The Telltale Signs of a Faulty Furnace | Heating and AC Repair in Mansfield, TX

The Telltale Signs of a Faulty Furnace | Heating and AC Repair in Mansfield, TX

Do you know that the first furnace was manufactured in 1200 B.C.? It was known as a hypocaust. The furnace was among the first ever heating system that was actually invented by Romans and since then it has been in use in our houses as well as in factories.

Initially, furnaces were used in the factories/mills. The equipment was used to melt metal, reheat objects and making steel. However, furnaces are now an integral part of our HVAC systems. They are used to maintain the warm and cozy temperature in our houses during the winter season. With that being said, we don’t mean that furnaces manufactured today are sensitive in comparison to old models.

Instead, we emphasize the fact that when our furnaces continue to work properly we overlook their maintenance. We forget about the regular wear and tear and the need for their scheduled maintenance by hiring the experts of a heating and air conditioning service in Mansfield, TX.

This negligence on our part significantly reduces the useful life of our furnaces. It also negatively affects the proper functioning of our heating system over the passage of time. When you ensure proper upkeep of your furnace you can enjoy its services for up to 30 years or even more. However, not all the homeowners are fully aware of furnaces’ functionality neither do they know the telltale signs of a faulty furnace.

This happens because of two major reasons; firstly, furnaces are usually already installed when we move into a house or buy a new one. Secondly, furnaces run without causing any disruptions and continue to maintain the temperature without being demanding.

Hence, being habitual of the consistent and reliable nature of a furnace, many homeowners overlook the basic warning signs that indicate the need for a professional of a heating and air conditioning service in Mansfield, TX.

For your better understanding, let us have a look at some of these warning signs of a faulty furnace.

The Telltale Signs of a Faulty Furnace

When it comes down to make a decision, it is not always easy to differentiate the need for repair with the need for replacement. However, whether you need to replace the furnace or repair it, both of these tasks should only be performed by the professionals of a heating and air conditioning service in Mansfield, TX.

A 15-Year-Old Furnace

On an average, the useful life of a high-efficiency furnace is around 15 to 25 years. The medium efficiency furnaces may last around 18 to 30 years. Hence if your furnace has completed its useful life or even older than this, then it’s a sign that you must install a new unit by hiring a heating and air conditioning service in Mansfield, TX.

There is a general misconception among homeowners that frequent repairs are cheaper than one-time replacement. But what they fail to realize is the fact that they pay a lot more money for those frequent repairs that would have been incurred in replacing the unit altogether. To save the frequent repairs of a furnace, it is necessary to ensure a regular change of air filters, in-house maintenance of components as well as regular inspection and repair by hiring the professionals of heating and air conditioning service in Mansfield, TX.

Higher Energy Bills

This is one of the most common indications of a faulty furnace. Do you know that 60% of your energy bills are actually comprised of your HVAC running cost? The higher energy bills indicate the loss of furnace’s efficacy. When a furnace fails to work efficiently, it struggles to produce the same amount of heat that eventually leads to more energy consumption and higher energy bills.

One of the major reasons for the low efficiency of a furnace is the clogged air filters. Hence make sure to clean and replace the air filters regularly. Simply hold the air filters towards the light and look for the passing light. In the case of blocked or interrupted passing light replace the filters immediately as they are no longer operational.

Frequent Repairs by Hiring Heating and Air Conditioning Service in Mansfield, TX

Do you frequently call the assistance of a heating and air conditioning service in Mansfield, TX, to repair your furnace? While this is definitely a recommended approach to ensure proper maintenance of your furnace, it could also be an indication of a broken-down furnace. Oftentimes these frequent repairs call for the complete replacement of the unit.

While you might be spending a lot of money to get your furnace repaired, it is better to invest your money in getting a new one. An old furnace will not only cost you frequent repair cost but it will also result in higher energy bills.

What else must you know about furnaces?

Following the telltale signs of a faulty furnace, you must realize that the installation of a new furnace brings with it many other benefits;

The benefits include:

  • Less repair cost and more comfort and peace of mind
  • Around 20% reduced energy bills
  • Improved safety within the house and increased longevity for years
  • A warranty that might last around 10 years or more and with regards to all the furnace components.

That is why understanding the basics of the furnace are necessary to ensure its proper repair and maintenance. While the maintenance of furnace is one thing, another important factor to consider is to hire only the best heating and air conditioning service in Mansfield, TX.

For this, head over to Minuteman Heating and AC. Their team of professionals is well versed in handling the most complex HVAC issues. On the other hand, if you hire inexperienced professionals, they might end up damaging your furnace even more.

Since the furnace is an integral part of your house hence hire only the best service for the repair and replacement. To get the most reputed and affordable service, call on the helpline number available on their website.