What Are The Most Common Reasons Why You Need AC Repair? | Arlington, TX

What Are The Most Common Reasons Why You Need AC Repair? | Arlington, TX

Arlington, TX, has a reputation for hot summers. Residents in this city are used to this scorching heat and know all the tricks of surviving this season. During this hot season, you already know that open windows, ceiling fans, and sun-blocking shade are not enough to give you the desired comfort.

Only a functioning air conditioner (AC) will save you from this heat. It’s during this time that most homeowners remember their AC. But what if you switch it on, only to find it making weird sounds, blowing warm air, or not cooperating? This is a scenario that’s frightening to everyone. But don’t sweat it; our professionals at Minuteman Heating & Air will help you with expert AC repair services when faced with such problems.

If you are a homeowner preparing for a scorching summer, continue reading to understand the top causes of AC failures.

Damaged Thermostats

Most ACs are installed with thermostats, which help the AC switch automatically at regular intervals while working to prevent overheating. Before you contact an AC expert in Arlington, TX, you should first switch off your AC to see if it can shut down.

In case the thermostat doesn’t shut down, you can reach out to the technician, who will be able to diagnose the problem and offer solutions.

Incorrect Thermostat Calibrations

Here is a case where the AC thermostat is wrongly calibrated, sending all the wrong instructions to the AC unit. This happens if you use the old dial-type models. The programmable smart technologies are less susceptible to incorrect calibrations because they are automatic.

However, they could also cause AC failure if they are wrongly programmed since they are often tricky to set. An AC contractor may help get your AC’s thermostat set.

Moisture Leaks In the AC Compressor

An AC system works on two principles; the evaporating humid air absorbs heat, while the condensing vapor transmits heat to the surroundings. The air compressor makes the AC produce heat by pumping the refrigerant under extremely high pressure.

Remember, it’s the refrigerant that enables the AC to turn warm air into cool air. But if this chemical leaks in the compressor, the air conditioning apparatus will only produce warm air or none if the refrigerant is exhausted. One major cause of refrigerant leaks includes blocked ductwork.

Excess heat could put your family at risk of health hazards such as heat strokes. For the DIY-ers, this may not be as easy as you think. It would be better if you looked for an AC repair technician to come in immediately to inspect your HVAC system and fix any issues early.

Dirty Air Filters

Did you know that dirty air filters can cause your AC to fail to work as required? One thing about dirty air filters is that they lead to poor airflow within the HVAC system, leading to frosting around the coil. To avoid frequent air conditioner repairs, you should have the air filters cleaned and replaced as often as possible by a qualified technician.

Damaged Fan Blades

Sticks, tree branches, or even rocks can cause the fan blades of the outdoor AC to bend, causing the fans to strike against the fan casing. This reduces the unit’s efficiency in getting your space cooled.

If you notice a strange noise coming from your AC equipment, it could be a sign of malfunctioning fan blades. Thus, don’t hesitate to have an AC repair technician come and get the issue solved before it goes overboard.

Additionally, annual inspections of the AC can help detect problems early, saving you costly AC issues in the future.

Defective Compressor Clutch

In essence, the clutch only allows the compressor to turn when needed. But when the clutch breaks, the compressor will not receive enough engine power to move. Ideally, an AC unit should shut off automatically once it reaches the desired room temperature levels.

But, if the compressor runs constantly, it may break down due to overworking. You may need to schedule an AC repair service in such a case. AC repair will involve replacing the clutch or the compressor itself, depending on how your air conditioning repair expert will decide.

Faulty Circuit Breaker

This is another cause of air conditioner failure. A faulty AC compressor may draw excess power, causing it to overheat. This, in turn, results in circuit breaker tripping. If you’re frequently resetting the breaker, then it’s high time you booked an appointment with an AC repair professional.

Lapsed AC Lifespan

Your AC could be experiencing frequent breakdowns due to age. On average, the lifespan of a central air conditioner is estimated to be 15 to 20 years, meaning if your AC is straining and its lifespan is almost over, you could make it fail prematurely.

This is why annual AC maintenance is highly recommended, as any problems are addressed early, which helps reduce frequent AC repairs.

Remember neglecting your HVAC system maintenance may cause you to incur huge AC repair or replacement costs and render your manufacturer’s warranty in the event you experience a covered AC problem.

Degraded AC Connections

Worn out, improper, or exposed AC wiring causes the air compressor to operate poorly due to irregular power voltage. If the situation is not fixed in time, the AC will fail in the long run. Having timely air conditioning repairs will save you large sums of money you could spend on a whole-unit replacement. Again, it’s good to hire a licensed AC repair expert to do the wiring.

Since AC systems entail high voltage power and toxic refrigerants, homeowners are warned not to take the DIY approach for safety reasons.

Reliable HVAC Technicians

Your AC stopped working suddenly? Don’t worry! At Minuteman Heating & Air, we got your back. We are a fully licensed heating and air conditioning company serving Arlington, TX, and the surrounding cities. Our services include AC installation and repair, ductless air conditioners, water heater repairs, repiping, and unclogging drains. Get in touch with us today!

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