutants in the air ducts, thus increasing the optimal efficiency of the air conditioner or heating system.

Technicians providing air duct cleaning service use the mounted vacuum because it has a suction that pulls all contaminants in the ducts. It can suck all dislodged dirt in the ductwork from tens of thousands of cubic feet per minute.

Since unkempt ducts have all sorts and sizes of dirty objects, the vacuum unit has a larger hose diameter that can eliminate anything that fits in it.

The Advantages of Truck-mounted Air Duct Cleaners

  • Superiority to other duct cleaning methods
  • It is more powerful and provides efficient and effective air duct cleaning results.
  • It can pull enormous dirt from the HVAC ducts.
  • It leaves the ductwork spotless.
  • Its large hose diameter allows it to suck large contaminant particles.
  • It is not prone to clogs when compared to other air duct cleaners. Air duct cleaning service experts also prefer it for better debris containment.

Disadvantages of Truck-mounted air duct cleaners

  • They are more expensive than other air-draining cleaning techniques.
  • Requires additional skills to operate the unit.

Antimicrobial Chemicals

After using vacuums to remove dirt and dislodged debris from the ductwork unit, HVAC specialists in duct cleaning sanitize and disinfect it to get rid of awful odors. They apply the approved chemicals on the nonporous surfaces in the air duct system to cleanse the remaining microbial contaminants, germs, mold, and bacteria, and remove odors.

A qualified and licensed expert providing air duct cleaning service understands the need to use EPA (Environmental protection Agency) registered chemicals. The professional also uses the chemical only when necessary.

Pros of Chemical Air Duct Cleaners

  • They are perfect antimicrobial disinfectants and sanitizers

Cons of the Antimicrobial Chemicals

  • They pose high risks of allergic reactions, chemical burns, eye injuries, and poisoning if not handled with care.

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