When Is Heating And AC Repair An Emergency? | Mansfield, TX

When Is Heating And AC Repair An Emergency? | Mansfield, TX

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If you made a list of home tasks that most homeowners dread, you would probably find a heating and AC repair somewhere on the list which is fair enough. After all, no one wants to deal with their AC breaking down in the middle of a warm Mansfield, TX summer day, and no one wants to wake up to a cold night without any heat. However, there is one thing worse than needing to call for HVAC repair, and that is needing to call for emergency heating and AC service. When a little problem becomes an emergency you will feel the heat immediately even if you don’t feel it in your home.

That said, not every heating and/or AC issue within your Mansfield, TX home is an emergency. A lot of things might feel like an emergency, but sometimes things can wait a day or two, or at the very least until the next morning. Learning to know what requires immediate help and what can wait can help take some stress off of you. At the very least as a homeowner, you need to learn how to distinguish between what qualifies as an emergency heating and AC repair service so that you can get the help you need.

The following is a quick look at when a heating and AC issue can wait until the weekend is over and when you need to call for emergency heating and AC repair service. Keep in mind that this is just a shortlist and there are many more potential scenarios to consider and handle. In addition, sometimes something that may seem small can turn into an emergency in just a few hours, so it is always important to monitor a situation if you are worried about a problem to make sure that it doesn’t get worse.

At the end of the day, internet advice is not a replacement for the knowledge of a trained HVAC technician. Therefore, if you are truly unsure about whether you can wait or need emergency heating and AC service, the best source of information is a Mansfield TX technician. Many times you can call their local 24/7 line and talk to an HVAC technician to get some input on whether or not the issue you need immediate help or can safely wait without causing more damage.

Take a look at the following to learn whether or not this may be one of the times you can wait or not, and also learn why sometimes the best course of action is to take prompt action. The longer you ignore issues with your HVAC system the more likely you will end up with an emergency heating and AC repairs service. Help keep your HVAC system working smoothly and your home at an ideal temperature throughout the home by keeping this article in a place that is easily accessible.

Why Is Prompt HVAC Repair Important?

There are a lot of reasons why you shouldn’t put off heating and AC repair if you have reason to believe that your HVAC system is malfunctioning, the biggest of which is actually cost. The number one reason that people put off HVAC repair is that they are concerned about the cost, but in reality, putting off a repair will probably end up costing you a lot more in the long run. This is because problems with HVAC systems only tend to grow larger. What starts as a quiet bang will turn into a large bang that signifies large issues.

What starts as a slowed air vent is one that suddenly is not blowing any air and the story goes on and on. Most damage within an HVAC system is cumulative, meaning if you do not address it right away it will continue to grow until it gets out of hand. You can easily head off any future issues by simply calling for heating and AC repair when you first suspect there is an issue brewing.

Instances When Emergency Heating and AC Repair Service Is Vital

Not sure if you need to call for emergency heating and AC repair or can wait until the morning? Here are a few things to keep in mind. If your problem includes any of these then you need to call for help right now.

Very Loud Banging- Your HVAC system should never make any noises, but loud banging noises are even more concerning. If you hear loud noises that are enough to wake you up then you need to turn off your heat or AC and consult with a professional.

Leaking Fluids – Leaking fluids can be a very prominent health risk because there is a chance that it may be refrigerant. Refrigerant is highly toxic and can only be handled by a trained and certified technician. If you notice leaks near your AC you need to call for help right away.

Extreme Weather- If your AC or heat stops working in the midst of extreme weather it is a safety risk to wait to repair your HVAC system. In Texas, this very easily can mean any time during the high, deadly heatwaves.

Gas or Electrical Smells- Both gas and electrical smells indicate very significant health and safety risks and indicate that your HVAC system needs to be shut down until a professional can assess the situation.

What to Expect If You Schedule an HVAC Service

If you need heating and AC repair whether it is emergent or not it should be comforting to hear that you don’t need to do too much to prepare. Outside of clearing a bath to both the indoor and outdoor unit (if your AC is experiencing the issues), you don’t need to do anything but let the HVAC technicians in your home. They will handle the issue and let you know the next step.

Ready to get help? Call Minuteman Heating & Air and we will happily send a technician out to your Mansfield, TX home.