What Can An Air Conditioning Service Do To Fix My Broken Thermostat? | Arlington, TX

What Can An Air Conditioning Service Do To Fix My Broken Thermostat? | Arlington, TX

An HVAC unit is an essential appliance for your Arlington, TX home that helps you get through those hot summers and the cold winter season. Therefore, you must ensure the appliance remains optimally functional and efficient. Otherwise, the extreme temperatures in the seasons mentioned above might make your home uncomfortable and, at times, uninhabitable. Thus, you are advised to seek air conditioning service for the routine maintenance and inspections of the HVAC unit.

However, the appliance comprises many different parts that ensure that your home is comfortable and has quality air. With the many components, it means that if one component is faulty, then the efficiency of the entire HVAC system takes a toll. One of these components is a thermostat. Thermostats are essential in regulating and controlling the indoor air temperatures at your home. They communicate the required temperature settings to the HVAC system, ensuring that your home is cold or warm as you need it.

Unfortunately, just like any other HVAC system component, the thermostats also run into issues and become faulty or malfunctioning. This takes a toll on your home’s comfort. Fortunately, a reliable air conditioning service provider can fix thermostat issues promptly to ensure that your home has a comfortable air quality. But what are some of the reasons a thermostat might stop working? Below are some of the reasons:

If the Thermostat Is Incorrectly Placed

Because a thermostat reads the ambient temperatures of your home, how you place it plays an important role. For instance, if you place the thermostat in your kitchen, you’ll most likely get incorrect readings because the other electrical appliances such as your toaster, oven, or even the dishwasher also generate heat. Hence, the thermostat will sense your indoor space is hot, although it is just the kitchen.

Ideally, a thermostat should be placed in the middle of a room you use frequently or in your home. Additionally, it should be installed on an inside wall to ensure that it isn’t in direct contact with the constantly fluctuating outside environment. If you’re living in a storeyed building, you should fix the thermostat on your first floor. This is mainly because the upper floors often become warmer because of the rising hot air. However, a better solution is to have a heating, and air conditioning service provider in Arlington, TX, fix a dual-zone thermostat at your home.

Since the professional has the experience, they will avoid installing the thermostat under direct sunlight because it might result in incorrect and ghostly readings. They also know not to install it in a hallway because it is a narrow space with little air circulation. The heating and air conditioning service provider will install the thermostat in a place that doesn’t have heat-generating appliances such as lamps and ovens because the temperature settings might read as ambient home temperatures.

If the Thermostat Isn’t Regularly Maintained

Having an AC service to clean your thermostat is essential, just like the maintenance of your HVAC system. The thermostat might make your HVAC system develop frequent short cycling if it isn’t maintained properly. As a result, your home temperatures will never reach the preferred settings. Dust and debris also might build up within the delicate components of the thermostat, triggering mechanical and electrical issues. The dirt particles can also block the sensors, resulting in inaccurate temperature readings. The reliable air conditioning service provider will turn off the thermostat, remove its cover, and safely wipe the dust off the delicate component. Some thermostats feature a cover that may be removed while the unit is mounted by unscrewing it on the bottom or sides. However, others must be unscrewed from the wall. The professional may use a soft brush or a microfiber cloth to wipe out the debris gently. A compressed air duster might be used to clean the thermostat too.

Malfunctioning Sensors

You might be wondering, how does the thermostat measure your home’s ambient temperatures? It relies on the sensors to make correct readings. Whenever you notice that the thermostat isn’t displaying accurate temperature readings or that the HVAC unit is straining to maintain your preferred temperature settings, that is likely a sensor issue.

You should have an air conditioning service provider come to your home for an inspection. If they detect an issue with the sensors, the professionals might repair the thermostat or even replace it based on the extent of the damage. Homeowners could also check for malfunctioning thermostats by comparing their readings with a room thermostat.

Whenever they notice a difference, they should immediately enlist an air conditioning service provider in Arlington, TX, for a further inspection. Repairing the thermostat is a tricky job, so you should have a professional do it. In most cases, the thermostat will need to be replaced.

The Thermostat Is Always On Auto Mode

Some thermostats don’t allow manual temperature settings if set on auto mode. If the thermostat isn’t picking up the commands you are giving, do not panic. You can check the mode that it is set to. If set to auto mode, change it to manual to allow manual setting. However, suppose the thermostat isn’t changing from auto to manual mode. In that case, it might be the time to invite an air conditioning service provider to inspect the thermostat for any underlying issues with its circuitry. The professional might recommend a replacement of the thermostat based on the extent to which the circuit is damaged.

Loose Wiring

One of the leading causes of thermostat issues is loose wiring. The thermostat might begin rusting as time passes, and the wiring might loosen. In effect, this interferes with its electrical connections. Therefore, the thermostat cannot communicate with the HVAC unit.

Fortunately, this is an issue that your licensed air conditioning service provider can fix within no time. The professional will turn off the power supply to the thermostat at the circuit breaker. They will then remove the covering to inspect the thermostat’s wiring to ensure that the wires aren’t detached or corroded. The professional then uses the wire strippers and removes the corroded sections that might affect the power supply into the thermostat. They then reveal a new section of the wire and reinstall the section to the terminals.

Never DIY repair your thermostat. This is because you might end up exacerbating the problem. You should never remove your thermostat cover before turning off the power on the circuit breaker. This is because the electrical components pose a safety risk. Only DIY fix the thermostat if you have training on electrical connections or are professionally trained in heating and air conditioning repair. Otherwise, let a licensed and experienced air conditioning service provider in Arlington, TX, repair the thermostat.

Power Issues

Is the thermostat’s display screen fading out or completely blank? There may be an issue with the electrical or power connections. Tripped circuit breakers, blown-out fuses, and dead batteries could malfunction the thermostat. If the power switch is on, the batteries are new, and there is power, the issue might be blown out. But why guess the reason: you could hire a professional air conditioning service provider to inspect the thermostat and professionally fix any issue.

Remember, you could accidentally misdiagnose the issue and worsen the problem, which might prompt you to replace the thermostat. Since the thermostat has electrical connections, you also could sustain bodily harm from the electrocutions of electrical shocks. At worst, you might fix the issue incorrectly and make the HVAC components overheat.

After all, the thermostat is the brain of your HVAC unit. Hence, never try DIY thermostat repair. Let the professional air conditioning service providers handle the problem. They will even inspect the other components of your HVAC unit to ensure that there aren’t any imminent underlying issues that might prompt you to call the professional back after a few days.

Tripped Circuit Breaker

Whenever a circuit breaker trips, the thermostat will immediately shut down, and you’ll see a blank screen. As aforementioned, the HVAC unit comprises many different components. There should also be some protection mechanisms for these components and the entire unit from over-voltage, power surges, and low voltages.

One such protective or safety component is a circuit breaker. It protects the appliances from sudden short circuits and overloads. Tripping circuit breakers are caused by some fault within the air conditioner to a power surge. Further, a damaged or faulty circuit breaker might also make it trip. Enlist a reliable air conditioning service provider to inspect the breaker.

Before flipping the switch back, the professional will inspect the thermostat and the entire HVAC unit for the issues that might cause short-circuiting or overload the thermostat. After the expert diagnoses, the problem will take measures to remedy the problem to ensure that the thermostat can relay your desired temperature settings to the HVAC system.

Never try resetting a constantly tripping circuit breaker yourself because it might result in a serious fire. Don’t DIY fix your HVAC issues because they might only worsen the issues or injuries to you and your family members. Let those trained to offer air conditioning services in Arlington, TX handle the problem.

When the Thermostat Isn’t Compatible with the HVAC unit

Have you just had a thermostat replacement service or purchased a new one that isn’t working with your system? There is a high probability that the thermostat has compatibility issues. Today, some appliances have custom-made accessories, meaning off-the-shelf purchasing accessories will be a waste of money because they will not be compatible. The AC service provider knows which HVAC units aren’t compatible with what thermostats.

That is why it is advised that you consult your HVAC repair technician before heading out to purchase a thermostat for your HVAC. They will inspect your unit and advise you accordingly. If the HVAC unit requires a custom-made thermostat, the professional will tell you where you can get or even order one for you. Whenever purchasing a new thermostat, ensure that you go through the compatibility requirements of the HVAC unit and those of the thermostat. Have a professional air conditioning service provider purchase and install one on your behalf.

Thermostat Isn’t Leveled

Have you tried all the above, and the thermostat isn’t properly regulating your HVAC system? Although most modern thermostats use some electrical temperature sensor, the older thermostat units use magnetic or mercury switches. As the room temperature changes for those using mercury switches, the coil contracts or expands to ensure that the thermostat functions as intended. It should have proper leveling on the wall. If it is tilted slightly, then the reading accuracy is affected.

But why use such traditional thermostats while there are smart ones that are self-regulating? Have an air conditioning service provider in Arlington, TX, replace your traditional thermostat with a newer, modern smart thermostat that you can even control using your smartphone for convenience. These thermostats can adjust the room temperatures based on weather prediction without your input.

Old Thermostat

Like any other electrical appliance, thermostats also have a lifespan, and after that period, they should be replaced. Although all appliances and devices are different and have varying lifespans based on different factors, a thermostat should serve your HVAC unit for 10 years. An old thermostat will have problems sensing the right temperatures, making maintaining your preferred home temperatures hard.

Incorrect thermostat readings will result in the HVAC unit straining to maintain your desired air temperatures, using a lot of energy. This also makes the unit wear out faster, meaning that you’ll have to call an air conditioning service provider to replace some damaged components. There isn’t much way around an old thermostat other than replacing it.

When doing so, consider installing a smart thermostat that is long-term energy-saving and ensures hands-off control. You also do not have to keep fiddling around with settings now and then. Your home will stay in perfect temperature conditions when you install this appliance. Have your trusted air conditioning service provider in Arlington, TX install a smart thermostat at your home to save some money.

Where to Go For AC Service

A thermostat is the brain of your HVAC unit. Hence, you want it efficiently functioning. Unfortunately, they also run into issues that require the attention of an air conditioning service provider. If you need air conditioning repair services, do not hesitate to contact us at Minuteman Heating & Air.

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