Why is air conditioning maintenance not an expense? | Air Conditioning Service in Mansfield, TX

Why is air conditioning maintenance not an expense? | Air Conditioning Service in Mansfield, TX

As the winters end and temperatures starts to rise, air conditioning is put to work. But before we begin full-fledged use of air conditioners, it is vital that we get them checked and overhauled through a reliable air conditioning service in Mansfield, TX.

This is just like taking your car through a quick inspection before going on a long road trip to avoid breakdowns and hence totally ruining the trip.

Just as regularly visiting a physician can bring lots of health benefits, regular maintenance of all machinery, electrical and electronic equipment can assure better performance and a longer life. But there is a cost to every benefit, and maintenance is no exception.

Where many other costs of household maintenance are classified under expenses, AC maintenance is in retrospect an investment rather than an expense. Especially if you carry it out through a professional air conditioning service in Mansfield, TX.

Here are a few benefits of to getting your AC periodically maintained through an air conditioning service in Mansfield, TX:

Energy Saving/Cost Efficient Running

An AC unit may look simple, but has a lot going on in it. So a dirty or ill maintained AC will have to make a lot more effort to produce the same amount of cooling that a maintained one easily can.

There are a lot of factors that could cause an AC to consume more energy than usual while functioning. And by preventing these we can save a lot on our electricity bills.

  • Insufficient refrigerant is one of the major and simplest reasons. If the refrigerant level has decreased over time due to leakage, the AC will fail to produce sufficient cooling and it will take more time for it to cool the same room compared to when the refrigerant was topped up.
  • Air Filter also plays an important role. If the filter is choked, the airflow will be affected, causing the AC to take more time to cool the same area.
  • Dirty Coils (also known as fins) on both indoor and outdoor units make the air conditioning inefficient. Coils in the outdoor unit helps cool it down, and if they are clogged, cooling isn’t as effective and overall operation becomes less efficient.
  • If the AC is being maintained by a professional air conditioning service in Mansfield, TX, the experts will also inspect any worn-out wires insides the unit to prevent electricity leakage.

Long Air Conditioner Life

Clogged coils catch moisture quickly and cause the fins to rust and corrode. This drastically decreases the air conditioner’s life. Dust on the inside can also rust the body of the unit. So in a city like Mansfield, where humidity levels are quite high, it is recommended that an air conditioning service in Mansfield, TX is hired more often than any other area.

Moving parts in the AC also wear out quicker if the units are dusty inside. Dust can cause them to malfunction or jam.


For years we have been polluting the beautiful planet that we live in. Inventions that make our lives easier are also causing great harm to the planet and its eco-system. Global warming and pollution has caused many species to suffer including our own.

Ill-maintained air conditioners are inefficient, meaning they will consume more energy. While we are depleting limited non-renewable energy resources on earth, we are also causing more and more pollution by producing electricity.

So even if you are well off and the higher bills don’t concern you, environmental harm and its threats should. Everyone wants to breathe safe in their city, but it is observed that the trend of periodic air conditioning service in Mansfield, TX isn’t still too common.

It’s Healthy

Apart from all the benefits to the environment mentioned above, which indirectly affect us, there are several direct health benefits too.

When you get the AC serviced by a professional, they also thoroughly clean it. A cleaner AC means it blows purer air. Clean air filters also purify the air from the micro particles and microfibers which can cause serious breathing problems. A cleaner AC also means lesser bacteria in the air.


During a periodic maintenance, the expert would check all the wirings inside and outside of the air conditioning units for damages or wear outs. This will prevent short circuits and electricity leakage which will reduce the risk of electrocution, breaking down of the equipment or energy losses.

Secondly if you get the ac maintained by an air conditioner repair service in Mansfield, TX it will prevent the risk of injuries possible during repairing or maintaining the unit one self.

Reduced Risk of AC Break-down:

Just like all other machinery needs servicing to keep performing well, air conditioning too requires regular maintenance in order for it to work seamlessly, especially for the households and other commercial users that have prolonged usage of air-conditioning. Delaying repairs and maintenance can cause the unit to break down and cause inconvenience to the households or the businesses.

According to the experts of air conditioner repair in Mansfield, TX, ill-maintained air conditioners wear out sooner and hence need costly replacements.

The Bottom Line

Given so many long term benefits like some stated above, it is recommended that all heating and cooling equipment are maintained annually or preferably every six months. This is to improve their performance in terms of efficiency, life span, and safety.

Though some people might prefer cleaning their heating air-conditioning units themselves, it is always highly recommended that one hires professionals not only for repairs but for periodic maintenance as well.

This will also increase the equipment’s life and performance with a minimal risk of damaging the air-conditioning unit while assembling or disassembling it. If you are looking for a reliable air-conditioning repair or air-conditioning service in Mansfield, TX, Minuteman Heating and AC is just a call away.