Where Should You Install Your Outdoor AC Unit – On the Ground or at Rooftop? Air Conditioning Service in Arlington, TX

Where Should You Install Your Outdoor AC Unit – On the Ground or at Rooftop? Air Conditioning Service in Arlington, TX

Installation of an air conditioner is a multi-step process. Starting by evaluating the needs of the customers, we proceed by conducting a site analysis to assess whether the location aligns with the set requirements or not. Then, starts the usual connections with the ductwork (if it exists) and the lay down of the distribution channel for the refrigerant lines. As such, whenever we receive calls from our clients regarding air conditioner installation in Arlington TX, the first question they ask us is:

Where should we ideally locate the outdoor unit of an air conditioner system, on rooftop or at the ground?

Now this is a question which cannot be answered on the basis of “applies-to-all” principle. An air conditioner installation professional needs to take into account different factors and then come up with a decision that best suits the individual needs. Our answer is a humble request to allow the inspection of site and a brief one-on-one discussion with the client. This, in turn helps us to determine which installation configuration would be best in that particular case as both rooftop installation and ground installation have their own advantages and disadvantages.

What are the factors that we have to consider as air conditioner installers to assist in our decision making?

This blog aims to cover the ones that are part of the general-rule-of-thumb list. For a more comprehensive advice, please consult a certified professional who offers air conditioner installation in Arlington, TX.

The Established Trend in the Neighborhood

This may sound surprising but yes, as air conditioner installers, the first thing that we have to consider is how outdoor units are installed in your neighborhood. Why? Because, if you later decide to sell your property, the location of your installed outdoor unit can make a significant impact on the sell-on value of the real estate. Normally, people don’t feel comfortable being a part of the odd-one-out, particularly when it concerns living in a gated community. But, this doesn’t mean that you have to force the issue, especially, if everyone in your locality has a side yard ac unit, you on the other hand don’t have enough yard space to fit one in. In these cases, you will have to come up with an alternative solution and a professional that offers air conditioning service in Arlington, TX would be able to assist you in your decision making.

The Regional Climate

The regional climate is another factor that dictates the selection when it comes to choosing between a rooftop ac installation and a side yard ac unit. For example, here in Texas, the weather is comparatively warmer to the majority of other states in America. An ac outdoor unit exposed under a scorching sun will struggle to function at optimum efficiency. Meanwhile, the heat will also affect the service life of the air conditioner on whole. In this context, a ground installation may be the best solution if you are living in Texas, with the regional climate as the sole considerate parameter.

Taking another example, if you are living in a region with a dry climate, most of the homes use a swamp cooler to meet their air conditioning needs. Since the outdoor unit of swamp cooler needs to be connected with the existing ductwork, majority of which runs through a house’s attic, then rooftop installation is the ideal solution in these cases. Whatever the situation is, a professional service offering air conditioner installation in Arlington, TX needs to consider the regional climate along with other factors to decide the ideal location.

Technical Considerations

Technical considerations play an important role when deciding which installation configuration is best for an individual home. Neither the rooftop, nor the ground installation offers a complete technical profile – there is some tradeoff involved in both. For example, if you are choosing to install the outdoor unit at the rooftop then you have to take into consideration the difference in height between the indoor unit and the outdoor unit. It needs to be reasonable enough so that the refrigerant can be easily pumped through the lines.

In comparison, an outdoor unit on the ground offers no such technical limitations. Contrastingly, an outdoor unit installed at ground level can often have limited open space which may affect the exchange of air, leading to decreased efficiency of the unit. In another example, if you do not own an inverter air conditioner system, then the noise and vibrations may present to be an issue in case of rooftop installations. So, as you can see the situation varies with every individual case and as such it is advisable to consult a local air conditioning services in Arlington, TX.

The Ease of Accessibility

The ease of accessibility is an important factor to consider when deciding whether to install an ac outdoor unit at the rooftop or in your yard. For, if the unit is easily accessible it is much easier to conduct regular maintenance. An outdoor unit located on the rooftop may not induct the attention of homeowners that a ground installation would. This could make you forgetful especially if you do not follow a regular maintenance schedule.

Similarly, if you want to see that whether the outdoor fan is working or not, you will have to work your way up which could prove to be a cause of inconvenience. Likewise, if there is a maintenance job, the facilitator providing air conditioning service in Arlington, TX will have to climb all the way up to execute it. This would make the job far more difficult in comparison to a unit that is installed on the ground. Contrastingly, if an outdoor unit is located on the ground, because of its ease of accessibility, it is also more liable to theft (copper is a premium metal). This all may appear to be a complex mesh of elements and as such it would be better to consult a certified professional offering air conditioner installation in Arlington, TX. Remember, there is no ideal solution. The best solution is the one which suits you.

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