Why Is Cleaning Such An Important Part Of Your Air Conditioner Repair? | Mansfield, TX

Why Is Cleaning Such An Important Part Of Your Air Conditioner Repair? | Mansfield, TX

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Cleaning can be an important part of an air conditioner repair visit from Minuteman Heating & Air in Mansfield, TX, especially if the unit hasn’t received maintenance services in a few years. Many of the problems that AC systems experience can be brought on or made worse by dirty condenser or evaporator coils, material inside the outdoor unit from storms or small visitors, and of course clogged air filters. Icing, air circulation issues, efficiency problems, refrigerant issues and electrical system issues all can arise from a unit that needs a careful, professional cleaning and then the specific repairs that are indicated. Because of the complex and delicate components that our air conditioner repair team works on, we have special tools and techniques that we use to clean your system’s components, so we don’t disturb electrical connections, damage delicate coils, make hard-to-find pinholes in refrigerant lines, and possibly require replacement of expensive components if they are damaged.

Air Filter Replacement

It’s amazing how many air conditioner repair calls involve replacing a very heavily clogged air filter. Typically, monthly replacement is a good idea, more often in homes with pets or other sources of airborne material that increase the clog rate of the filter. When the air filter is clogged, air conditioner repair concerns arising from that can include poor air circulation, failure to cool sufficiently because of airflow problems, excessive wear to air circulation motors and drive belts, and even icing of the condenser coils. How does that happen? These coils are at the heart of your cooling system, reducing the temperature of the air flowing over them, and simultaneously removing moisture as part of the process. Because the incoming air is warm, the moisture drips off into the condensate pan and away from the coils. If the airflow is reduced by fan trouble or a clogged air filter, the system can’t move warm air in. The moisture freezes in place instead of running off, forming ice that builds up and leads to an air conditioner repair call. As with general cleaning, deicing coils requires a delicate touch to avoid damage and refrigerant loss, even expensive coil replacement. Our air conditioner repair team has careful, graduate warming techniques that can resolve the icing. They’ll look for the root cause of the problem, likely in the airflow system, and take care of that, too, for a complete air conditioner repair.

Duct Cleaning Is Good for Your Air Conditioning System and Your Health

Without cleaning every few years, your AC system’s ducts will start to accumulate dust and other materials including allergens, airborne grease, pet dander, and even insects and bacteria. This distasteful mix grows into a felt-like layer that narrows the ducts, reducing airflow while also releasing material back into the air for you and your family to breathe. Regular duct cleaning restores the pristine metal surfaces and full airflow capacity of your ducts and includes a check to make sure that your duct system is properly sealed so you’re getting the full benefit of the air handling equipment without leaks and pressure loss. You may find that respiratory conditions and allergies are improved once duct cleaning is performed, and our air conditioner repair team can also install HEPA filters, humidifiers and dehumidifiers, UV light treatment, and air purifiers to further improve your indoor air quality. They can be added to your existing system, or added to the design of your new heating and AC system.

Cleaning Your Outdoor AC Unit

Sitting outside your home in all kinds of weather, your AC unit can require some serious cleaning as part of an air conditioner repair or maintenance visit. Even if the cover is as tight as ever, the vents still provide access to dirt, debris, and small creatures that all find their way inside and cause havoc over time. If the cover is loose, there’s even more risk of activity inside, as the unit provides a nice shelter and safe hiding place. Creatures making nests and raising young inside your unit can damage components such as wiring as they make it more livable, and our AC repair technicians will have to replace the wires and clean out the debris that the nest consists of. Material inside can also disrupt fan, compressor, and actuator operation, block airflow that cools the compressor mechanism, and block the coil so that it is much less efficient at releasing heat from your home and providing cooling. Typically, cleaning this unit is part of a preseason maintenance visit, along with any required repairs. Otherwise, it may be necessary to perform cleanup if the unit experiences trouble and needs repair to keep your family cool in the heat of the summer.

Smells Near Your Indoor AC Components

Inside, the water that accumulates as your AC system cools the air flowing through it flows away in a well-designed condensate path. If the condensate drain gets clogged, especially by algae growth when the system is idle for a period of time, you’ll experience odors when you get near the system, and even catch a whiff of them coming from your vents if things get bad. Our team can clear out the condensate drain and clean the algae accumulation, resolving the smell. If your indoor AC unit is located in your attic rather than your basement, though, condensate spill and algae growth may proceed into your top floor ceilings and cause quite a bit of damage. Regular maintenance is essential to avoid this!

Expert Repair and Maintenance for Your Air Conditioner System in Mansfield, TX

Minuteman Heating & Air provides careful, thorough maintenance of your entire AC system, which includes professional cleaning that offers benefits to your system’s efficiency, reliability, and sanitary condition. We also offer the installation of options that can improve the quality of the air your system circulates, making it more breathable and reducing allergens and particulates. Rely on us for expert AC care, call today!