Why Bother With Air Conditioning Service And Repair? | Arlington, TX

Why Bother With Air Conditioning Service And Repair? | Arlington, TX

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If you live in Arlington, TX the number one appliance that you will depend on in your home is your air conditioner. Summers in Texas are not for the faint of heart, and that is why you need an HVAC system that is built to withstand constant and continuous use. It is not uncommon for home HVAC systems to run for months at a time without a break. This is also one reason why proper air conditioning service is so important. The only way to prepare your system for this type of wear and tear is by treating it well.

The best thing that you can do for your Arlington, TX AC system is book air conditioning service during the spring months before you have to turn it on and cross your fingers that it will run problem-free for the next three to four months. While an air conditioning service cannot guarantee that your system will not need any repairs, it can help prevent many situations by proactively allowing you the chance to fix things before they cause a complete breakdown.

In addition, a lot of breakdowns are attributed to clogs and low airflow, which is the direct result of dirt and grime building up in your AC system. As part of an air conditioning service, all of this is removed which therefore makes it less likely your system is going to unpredictably break down on you. At the same time, it also allows an HVAC tech a look into your machine which will help them estimate how much longer you have before it is time to start thinking about a replacement. Knowing ahead of time that your AC system may be on its way out can help you budget wisely and hopefully avoid shocking news down the line.

These are just a few reasons that air conditioning service is so beneficial to homeowners in Arlington, TX, there are many others. The following will take a quick look at some of the potential problems you may experience with your AC system and what you can do to prevent problems from occurring. Knowing proper HVAC machine maintenance is the first step towards increasing its lifespan.

Top Reasons for AC Repairs in Arlington, TX

As with all repair jobs, the sooner you fix any known problems the better. This is even more true when it comes to air conditioning service. If you know that something needs to be repaired in your AC system it is in your best interests to take care of it right away. The longer you wait the larger the problem will grow. For example, one loose part that you can ignore can turn into a busted fan blade or set off a chain reaction that results in three or four parts needing to be replaced. The bottom line is that if you don’t act promptly what starts out as a simple repair can easily snowball into a full-fledged breakdown.

With this said, there are a few AC repairs that seem to be more common in Arlington, TX than others. Knowing what they are and what they look like can help you get ahead when it comes to AC repair.

Issues with the Blower Motor

The first issue is with your blower motor. If you notice that there is no air coming out of your air vents even though you can hear that your AC system is on and attempting to cycle, there is a good chance that the issue is being caused by the blower motor. The blower motor is responsible for pulling in hot air and then after it is cooled pushing it back out around your home.

When the blower motor breaks down or starts working inefficiently the fans are not able to properly do their jobs which results in little or no airflow throughout your home. Before it gets to this point, you may notice a few signs such as a squealing noise coming from your AC system which can indicate that the fan belt needs to be lubricated or is simply wearing out, or a grinding noise which may indicate that something is wrong with the ball bearings.

Low Refrigerant

The refrigerant plays a vital role in the overall process of cooling your home, and it is also a controlled liquid which means that only a professional can and should handle it. The purpose of refrigerants is to pull heat out of the air and then cycle it back outdoors. Sometimes you can get low on refrigerant which will compromise the effectiveness of your entire AC system. Some common signs include a hissing noise coming from the AC, a lack of cool air coming out of the vents, or short cycling. Once the refrigerant gets to drastically low levels, your AC will likely quit working.s

In theory, since your refrigerant is cycled continuously through the system you should never run out of it, but HVAC machines are not perfect. In addition, older machines start to break down because of wear and tear making a refrigerant leak more common. At this point, you will then need to fix the leak and have your refrigerant topped off to get your system back into working order.

This is not a job that you can handle on your own since refrigerant can only be handled by a qualified person during air conditioning service. If you do book regular air conditioning service this is one thing they will check out while out at your home, but you can also attempt to spot a leak on your own if you suspect this is the case.

Essentially, any water or moisture near your AC may indicate that the refrigerant is leaking. There should never be water near your AC system, and even though some people will claim it is just condensation, there should never be enough condensation to form a visible damp spot on the floor. If you notice anything wet then it is safer to assume it is refrigerant and shut down your system. Immediately call for air conditioning service and make sure that your children and/or pets do not get near the leak because refrigerant is highly toxic. A trained and certified air conditioning service technician is the only person who should attempt to handle this particular issue.

Evaporator Coils Are Dirty or Grimy

Does it seem like your AC is suddenly short cycling? This is not something you want to ignore because eventually, it will lead to your entire system shutting down. One reason it may be short cycling is that it is possible that your evaporator coils are dirty. The evaporator is located inside of the home, but grime and dirt can build upon a system that is never cleaned, which is just one more reason why annual air conditioning service is so highly recommended.

The point of the evaporator coil is to draw heat out of the air via the refrigerant which flows through it. Once that coil is blocked by dust it will stop doing its job. In the end, your AC will start short cycling because it is trying so hard to keep up. Sometimes the coil will also freeze over since it is not able to access the heat of the air and the refrigerant is freezing it in response. You do not want your evaporator coils to freeze over or even worse break, because at that point unless you have a brand new machine it will probably be more cost-effective to replace your unit over repairing it. It’s simply much safer to book regular air conditioning service in Arlington, TX, and skip the problems that occur within a dirty AC.

When Should You Schedule Air Conditioning Service in Arlington, TX?

Now that you are thinking more about air conditioning service you may be wondering when the best time to book a visit is. While you can schedule your annual inspection for any time, we usually recommend doing it during the early spring months. Most people have their AC on before the end of spring, and ideally, you want to have your inspection before you need your AC so you know that it is ready to go.

This leaves the beginning of spring. The HVAC professional will come to your home and thoroughly inspect your entire system including both the indoor and outdoor components. They will then clean every component of the system thoroughly and remove all dirt and grime. While doing this, they will also look closely at any components that may be rusting or damaged. If they see anything that looks like it may be a problem in the future they will likely recommend you repair these parts at the end of the air conditioning service.

It is advantageous for you to proactively agree to the repairs for one of two reasons: save you time and save you from a breakdown. You can ignore a component that is still working but rusting or damaged for only so long. Eventually, it will completely break and when it does it will likely cause a complete breakdown until you get the part replaced. You don’t want to find yourself in the middle of the hot Texas summer without any AC. At this point, you will be paying for an emergency air conditioning service when you could have just proactively repaired the part at your leisure, and you will probably be kicking yourself for not doing so.

The other reason that you want to proactively head the advice, is because a lot of HVAC parts need to be ordered. There are dozens of AC systems installed in homes throughout Arlington, TX, and unless it is a super common component it is unlikely that your HVAC tech is going to have the replacement part on hand. That means that they have to order a new part and you will need to wait three to four days without AC before they can even plan to repair it.

During the early spring waiting three to four days without AC will not be a big deal, because you are not yet reliant on it yet. However, during the thick of the summer, it probably means you will be looking for a hotel or someone’s couch to crash on. If you can avoid this scenario it is in your best interest to do so. Don’t wait until summer hits to flip on your AC and discover you have big issues.

Keep Your Warranty Valid

Still not sure about whether or not you should actually schedule an air conditioning service? While the above reasons should be enough, bear in mind that if you don’t service your HVAC system yearly you will probably void your warranty. Most manufacturers only honor their warranties if the HVAC system is properly maintained which includes annual service calls.

An HVAC system is not cheap, you do not want to void your warranty and possibly find yourself replacing a new system if a fluke occurs simply because you did not bother with your yearly air conditioning service. That alone is enough reason to book a service call, and you can consider all of the other benefits as the icing on top. Need more convincing? A well-serviced HVAC system tends to have a longer lifespan which will heighten your return on investment even more.

The long and short of it is that as a responsible homeowner the smartest thing you can do in Arlington, TX is call to schedule an air conditioning service if you haven’t had one yet. Minuteman Heating & Air regularly offers clients all over the area AC system servicing, and we would love to add your home to the list.