Tips for Heating and Air Conditioning Service Maintenance | Arlington, TX

The air conditioning system is a crucial part of many households. In fact, some houses cannot do without them.

It is, therefore, quite surprising how little most homeowners know about air conditioning maintenance. Even if they do know a little, they rarely practice it.

A company like Minuteman Heating and Air, can be of significant help in maintaining your air conditioning system. Their air conditioning service is exceptional and has received numerous positive reviews.

However, regular upkeep by you can go a long way in ensuring your HVAC system functions optimally. You will not only save money in maintenance fees you would otherwise pay heating and air conditioning service but you will also be in a position to fix basic issues with your air conditioning which is a useful skill.

The following are some air conditioning maintenance tips you can use to keep your HVAC system in excellent condition:

Clean or Change the Air Filters

Regularly replacing and cleaning the air filters on your air conditioning system is one activity that can drastically improve its longevity and efficiency. The key is to do it consistently since if you do not, you will start feeling the effects.

The air filters get blocked and cloggy after an extended period of use and the blockage will block airflow in and out of the HVAC system making it very inefficient. If the HVAC system’s airflow is hindered, dirty air will be directly carried into the evaporator coil and reduce the coil’s heat absorbing capacity.

Replacing a dirty filter can increase your air conditioning system’s efficiency by 5% to 15%. The location of air filters in air conditioning systems depend on whether the system affects one room or the entire house. Common air filter locations include walls, ceilings, furnaces and in the air conditioner itself.

Some air filters may be reusable while others can only be replaced. As a rule of thumb you should try leaning or replacing your air filters every month or every other month.

However, it ultimately depends on how much you use your heating and air conditioning service. Consulting heating and air conditioning service in Arlington, TX is a good idea in this regard.

Clean the Air Conditioner’s Coils

There is a reason it is called an air conditioning system and that it is because a system is made of interconnected parts. If you have dirty air filters, dirt will eventually collect in the air conditioner’s evaporator and condenser coils.

If dirt accumulates in the air conditioning system’s coils, it will reduce airflow and insulate the coil. If this happens, the coils ability to absorb heat will be compromised.

Proper heating and air conditioning service should include regular checking of your HVAC system’s coils. At least once every year should do just fine. You should ensure to take this up with your heating and air conditioning service during their annual maintenance visit.

Cleaning your air conditioner’s coils is particularly crucial if you live in a dusty part of Arlington, TX. If there is a lot of foliage nearby, maintenance becomes even more crucial.

You should trim the foliage around the air conditioner to an appropriate size and face your conditioner in a location that is less likely to accumulate dirt. You should also keep other yard equipment such as lawn mowers that may collect a lot of dust away from your air conditioner.

The evaporator and condenser coils have fins so that air can flow through. You can acquire a ‘fin comb’ from heating and air conditioning service and use it to clean the fins.

Fix Air Leaks

If your air conditioning system has leaks, you may lose up to 30% of the airflow you would otherwise be getting. Air conditioning are notoriously difficult to fix in this regard especially window AC units.

One air conditioning maintenance trick you can use is the ‘smoke trick’. The trick involves lighting an incense stick and moving around the air conditioner.

If the smoke blows around, you have air leakage, if not you are fine. Most leaks can be found around the air conditioner’s duct connections.


Insulating your air conditioning system is a crucial part of its maintenance. It is very important that your air conditioning system remains cool especially during the summer.

Ducts in hot attics and tight spaces can get unbelievably hot due to the lack of air flow. Insulation of such ducts is crucial if you do not want to fork over a fortune to heating and air conditioning service in Arlington, TX.

For open spaces you can use various forms of insulation such as batt insulation, spray foam or rigid foam insulation (usually used with foil tape not duct tape). For tight spaces, wraps such as Refletix are recommended by top heating and air conditioning service companies.

Remove Debris

Removing debris from your air conditioner is vital to proper air conditioning maintenance. Since most air conditioning systems are placed outside for maximum airflow, it is inevitable that debris such as leaves, dirt, grass and tiny rocks will accumulate in the system over time.

If such debris builds up in your air conditioning system, it will reduce airflow to the conditioner and reduce the system’s capacity in a variety of ways. The best way to avoid debris build up in your air conditioner is to keep it as far away from trees, shrubs, plants, rocks or any other source of debris you can find.

Whenever you realize there is debris accumulation in your air conditioning system, you should call a heating and air conditioning service specialist immediately.

Upgrade Your System

As much as you work on maintaining your air conditioner’s integrity, at some point you will have to upgrade it. An air conditioning system released this year will be a lot more efficient than one released a decade ago.

An upgrade may be a viable option if you are spending more to maintain the current system than it would take to purchase an entirely brand new one. Though it may not look like it, an upgrade is an important part of air conditioning system. It follows a rule of nature which is that the old must give way to the new.

If you are interested in hiring heating and air conditioning service to do your air conditioning maintenance in Arlington, TX then you should contact Minuteman Heating and Air. They have tremendous experience in the industry which comes with a long track record of success. Call them today for a quote.