A Guide To Your HVAC Unit And Air Conditioning Repair | Mansfield, TX

A Guide To Your HVAC Unit And Air Conditioning Repair | Mansfield, TX

For the good people of Mansfield, TX a powerful air conditioner is a necessity during the hottest times of the year. If you know the basics of how an AC unit works, understand which red flags indicate that you need an air conditioning repair, and if you have a reliable HVAC company at your disposal then chances are you and your family will stay nice and cool this summer.

Minuteman Heating & Air recommends completing an air conditioner repair or service during the winter or spring before the next summer. A routine service will detect any problems before they turn into a costly air conditioning repair. A regular maintenance schedule with Minuteman Heating & Air has many benefits, among them being lower energy costs and more effective air conditioners.

A Basic Working Knowledge of How Your Air Conditioner Works

We have created a generalized summary of how most air conditioners function. This knowledge is key to protecting your unit and recognizing when there is a problem which will save you money when it comes to an air conditioning repair and energy costs.

  • Air conditioners have two primary parts, the first half is found inside a home or business housing the evaporator coils, compressor, and fan.
  • The second section outside the space has the condenser, cooling fins, and a secondary fan.
  • The coils, compressor, condenser, and cooling are all connected by a ring of copper tubes.
  • Inside the tube is the refrigerant which moves the warm air inside your home to the outdoors.
  • The coolant is pushed throughout the copper tubes by the compressor.
  • Located inside the evaporator coils, the coolant cools the warm air, after it is extracted from your home and distributed past the evaporator coils with the help of the fan.
  • The coolant is moved to the condenser and cooling fins in the exterior section of the unit.
  • The heat is pushed into the outside air by the secondary fan.
  • After the heat is gone the refrigerant continues to flow back inside over the evaporator coils.
  • The cycle repeats.

Do You Need an Air Conditioning Repair

The team at Minuteman Heating & Air has identified the most common warning signs when it comes to needing a professional air conditioner repair. We see all sorts of problems and this list is by no means comprehensive. However, these are the most common red flags we encounter during a job.

The more you work your unit, the cooler your home or business, and the age of your air conditioner will all play a role in air conditioner repair and maintenance. As time passes and the air conditioner ages, it reduces the efficiency of every part.

An older AC or a damaged unit will experience each part having to work harder to keep the temperature down in any space. The AC will use more energy. As a result, your energy costs rise. The older the components are the more likely they are to need an Air Conditioning repair. A professionally maintained air conditioner will function well for 10 to 15 years.

  • You’re Uncomfortable? The refrigerant is an important part of your AC. If there is not enough coolant to pass over the evaporator coils and if they do not remove the heat from the hot air and redistribute it outdoors then most likely it will be blown back into your business or home.
  • Increased Humidity. Warm air holds more moisture than cool air. If hot air is circulated throughout your space then naturally it will be more humid.
  • Ice & Frost on the Evaporator Coils. Low coolant levels in an air conditioner drop result in a reduction in the quantity of warm air passing over the evaporator coils. The coils will freeze over without it. If you spot frost and ice forming on the evaporator coils in your Mansfield, TX home or business then it is time to call Minuteman Heating & Air for an air conditioning repair.
  • Dirty Air Filters. Dirt and Grime create an obstructing layer between the hot air and the evaporator coils. Changing your air filters will depend on how many people reside or work in your environment, your lifestyle, and whether or not you have pets.
  • Faulty Fans. Faulty fans are often accompanied by an unpleasant noise. In addition, a broken or damaged fan will stop blowing the hot air past the evaporator coils.
  • Regular Maintenance Tasks. These jobs are completed by specialists who tackle every Air Conditioning Repair. The refrigerant will be topped up to the precise level necessary for your unit. We change or clean the air filters, and carefully inspect the fan for signs of trouble.

Please do not ignore frost and ice formation on the evaporator coils. If you do, the evaporator coils will freeze over causing the air conditioner to break down and require an air conditioning repair. At a minimum, the evaporator coils will need 24-hours to defrost. Meanwhile, the unit will be out of action completely. The repeated formation of frost and ice on the evaporator coils and the defrosting process is damaging if repeated too frequently. You will need experts to rectify the situation.

The Consequences of a Blocked Air Conditioner Drain Pan and Line

After the hot air is cooled from passing over the evaporator coils the collected moisture compresses into water, then drips into a drain pan. The water travels outside via the air conditioner’s drain line. Sometimes water gets stuck in the air conditioner drain line or the drain pan making it an ideal environment for the growth of mildew, mold, and algae. Safe to say, these elements will create an obstruction and potentially freeze the evaporator coils or damage the fan.

Faithfully cleaning the unit’s drain line and drain pain is part of the routine service Minuteman Heating & Air provides to all our clients. The water collected in the drain pan/line will overflow into the interior side of the air conditioner and pour onto your floor. If the water reaches any electrical outlets or appliances it may result in short-circuited electricity.

Do not put off repairing this issue, entrust your air conditioning repair to the friendly experts at Minuteman Heating & Air serving all of Mansfield, TX! Give us a call today for a free estimate!

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