Why You Should Always Hire a Professional for Air Conditioner Repairs | Mansfield, TX

Why You Should Always Hire a Professional for Air Conditioner Repairs | Mansfield, TX

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Your air conditioner is a complicated cooling system. It’s comprised of many different electrical components that can easily break or become faulty if not handled with proper care. It can be tempting to try and fix the problem yourself. However, such a course of action is ill-advised. Rather, it is better to call a professional air conditioner repair service. Without proper training or tools, one can risk aggravating the problem even further. Dealing with faulty electrical components with an untrained hand can be dangerous. Here is why you should always hire a professional for air conditioner repairs in the Mansfield, TX area rather than try fixing it yourself.

Why Do It Yourself (DIY) Is a Bad Idea

If you can fix the sink or do basic car repairs, surely you can manage air conditioner repairs just fine, right? Wrong! Working with electrical appliances can be dangerous. Mistakes can lead to some very expensive consequences. There is a reason why AC technicians need to undergo years of training in order to perform air conditioner repairs. Your AC systems are one part of your home that you should never try to repair yourself. There are several reasons why you should call for professional help instead.

The Right Tools and Training

As mentioned before, AC technicians have to undergo years of training and apprenticeship to qualify for air conditioning repairs. The training remains on-job to keep them up to date with the latest AC technology.

AC repair teams also carry with them the proper tools to perform the fix effectively. Such equipment can include a leak detection tool, vacuum pumps, and HVAC gauges. Purchasing all these specialized tools yourself can end up costing you a large sum. It is less costly to call an air conditioner repair service, especially if you are unsure of what the problem actually is.

Safety Issues

Aside from the danger of working with electricity as stated before, a DYI fix of refrigerant leakage carries the risk of exposure to hazardous chemicals. The U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires that only technicians with an EPA 608 certification can perform the handling and disposal of air conditioning refrigerants. It is always better to call an expert for such air conditioner repairs. It is never wise to risk facing the unneeded consequences of attempting it yourself. What little amount of money you’ll save from a DIY is simply not worth risking your health for.

The Question of Cost

Often in hopes of cutting expenses by performing a DYI, people end up paying even more than they would have by calling a professional AC service. Carrying out air conditioner repairs is more complex than most people think. Often the risks are further damages that need even costlier fixes. You may end up damaging a component further in the process if you are unaware of the right tools and methods to clean and re-install them.

Sometimes the consequences could be even worse – the entire air conditioning unit could stop working entirely. Then your only option would be a costly replacement of the system. A trained technician will not only help fix your problem, but also identify any other looming issue or fault before they can cause a major breakdown.

Risk of Warranty Invalidation

A DIY repair carries the risk of voiding the warranty of your air conditioning system. Always read the terms and conditions of the warranty agreement that comes with your air conditioner. Most agreements stipulate that air conditioning repair services must only be performed by a certified technician. Making minor repairs by yourself can result in major costs later on. An invalidated warranty means you can no longer avail repairs and part replacement that otherwise would be free of charge.

What You Can Do Yourself

There are a few easy air conditioner repairs that you can perform yourself safely.

Changing the Thermostat Batteries:

Changing your thermostat batteries is a simple and safe process. It can also prevent the risk of further problems arising in the future. Change thermostat batteries at least once every year. Optimally, it should be at the start of the summer months if you live in a warm climate like here in the Mansfield, TX area.

Changing or Cleaning the Filters:

Your AC filters can accumulate dust and debris. To keep your air conditioner in the best shape, routinely check the filters and see if they require cleaning or replacement. Always check on your manufacturer’s recommendations on how often your filters need to be changed.

Clearing Clutter:

You should always make sure to remove any clutter or item that is obstructing the airflow of your air conditioning unit. Your cooling system should have a clear and open space around it ensure the airflow doesn’t get cut off.

Investing in a Preventative Maintenance Agreement:

As is the case with your car, your air conditioning system requires routine care in order to run optimally. Preventive maintenance can extend the service lifespan of the air conditioning system. Investing in a preventative maintenance agreement can ensure timely repairs and servicing of the system. For an agreement purchase for air conditioning repairs you can call us at 817-284-2569.

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Because working on an air conditioning system is complicated and dangerous, it is better to hire the experts to perform the fix for you. Minuteman Heating and Air is a professional air conditioner repair service in the Mansfield, TX area. Our friendly team of certified and trained experts is always available for repairs, check-ups, and maintenance of your air cooling systems.