Why Your Home Is Not Cool Enough and How Heating and AC Repair Can Help | Arlington, TX

Why Your Home Is Not Cool Enough and How Heating and AC Repair Can Help | Arlington, TX

On a hot summer day in Arlington, TX, the last thing you need is an air conditioner that doesn’t work. An air conditioner’s inability to cool could be due to several different issues, some of which are technical and others that are not. Read on to learn more about why your AC isn’t cooling the house enough and how Minuteman Heating & Air can help with heating and AC repair in Arlington, TX.

Dirty Air Filter

Believe it or not, a clogged air filter can prevent the AC from cooling your house. A clean filter should be installed in your HVAC system’s air intake every one to three months. If the filter is not changed when it becomes clogged with dust, lint, pet dander, and other debris, the air conditioner will not be able to circulate enough air to function correctly. Less cool air will enter your home if less warm air is traveling over the evaporator coil to be cooled.

Solution: It is advisable to contact Minuteman Heating & Air for repair, including changing the air filter if it is clogged.

Improper Thermostat Settings

If the fan setting on your thermostat is activated, the air handler will continue to circulate air even if the air conditioner isn’t running. As a result, you may notice that part of the air blowing through your vents is somewhat warmer than usual. Changing the fan’s setting to “auto” will help with this. The “hot” or “cool” mode should also be double-checked. If the thermostat setting is not set to “cool,” the air conditioner will not run.

Refrigerant Leak

Refrigerant is a crucial component of your air conditioning unit. It’s the fluid or gas in your air conditioner that removes heat from the air inside your house. The insufficiency or absence of refrigerant might lead to the AC not cooling. Low refrigerant levels are nearly always the result of a leak in the pipes that transport the coolant.

Solution: Leave it to the professionals to repair a refrigerant leak. Contact Minuteman Heating & Air for heating and AC repair.

The Outside Unit Is Too Dirty

The exterior condenser unit is the component of your air conditioner responsible for releasing heat from the coolant into the atmosphere. If the condenser coils and outdoor unit are dirty, you should expect your air conditioner to work harder and take longer to cool your home.

Solution: Try clearing debris from the outside unit. Contact Minuteman Heating & Air for heating and AC repair, including cleaning the condenser coils.

Leaky Air Ducts

AC units have a harder time maintaining a comfortable temperature in homes with leaky ducts. There are two different kinds of ductwork leaks that might occur in your house. If there are air leaks in the return ductwork, your air conditioner won’t be able to suck in enough air from the house to cool it. On the other hand, it will take more time for your home to reach a comfortable temperature if conditioned air is escaping through cracks or gaps in the supply ductwork.

Solution: Contact Minuteman Heating & Air, for heating and AC repair

Compressor Is Damaged

A compressor controls the amount of refrigerant that moves between the air conditioner’s evaporator and condenser, making it an essential part of the system. Because of this, a broken compressor means the HVAC system cannot adequately cool the air.

Solution: If the compressor is damaged, it needs to be replaced. Contact Minuteman Heating & Air for heating and AC repair.

The AC Is Too Small

If your home is too large for your air conditioner, it will run continuously without cooling your house.

Lack of Insulation

If your home’s building insulation has a lot of leaks, it won’t matter how well your air conditioner works to maintain a comfortable temperature or remove excess moisture from the air. If air is escaping via gaps in doors and windows, even the best-sized air conditioner with flawless ductwork and the most efficient thermostat settings will be ineffective.

Solution: Contact Minuteman Heating & Air for repair, including checking your home’s insulation.

Heat Gain From the Windows

Heat gain occurs when sunlight enters a room through a window and makes the space feel warmer than it is. Older windows are more prone to this problem. The heat is welcome in the winter, but it may make a room unbearably hot in the summer, even with the air conditioner on.

An easy solution is to use thick blackout curtains or draw the blinds during the warmest portion of the day. Upgrade to energy-efficiency options, such as double or triple-pane windows, to make your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer if you must have the curtains open.

The AC Needs Maintenance

Minuteman Heating & Air technicians will check for various problems in your HVAC system. Regular heating and AC repair and maintenance is one of the greatest methods to ensure your HVAC system continues functioning at peak efficiency. If the AC is not cooling the house, it could indicate that your evaporator coil is unclean, your compressor is failing, or you’re low on refrigerant. It’s important to know that not all issues with your air conditioner will be accompanied by strange noises or odors. Some only hinder the efficiency of the air conditioner, resulting in less cool air being produced.

Professionals will inspect your HVAC system, locate any trouble spots, and replace worn-out parts before they become worse. A professional HVAC expert will also let you know what to look for, what sounds to listen for, and how often you require heating and AC repair and maintenance.

Need Heating and AC Repair?

At Minuteman Heating & Air, your comfort is our priority. We understand the importance of the HVAC system, especially during the scorching summer heat. Call us at 817-284-2569 for heating and AC repair in Arlington, TX.

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