When You Need an Air Conditioner Installation Professional | Mansfield, TX

When You Need an Air Conditioner Installation Professional | Mansfield, TX

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Nobody wants to deal with a house that’s too hot all the time, especially not when you’re dealing with Texas summers. Unfortunately, you can’t keep your home at a comfortable temperature during the summer if you don’t have an AC that’s up to the job. When you’re shopping for an AC, you need to make sure you get one that runs efficiently while providing enough cooling power for your home. If you’re thinking about buying an AC and paying for air conditioner installation services in Mansfield, TX, here’s some advice to help you find the best unit for your needs.


The first thing you need to decide on when it comes to air conditioner installation is what type of AC you want in your home. While window ACs and portable ACs are good for cooling small areas, they’re not really whole-house cooling solutions. The two most popular choices for whole-house cooling are central air conditioners and ductless mini split air conditioners.

Central air conditioners are the most traditional form of AC. This type of air conditioning works by combining an outdoor unit with ducts in your walls. The outdoor unit creates cool air which is then sent through the ducts and into your home. These systems are generally pretty affordable and offer great cooling power, but installation is a bit involved.

If you’re looking for an AC that provides the same great benefits of central AC with a few added benefits, a ductless mini split is the way to go. A ductless mini split is installed in your wall and doesn’t require ducts, making air conditioner installation simpler. These units are very efficient, plus you can put a ductless mini split in numerous rooms to have complete control over the temperature in each area.


Perhaps the toughest part about shopping for a new air conditioner if you don’t know what you’re looking for is getting the right size. Not only do air conditioners have a rating that tells you how large of an area they’re designed to heat, that number can also be heavily affected by the quality of insulation in your home.

The bottom line is, you should always work with an air conditioner installation professional to make sure the AC you’re having installed is the right size for your home. A professional can look at all the little factors that affect how much cooling power you need, including the size of your home, number of occupants and insulation quality.

While it might seem like a good idea to simply buy the largest, most powerful AC you can afford, that’s a waste of money in two ways. For starters, you end up spending more money an a beefed-up unit when you hire an air conditioner installation service. Plus, you end up having to pay more for your monthly bill since your AC is going to kick out too much cool air for the size of your home. In some cases, your home may even get too cool.


Your goal when it comes to air conditioner installation should be to get a unit that provides the cooling power you need without costing you an unnecessary amount of money. The truth is, air conditioners vary a lot in terms of efficiency. The seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) rating tells you how efficient an AC unit is, with a higher rating indicating a more efficient unit.

The good news is, there’s a minimum SEER rating that can be used in air conditioners. This minimum depends on the state you’re in, with the state of Texas allowing a minimum SEER rating of 14. This means that any unit you buy for your Mansfield, TX, home will be at least that efficient.

If you’re really serious about buying an efficient AC unit, talk to an air conditioner installation expert about buying a high-efficiency AC unit. You can find an AC unit with a significantly higher SEER rating than the state minimum. On top of that, shopping for an ENERGY STAR-approved AC unit means you’re getting a unit that will allow you to affordably cool your home.

Additional Factors

Finding an air conditioner that’s powerful, efficient and the right size for your home is already a victory, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other factors to look at. The truth is, you don’t have to be incredibly picky about your AC unit as long as it does a good job of cooling your home. However, an air conditioner installation professional can help you find a unit with all the features you want in your air conditioner.

One of the biggest things you might consider looking for is a quiet AC unit. While you don’t have to worry too much about the noise your AC unit makes if you’re using central AC, you don’t want to bother the neighbors or drown out all the conversation when you’re hanging out on the patio.

You should also make sure you understand the terms of the warranty for the AC unit you’re buying. Your air conditioner installation professional can help you find a unit that offers a good warranty. You want a warranty that lasts for a while and isn’t packed full of exclusions that make it nearly impossible for you to get your AC repaired or replaced.

The Final Decision

You might not be an expert when it comes to air conditioners, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be a smart shopper. Before you buy your next air conditioner, make sure it’s the right size, offers enough power and is efficient.

If you need a little help picking the right AC unit for your home, the folks at Minuteman Heating and Air of Mansfield, TX can help. Our air conditioner installation experts will make sure you get a unit that fits your home’s needs perfectly. Before you make the leap and buy a new air conditioner, call Minuteman Heating and Air at (817) 284-2569.