When to Schedule a Heating and Air Conditioning Repair in Arlington, TX

When to Schedule a Heating and Air Conditioning Repair in Arlington, TX

In many Texas households, the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system is going to be one of the most expensive investments in the home. On average, residential HVAC systems are able to main efficiency for up to 10 or 15 years, depending on the amount of usage, before needing to be replaced. Keeping that in mind, if you find that your HVAC unit is not functioning as it used to, then this could be a good excuse to get it replaced with a new more energy efficient unit for your home. For those who are unaware of the signs of a faulty HVACA units, the following should give you a good idea of the possible red flags to look out for before calling a heating and air conditioning repair in Arlington, TX.

Weird Odor

The air conditioning unit of your home isn’t supposed to stick, so if it does, then you might have a problem. Strange odors are a good indicator that the wiring insulation in the system has burned out. On the other hand, a musty smell, means there’s a buildup of mold in the unit itself and the ductwork, which is probably the result of the system not being properly maintained. The buildup of dust and mold in the ductwork of the HVAC unit can be harmful to the health of anybody suffering from asthma and other similar illnesses. This is why homeowners who notice a strange odor coming whenever they switch on the HVAC system in their home should contact a reputable company that’s offering heating and air conditioning repair in Arlington, TX.

Malfunctioning Pilot

Heating and cooling in Texas homes depend on the HVAC unit. The pilot is one of the main components of a HVAC unit, without which the unit would not be functional. The pilot is what ignites the flame that the burners of the HVAC unit uses in the furnace. This means, any problem with the functioning of the pilot, such as the pilot flame going off unexpectedly, should be a cause of serious concern.

Other reasons could also be that there’s a gas leak in the furnace or an electrical issue that could cause you physical harm if you attempt to fix it yourself. However, hiring the expertise of a company offering heating and air conditioning repair in Arlington, TX will advise you on whether you need a HVAC repair or you have to install a new HVAC unit.

Replacing the Air Filter

Replacing the air filters of the air conditioning unit on a regular basis will result in a healthier indoor air quality. But, homeowners are required to clean and maintained the filters of their air conditioning unit in order to improve the indoor air quality of their home. Unfortunately, many homeowners neglect cleaning or replacing air conditioning filters which can lead to the buildup of dust and other air borne particles that can end up spreading throughout the house if left unchecked.

Boiler Losing Pressure

Leaks that occur in the boiler system can lead to the boiler losing pressure, and its efficiency. This can also be caused due to a broken valve and can lead to more serious issues down the line if left unchecked. The loss of pressure forces the unit to work harder to maintain the indoor temperature level. This is one of the most common problem with HVAC units that leads to higher energy costs. The good news is, hiring the services of a company providing heating and air conditioning repair in Arlington, TX, can make sure that your HVAC unit is kept in perfect working order.

Unexplained Noises

Weird noises that’s coming from the HVAC unit itself or from the duct system in your home should be another indicator that your HVAC unit is in need of repair. For instance, loud clanging sounds or the sound of grinding can be because of a broken component, which can lead to further damage if not fixed in time. If you hear strange sounds from your boiler unit, it’s time to hire a professional boiler repair service.

Setting the Thermostat

For some homeowners, setting the thermostat of the HVAC unit in their home is seen as a DIY task and does not require the service of a company that provides heating and air conditioning repair in Arlington, TXThis can be a big mistake that can end up costing you more money down the line. That’s because every house is different and as a result, has different requirements. Only an experienced company that has expertise in providing heating and air conditioning repair in Arlington, TX can guide you and set the thermostat of your HVAC unit at a temperature that’s ideal for your home.A thermostat that’s set at 73 degrees will end up consuming more energy than a thermostat that’s set at 78 degrees.

Call a Professional

Even using the wrong screwdriver can cause serious damage to one of the components in the HVAC unit.   A good HVAC repair company knows the importance of using the right tools for the job and issues their technicians a full tool kit to repair or install HVAC systems properly, without causing any damage to the system. Apart from that, air conditioners are complicated machines that are made up of many big and small components. So, to access these components a technician should have a proper tool kit and the correct knowledge of how to use it. Minuteman Heating and AC offers a world-class HVAC repair service that’s reliable and affordable. From air conditioning to heat and furnace repair along with other solutions, the company is known for delivering on its promise of exceptional quality and a timely service.