A Detailed Guide To In Home Air Exchangers in Colleyville

A Detailed Guide To In Home Air Exchangers in Colleyville

Anyone who lives in Texas will know how stuffy your house can become during the summers. Because of this, the air inside the house will become stale and can be difficult for one to get enough fresh outside air. This can particularly be a problem for those who have asthma or some form of allergies and thus can have a very negative impact upon their health.

This is where In Home Air Exchangers are important. By installing these tools, you can better exposure to fresh air and feel refreshed for longer. The following is a detailed guide on all that you need to know about In Home Air Exchangers.

What are In Home Air Exchangers?

These are mechanical ventilation systems that are helpful in exchanging stale indoor air with that of fresh outside air and serve a very crucial role in keeping inhabitants of a home exposed to fresh air for longer periods. Such ventilation systems are mostly used in homes that are more than 40 years old and those that do not have efficient ventilation systems. In such homes, extreme winter and summer periods causes a lack of outside air to enter the home leading to the buildup of moisture and in turn leading to several health issues.

In Home Air Exchangers are thus highly beneficial for ensuring that there is sufficient flow of outside air in the home to prevent various health and home maintenance issues.

How Does It Work?

These ventilation systems are usually installed as part of a HVAC system in a house and function by pulling fresh outside air into a home’s ductwork. It has separate channels through which the air passes and preheats the incoming air through the exhaust air.

There are also ducts that allow fresh air (distribution grilles) and those that remove stale air (exhaust grilles), both of which are attached to an air exchanger. When In Home Air Exchangers are installed, its distribution grilles are usually put in different parts of the home, including living room, bedrooms, and the kitchen since these are the areas in which fresh air is needed the most.

As far as the exhaust grilles are concerned, they are installed at the highest possible location of the house so that it is not inhaled by any person due to being unhealthy. In short, the In Home Air Exchangers are designed and installed in a highly efficient manner so as to ensure the stale indoor air is repelled and fresh air from outside is allowed inside the house at strategic areas of the house.

Why Are They Important?

In Home Air Exchangers serve a crucial role in not just keeping home residents healthy by minimizing the risks of allergy, asthma, and other breathing problems, but also ensure that the house is well maintained. When indoor air becomes stale and there is not sufficient outside air entering the house, it can cause moisture inside to affect bathroom and kitchen pipes, walls, and paint of the house. This is mainly a problem with older homes that are very airtight and do not have good enough ventilation systems for outside air to enter inside.

If a house is very airtight, the build-up of moisture can lead to the development of mold, mild, and mildew that can compromise your house’s look and increase the likelihood of expensive repairs and maintenance. Mold and mildew, for instance, can lead to leaky or burst pipes that can lead to a lot of water leakage in the home. This may require you to install a new one and experience a lot of discomfort in cleaning the house.

Furthermore, bacteria,and viruses can also form that can lead to various health diseases and illnesses. For a home to stay free from such risks, it is crucial that there are proper ventilation systems that can expel moisture.

What Benefits Do They Offer?

In-Home Air Exchangers can offer a number of advantages. Some of these are:

  • Minimize excess humidity to prevent the formation of mildew, mold, and other kinds of deterioration inside your house.

The removal of moisture will save you a substantial amount of money in the form of maintenance and repair fees for your bathrooms, kitchen, and other housework.

  • Limit or expel harmful gases, bacteria, and other kinds of pollutant fumes

When harmful gases and bacteria are removed, it can reduce or eliminate the risks of breathing problems such as asthma or allergies, as well as several other kinds of illnesses.

  • Expels dander and dust particles, thus ensuring a healthy home environment

The removal of dust and dander particles will put less of a burden on cleaning. This is especially true in the case of the living room or bedrooms.

  • Reduce cooling and heating costs for homes that are highly insulated

In Home Air Exchangers will minimize the need for cooling or heating as you will get a lot more fresh air from outside. This is especially the case for insulated homes, in which residents have to keep on using the air conditioner or heater in summer or winter months respectively.

  • Get rid of stuffiness during hot summer months and make the house more comfortable to live in

It is fairly common in the hot summer months in Arlington, Fort Worth, and surrounding areas to feel stuffy in one’s home. Installing In Home Air Exchangers can make your house a lot more refreshing and comfortable to live in.

What is more is that In Home Air Exchangers can be used alongside other central air conditioning or forced-air heating systems. This gives you plenty of opportunities to make your house

How to Ensure Good Maintenance?

Before you install In Home Air Exchangers, you also need to know about ways to ensure it is maintained properly. There is not much except that you will need to clean it regularly during the operating season by making sure each part of the air exchanger is wiped with a cloth to remove excess dust and dirt. You should also clean it with water according to proper instructions that you will be provided with.