Where To Go For An Air Conditioning Repair | Mansfield, TX

Where To Go For An Air Conditioning Repair | Mansfield, TX

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Anybody fortunate enough to live in Mansfield, TX, will not need reminding how hot and humid Texas summers can get. As temperatures soar, we rely on their air conditioners even more and this is the time they do their hardest work. Life would soon get unbearable should your air conditioner break down. You need to find an air conditioning repair company quickly before living conditions become dangerous. You need a company that people trust and have a highly qualified team available around the clock. You need Minuteman Heating and Air.

The Best Thing That You Can Do for Your Air Conditioner Is….

To have it serviced. Having your air conditioner serviced before the summer heatwave begins is a great idea. This will give you greater peace of mind as you are now less likely to need an air conditioning repair. Your unit will be running more safely and efficiently, saving you on energy bills.

As you can imagine summertime is the busiest time for our air conditioning repair technicians in Mansfield, TX and there is a better opportunity that you will be able to schedule an appointment at a convenient time if you book early.

The Most Widespread Air Conditioning Repair Problems

Late spring until the end of summer is when most air conditioning repair work takes place. This should come as no surprise as this is when we use air conditioners the most. They will be working almost continually and are more likely to break down during this period. It helps to understand why problems occur with air conditioners and what we can do to avoid them.

The Evaporator Coils are Starting to Have Frost and Ice Form on Them

  • Having extracted the warm air from your room, a fan will blow it over the evaporator coils. To work efficiently the coil needs: Constant warm airflow over it – without such a supply of warm air, frost and ice will start to form on the coil.


  • Eventually, the coils could freeze completely, and the air conditioner will need to be turned off to allow the coil to thaw. Dirty air filters will restrict the airflow and will need to be regularly cleaned or replaced. This has an added benefit in improving the air quality in your home.


  • Faulty Fan – a problem with the fan will also reduce the airflow over the coil.


  • Low coolant levels – every air conditioner needs an ideal level of coolant in it. A leak will reduce this level, and as a result, less heat is going to be absorbed from the warm air by the coil and increases the risk of frost and ice forming.


  • The evaporator coil is dirty – over time dirt will be deposited on the coil and this will act as an insulating layer which also reduces the rate at which the warm air gives its heat to the coil and coolant. This dirt on the coil needs to be cleaned off.

Some of these tasks like cleaning or replacing the air filters are part of a regular service from Minuteman Heating and Air. A frozen evaporator coil will take up to 24 hours to thaw completely. You do not want to be without your air conditioner for this length of time during a heatwave. If the evaporator coils frequently freeze over, it is more likely you will need an air conditioning repair

Do You Have a Coolant Leak?

Reduced levels of coolant will also mean that there is less of a cooling effect from your air conditioner.

Indications of a coolant leak are:

  • You will get less cool air from your air conditioner – Less coolant means less cool air in your home.


  • The humidity levels in your home will increase –hotter air contains more moisture than colder air. If the evaporator coils are unable to remove as much heat from the warm air passing over them then the air blown back into your home will be more humid.


  • You can hear a hissing sound – if you hear this sound, you have a coolant leak and need an air conditioning repair.


  • Bigger energy bills – reduced coolant levels will reduce the efficiency of your unit. The other components in your unit must now work harder to maintain the temperature.


  • Harder working components will use more energy increasing your electricity bill. They will get hotter and are more likely to burn out and need to be replaced during air conditioning service.

You will need to call Minuteman Heating and Air so a technician can find and the leak and repair it and then top up the coolant levels

AC Drain Line Issues

This is an overlooked area of an air conditioner system. When warm air cools it will lose moisture. This is gathered in the drip pan and then flows outside through the AC drain line. This moisture creates the right conditions for mold and algae to grow in the drain pan or line. This mold could block the AC drain line. With the following results:

The air conditioner may shut down before you call for an air conditioning repair. It may be worth looking outside. Sometimes the AC drain may be obstructed by dirt or leaves. Simply removing them may restart your unit. Turn off the air conditioner first as a safety precaution.

Puddles of water around the floor around the unit may mean the AC drain is blocked, and the drip pan will continue to gather water and will eventually overflow. The water will flow into your unit and then onto your floor. The water in the air conditioner is likely to cause an electricity outage if it meets any electrical circuits

Strange smells and any smell of mold inside your home could be due to mold growing in the drain line or drip pan. These need to be cleaned regularly to prevent any mold particles from entering your home. Also, AC drain problems cause higher humidity levels if the AC drain is blocked.

Keeping Mansfield, TX Cool and Safe

Many of the problems highlighted above will be dealt with during a regular service from one of Minuteman Heating & Air’s NATE-certified technicians and reduce the chances that your air conditioner will break down. We have professional technicians available and ready to help, 24/7. If you need an air conditioning repair, then please call us today.