The Ultimate Guide on Heating and Air Conditioning Services and How to Troubleshoot

The Ultimate Guide on Heating and Air Conditioning Services and How to Troubleshoot

These days it has become impossible to handle the versatile weather of Arlington TX without a heater to keep you warm and cozy in the harsh winters and an air conditioner to keep you cool in the scorching heat that plagues all of Texas. Many people do not even realize that their air conditioner and heaters are not working to their optimum level; they keep requiring constant maintenance and produce high electricity bills that take a toll on their expenses. Besides this most people hire the first technician that comes to their mind when they need maintenance or repairs, this is definitely not recommended as you should get your money’s worth.

The danger of hiring the first technician that you come across is that there is a high chance that the work completed might be substandard work that will cause problems in the future, also you might end up paying far more than required just because you do not have an idea about the current market. Besides this often people hire unlicensed technicians, who are not qualified to complete the job, these technicians generally do not have a valid license which is a huge risk. This is due to the fact that air conditioning and heater repairs involve many different elements and anything could go seriously wrong, if the technician is not insured, then who will you hold liable for the cost of the damages? This is exactly why it is imperative that you do your home work before you hire a heating and air conditioning service in Arlington TX and end up regretting your decision.

Troubleshooting tips

At the same time there is no doubt that heating and air conditioning services in Arlington TX does not come cheap, this is exactly why everyone should troubleshoot their units to a certain degree. Given below are the basic troubleshooting tips that everyone should try before looking for heating and air conditioning service in Arlington TX

Heater troubleshooting top tips:

  • Make sure nothing is blocking the air flow
  • Check the temperature stat making sure it is set at the appropriate setting.
  • Ensure the heating registers are open
  • Replace the air filters as the issue might be due to clogged or dirty filters.
  • Try turning the furnace switch on an off
  • Press the motors reset button that is located next to the blowers housing.
  • Make sure the thermostat is not faulty
  • If the heater is making rattling noises, make sure all the panels are tightly screwed in
  • Make sure the furnace circuit breaker is on
  • If your heater is making noises then make a small dent in the sheet metal to provide a rigid service that can move freely when heating or cooling

Air conditioning top tips:

  • Make sure it is receiving power from the main source
  • Reset the equipments switches
  • Make sure the condensate switch is on
  • Clean or replace the air filters
  • Clean the condensate drain
  • Check the compressors wires and capacitor
  • Make sure the thermostat is set appropriately
  • Ensure that no breaker has tripped on the circuit board
  • Make sure that the fan belt has not slipped, if it has simply reattach it
  • Replace the thermostats batteries
  • Make sure that no ice has formed on the coils

How to hire the best heating and air conditioning service in Arlington TX

In most cases these troubleshooting steps can help fix a whole range of issues in air conditioners and heaters, but sometimes the only way to get them repaired is through a certified professional. The steps given below will help you find the best heating and air condition service in Arlington TX

  • Conduct research: This is one of the most important steps that will help you find the best technician out there. Conduct enough research as possible this includes searching the internet and social media platforms to find the most acclaimed heating and air conditioning services in Arlington TX. By conducting research you will end up with a whole array of options to choose from.
  • Get referrals: After you have done you own research the next step is to ask your friends and family members if they have recently gotten any repairs done on their heater or air conditioner. This will help you gain firsthand knowledge about their experience and how the technician handled the situation. Ask as many people as you can in order to get as much as information as possible.
  • Contact multiple HVAC technicians: Never make the mistake of contacting a single technician, instead contact multiple of the most renowned technicians in your area. Ask them for an estimate and a work plan. Most technicians will provide an estimate and work plan free of cost, you can also visit their websites and get an immediate estimate online.
  • Request for licenses and insurance papers: The next step is to request the technician to produce his or licenses to prove that they are qualified to complete the job. Also it is imperative you ask the technician to show you his or her insurance papers to safeguard your interests as anything can go wrong. Also technicians are required by the state to have a certificate in order to operate in Arlington TX.
  • Request for a guarantee on the repairs: Finally ask the potential technicians to provide you with a guarantee on the repairs and the parts utilized. This will ensure that if anything goes wrong in the immediate future it will still be covered by the technician. Most guarantees are of two to three weeks but it depends on the nature of the work performed.

Once you have completed the above five steps the last thing you have to do is compare the technicians you have contacted. You should compare their qualifications, estimates and work plans to ensure that you end up hiring the best heating and air conditioning service in Arlington TX.