Why You Might Need Air Conditioning Repair | Arlington, TX

Why You Might Need Air Conditioning Repair | Arlington, TX

During the summer season, your air conditioner should function smoothly to help you deal with the oppressive heat and humidity in Arlington, TX, and ensure comfort in your home. If your air conditioner is not turning on, you need urgent air conditioning repair services to avoid temperature-related discomfort.

If you find yourself in this situation, don’t panic, it could be something a professional AC specialist could help rectify. There are various reasons why your air conditioner won’t turn on, from your unit getting old to maintenance issues, all explained below.

Faulty Thermostat

When all of a sudden your air conditioner stops working, one of the things to look at is the thermostat to determine if it could be the issue. Thermostat failure affects the performance of your air conditioner. The thermostat should be set at the optimum temperature to provide much-deserved comfort. You can test the low temperatures by placing your hands in front of the AC.

An HVAC specialist can begin by checking the AC thermostat to ensure the display is on and can effectively signal the AC to turn on and attain the desired temperatures. If the display works, the experts can inspect and test the batteries to ensure they are functioning.

Suppose the air conditioner is not turning on even after checking the thermostat’s display and batteries. In that case, the technician can examine other parts that might be the possible cause of the malfunctioning device. Your thermostat could be rusted or stuck with debris, and in such a situation, you would need prompt air conditioning repairs or replacement.

Low Refrigerant

Another reason your AC is not turning on could be a low refrigerant level. The refrigerant is responsible for providing the needed cool air to your home. Shortage of refrigerant could be due to leakage in your air conditioner caused by cracks in the AC coils.

Therefore, it is vital to seek air conditioning repair services when encountering such a problem; don’t try to solve it yourself because refrigerants are very toxic. An AC company will help you refill the refrigerant and ensure it matches the levels specified by the manufacturer. Low refrigerant issues can be avoided through regular maintenance to prevent damage and health issues in the long run.

Failed Capacitor

Your air conditioner could also fail to start due to a failed capacitor. You can identify the issue by clicking sounds in your outdoor AC unit. The capacitor is integral in the well-functioning of your air conditioner. It works with the motor and pushes it to start running. The capacitor detaches from the motor circuit only when it reaches a particular speed.

The capacitor is susceptible to failure due to overheating as it works to achieve the desired temperature or due to direct sun exposure of the outdoor unit installed on the roof. Your capacitor could also be damaged by power fluctuations and outages, which could be avoided by installing surge protectors.

Preventive maintenance will save you air conditioning repairs relating to capacitors, as any issue will be identified earlier and fixed. If the capacitor is old, the HVAC expert can recommend replacing the unit to restore the optimal efficiency of your system.

Dirty Condenser

Has your outdoor unit stopped working? It could be due to trapped dirt. The condenser is the outside part of the air conditioner; it removes heat from the internal unit to the external space. It requires regular maintenance from air conditioning repair technicians to prevent dirt accumulation.

If not well maintained, the dirt causes the condenser to work harder in cooling your home. The dirt acts as an insulator, bringing more current that trips the circuit breaker, causing your AC not to turn on. You can try cleaning the condenser and try starting on your AC. If the system doesn’t start even after cleaning the condenser, you should seek professional air conditioning repair services from a reputable HVAC company in Arlington, TX.

Air Conditioner Is Not the Right Size

While this is important, many people in Arlington, TX, fail to consider the size of their AC unit when purchasing it. The size of the air conditioner significantly impacts how it works. A small-sized air conditioning system serving a big house works harder than it should and eventually breaks down. It also runs longer, leading to an overheated capacitor, low airflow, discomfort, and increased bills.

On the other hand, a large AC unit in a small house frequently turns on and off, increasing the chances of wear and tear. An oversized appliance also produces strange noises, leading to high humidity levels and increasing the dangers of mold growth in your household.

An air conditioning repair specialist can determine the right unit size for your home and do a replacement. The most important feature to look at while determining the right size of an air conditioner system is the square footage of your house. Other aspects to consider when purchasing the appliance include climate, home exterior, windows, and ceiling height.

Wrong Temperature Readings

Although this is rare, it’s possible your thermostat could be receiving inaccurate temperature readings in your home and shutting off automatically. This could occur if your thermostat is situated on a wall facing outside or near a room with temperature fluctuations, such as a kitchen. You can resolve this problem by changing the location of the thermostat.

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