Why You Need a Professional Air Conditioning Installation Service in Arlington, TX

Why You Need a Professional Air Conditioning Installation Service in Arlington, TX

Air conditioner installations in Arlington TX may appear to be quite the routine installation, but there is a whole host of factors for the DIY-er to consider when going for this. From government regulations, to energy efficiency considerations, to safety issues, there is a lot going on that needs to be addressed when installing a unit yourself. And it can be pretty easy to ignore a crucial detail, which could lead to hours of effort and energy to correct, not to mention a heavy bill. Plus, inaccurate installations can lead to your AC performing sub-optimally, and even lead to substantial damage to your unit down the road.

While quite a few folks prefer going the DIY route, especially in order to save money, it might simplify the process to simply used professional services. After all, if the installation goes wrong, you could bleed quite a lot more money in order to salvage the system than if you had just called a professional air conditioning service in Arlington TX.


It can be a dangerous job to install your own air conditioning unit. There is always the risk of getting yourself shocked when connecting your unit to the system, and an improperly installed system could even lead to an electrical fire in your house. Plus, the refrigerant in the system boils at around -25 degrees centigrade. While this is totally safe when handled by a qualified technician, it can cause severe burns if misused.

You’ll eliminate any risks to yourself and your family if you call an air conditioning service in Arlington TX that can send you a qualified professional who is skilled at safe AC installations.

Energy Efficiency

A professional air conditioning service in Arlington TX will send you a trained engineer who will know what air conditioning unit is best suited to your requirements. Tailoring the type of AC you get to the measurements and climate of your room can be an arduous job, and one that is easy to get wrong. By installing the AC yourself, you may end up selecting the wrong fit for your room, and so end up with a room that is never properly cooled, or one where a smaller unit could have done the trick for less money.

Preserve Your Warranty

Installing your unit itself brings with it the risk of voiding your warranty. Buying a new air conditioning unit means that you can bask in the knowledge that if something were to go wrong with the AC, you can always get it fixed for free, or even replaced if the model isn’t working out. But you might not have this coverage if your AC installation was not handled by a professional. This is because the insurance company might claim that you mishandled the unit during the installation process. So while paying for a professional air conditioner installation in Arlington TX might be pricier than installing it yourself, it could save you some big bucks in the future if you are able to preserve your warranty as you will only have to worry about installation and maintenance costs.

Split-system or Packaged Units

Some air conditioners are harder to install than others. While window air-conditioners require a lower level of technical expertise, packaged units and split-service units will more likely necessitate professional services. Hooking up the line sets, purging the lines with compressed nitrogen, pumping it down, measuring the vacuum, adjusting the charge, and ensuring that the system is leak-free are all likely to be challenging even for an accomplished DIY-er. These tasks require specialized tools and knowledge. Using professional air conditioning services in Arlington TX will probably be the better option, as the technician will be able to perform this complicated procedure more easily and quickly. Plus, the technician will come with a labor warranty for you so that if anything goes wrong in this difficult process, it will be the engineer’s fault and not yours.

Duct Design Knowledge

Duct design is another complicated aspect of air conditioner installation in Arlington TX. A DIY-er will have to take into account factors like the fabrication of rigid sheet metal ducting, sealing all the seams and gaps perfectly, design the entire system to be balanced and have enough returns. Highly technical work like this is better left to experts who can handle the situation better.

Solving Problems during Installation

If you run into issues during the process of air conditioner installation in Arlington TX, you may not be equipped with the knowledge or the tools to resolve the issue. As you have seen throughout this article, there are a whole host of problems that could turn up during the process, and resolving them could be more trouble than it is worth. You may end up calling professional services anyway, and pay money to fix a damaged system.

Government Regulations

Government regulations that are meant to protect human lives are enacted at a local and national level. You may not know all of these regulations well, or may need to do a lot of studying in order to ensure you’re not overstepping any limits set by the government. The technicians from the air conditioning services in Arlington TX will be aware of these regulations and incorporate them into their work. A local HVAC professional should be knowledgeable about inspections and permits required after installing a new air conditioning system.

Quality Air

If you already have older air conditioning units installed in your home, or the models have now become outdated, this could put your home at risk. Not only will a professional from an air conditioning service in Arlington TX help you choose the air conditioning unit that will best suffice your needs, but one that will allow you to breathe cleaner air. If you are worried about irritating debris or allergens that can make it difficult to breathe in warmer months, these professionals can let you know about models that will help solve the problem.