5 Air Conditioning Myths That Are Costing You More Money | Air Conditioner Installation in Arlington, TX

5 Air Conditioning Myths That Are Costing You More Money | Air Conditioner Installation in Arlington, TX

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With changing climatic conditions, air conditioners are no longer a luxury. It is necessity which exists in the Arlington, TX market since decades. Yet people still have their own myths when it comes to the use of air conditioners. These myths are so firm that people often consider them to be the truth. At times, these myths can be dangerous and people end up damaging their equipment. These myths can also affect your decision to avail air conditioner installation in Arlington, TX. Therefore it is important to know and understand these myths before taking an air conditioner installation decision in Arlington, TX.

Some of the myths regarding the use of air conditioners include the following:

Bigger is Better

The first and most important myth that people believe is that bigger is always better. It is a general misconception that the bigger the air conditioning unit, the better it will perform. It is also assumed that it will reduce the temperature down very quickly and hence will save money.

In contrast to this assumption, the reality is different. The problem with a larger and more powerful AC is that it will require more energy. Therefore it will reduce the temperature very quickly but once the temperature is achieved the compressor will turn off. The compressor will start again when the temperature begins to rise again. This action will keep on going and hence the temperature will vary. Moreover repeated starting and shut down of compressor can damage the equipment.

Secondly every time the compressor turns on, it takes extra power meaning extra torque load of electricity and hence increases the electricity cost. So in reality bigger is not always better. When opting for air conditioner installation in Arlington, TX, you should purchase a unit which is compatible with your house. Many air conditioner installation experts in Arlington, TX can help you find the right AC for your house.

Thermostat Settings

A widespread belief about air conditioners is that if you set the thermostat to a low temperature, the room will cool down faster. Again this is a myth which can damage your air conditioner in the long run. The air conditioner functions in a way that the air in the room cools down at a constant rate. The compressor of the air conditioner continues to provide cooler air till the required temperature is achieved. So setting lower temperature will not cool down the room faster. Hence the temperature settings has nothing to do with the rate of cooling.

Setting lower temperature may even damage the compressor of your air conditioner. This is because setting a lower temperature in hotter climates will require the compressor to work harder. As a result, it may burn out. It is best to discuss the ideal temperature in your climatic zone when you are choosing air conditioner installation experts in Arlington, TX. They can always guide you about the right thermostat settings according to the region. This will help you save your equipment and lower associated costs.

Pre Cooling Saves Money

Another common myth is that running the air conditioner when you are out of the house will save you money and you will get a pre cooled room. Well the second part is absolutely right. You will get a pre cooled room, but at what cost? The compressor will keep on running to first cool down the room which will happen in both the cases, but to maintain the temperature the compressor will continue to work. This will reflect in higher utility bills.

No Need for Maintenance

When you opt for air conditioner installation in Arlington, TX, people often believe that they do not require to contact a repair professional until the equipment breaks down. Repair professionals are considered as an additional cost which no one wants to bear. This is an absolutely incorrect myth. No maintenance might save you some cost in the short run, but it can drastically reduce the life of your AC and increase your utilities.

In reality, an air conditioning unit requires regular maintenance. The scheduled maintenance not only increases the life of your air conditioner but it also reduces the electricity bills. Another benefit of scheduled maintenance is that any trouble with your AC can be identified before the air conditioner stops working. This saves you from hassle of living without an air conditioner when it breaks down.

Professionals in Arlington, TX often provide a schedule for maintenance at the time of air conditioner installation. Even if the company does not provide a schedule, the customer should always ask for it.

Air Conditioners May Cause Colds

It is a widely believed myth that use of air conditioners may cause colds. If this were the case, people around the world would have never opted for air conditioner installation. People often need to question their beliefs about how a cool room can cause a cold. Only viruses can do this job. People need to realize that an air conditioner simply reduces the temperature. It also improves the quality of air by reducing the moisture content. Therefore an air conditioner is not the cause of any types of infections but a way to improve your quality of life.

If you are looking for air conditioner installation in Arlington, TX, forget about these myths and understand the reality. At Minuteman Heating and Air, we offer professional services at an affordable price. The highly skilled and qualified workforce at our company is bound to give you an exceptional service. We also offer emergency service to solve all your air conditioner installation problems in Arlington, TX. To know more about the work we do, call now at 817-284-2569.