What Does Your Heating And AC Repair Expert Consider When Installing The Duct System? | Mansfield, TX

What Does Your Heating And AC Repair Expert Consider When Installing The Duct System? | Mansfield, TX

Have you ever wondered how your air conditioning system circulates all the air it produces throughout your home? Although there are ductless systems today, central AC and many other conventional systems have a network of air ducts through which the air moves to all regions or sections of your home. Hence, they need routine air conditioning service to ensure that they are clean and have little to no restrictions on the airflow.

Therefore, there are several things that a heating and AC repair or installation technician must consider when installing the air duct system. These aim to ensure your system has an efficient operation and that the air can seamlessly flow to all parts of your home. Regardless of the material used to make the air ducts, you must ensure they are properly installed with minimal bends. Below are some of the main factors your AC installation pro will consider when installing the air ducts at your home.

Volume Dampers

Any heating and AC repair technician or duct cleaning service provider should always have the air volume in mind. Once the air has been contained in your air duct system, you will need a way of regulating or controlling it. The volume dampers allow a homeowner to control the path of the airflow. Hence, they are critical to the efficient performance of an air conditioning system. If the ducting system doesn’t have air volume dampers,

it will allow the air to follow a path of least resistance. Unfortunately, this will result in uneven cooling or heating of your home. It means your home will not have the comfort you envisioned when installing the HVAC system. Unfortunately, some ductwork designers and AC installation technicians consider the accessories unnecessary, leaving them out of the many duct system installations. However, the right approach is inserting the volume dampers in the return and supply air duct branches.

Duct Insulation

The other critical but often forgotten thing when installing the air duct system is the insulation. The outdoor temperatures are an air duct performance factor you must pay attention to. If an air duct system doesn’t have the required insulation, it can’t provide the required cooling or heating to your conditioned space. They will also be subject to energy loss that can cost you a fortune. Hence, you want to ensure that your heating and AC repair technician insulates the air ducts to ensure that the air doesn’t lose energy along the way.

Insulation of the air ducts maintains the temperature of the air flowing within to ensure that the temperature of the air leaving the HVAC system is somewhat close to what you feel from the air coming from the vents or supply registers. If the heating and AC repair technician does the insulation incorrectly or uses low- R-value materials, they won’t avert the temperature-related air duct losses. If the temperature difference between the furthest supply register air temperature and equipment leaving temperatures is over 3 degrees, you might want to have your ducts insulated more.

Installation Techniques

The other and probably the largest variable determining duct system performance is how well the heating and AC repair technician installs the air ducts. This determines how easy the duct cleaning will be, how smooth or restricted the airflow will be, and how much you’ll pay for cooling and heating costs. Regardless of how perfect your HVAC system is, it will fail miserably if the ducts aren’t correctly installed. The technician must be keen on details and visit your home before planning to ensure they choose installation techniques that are right and compatible with your Mansfield, TX home. Seeing the volume of airflow gained by removing the excessive kinks and core and allowing more suspension astonishes people.

Return Grilles and Supply Registers

Return grilles and supply registers are frequently overlooked components of an effective duct system. Heating and AC repair technicians and designers frequently choose the cheapest registers and grilles. In contrast to what some believe, the return grilles and supply registers serve much more than only covering the rough apertures from the return and supply ducts. Supply registers regulate how much-conditioned air is delivered and blended into a space. Return grilles are significant from the noise perspective, even though they do not affect airflow.


It must be validated to ensure proper duct system installation or even design. This is accomplished by comparing and contrasting design data with data collected upon system installation. Two crucial metrics the heating and AC repair technician must take are the change in duct system temperature and the individual room airflow into the conditioned space. You’ll probably end up paying for it if you heavily rely on the design approaches and think the system works as it should. Don’t take heat loss/gain, equipment choice, and air duct design calculations out of their proper context because they were never meant to ensure performance. Instead, utilize them as a benchmark for the field measurements HVAC system installed at your Mansfield, TX home.

Don’t Forget Maintenance

If a duct system isn’t maintained, its performance may deteriorate with time. How do you prevent this from happening? Think about how a couch against the walls returns or duct damage from the cable guy may block airflow. Start keeping track of static pressure during each air conditioning service visit. This repeated procedure enables you to watch for any changes once an air duct system is confirmed to be operating properly. It forces you to look more closely at problems affecting your duct system’s work. Hence, make sure that a trained heating and AC repair technician maintains your air ducts to ensure seamless airflow and high IAQ.

Professional Air Duct Installation

Air ducts are responsible for moving all the conditioned air at your Mansfield, TX home. Hence, you must ensure that they are properly installed and maintained. Contact us at Minuteman Heating & Air for professional ductwork design, heating and AC repair, and maintenance.

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