Air Conditioning In Arlington: All You Need To Know About Home Air Purifiers

Air Conditioning In Arlington: All You Need To Know About Home Air Purifiers

Home air purifiers and why you need them? Have you ever considered that the air that you are breathing might not be clean and actually quite harmful for your health? Most people tend to overlook this factor because odorless air does not seem like much of a threat to anyone, but we don’t realize how careful we should be when it comes to air.

We are constantly inhaling and exhaling air and without proper knowledge of what harmful effects impure air can have on us, it can cause serious problems ahead. We spend most of our time indoors, where dirty air gets trapped and can be a cause of allergies, asthma and respiratory problems.

How Do Home Air Purifiers Help?

Home air purifiers come in different categories specifically designed to help you breathe properly and remove contaminants which may cause discomfort. If someone in the family or you have asthma, there are home air purifiers specifically designed to keep the air free from odors and chemicals that may trigger it. Asthma is a serious problem and can be fatal if a person is not prepared. Having an inhaler on you when you’re home is necessary but home air purifiers can prevent you from having to use it.

There are other purifiers designed to fight allergens that can cause severe irritation of the nose and throat. If you suffer from allergies and are terrified of the pollination season and the wrath it brings upon your nose, having a home air purifiers can really help you out. They have specific filters which are designed to take air in, remove the harmful particles that can cause allergies and give out fresh air.

If you are a smoker then the first thing you should consider is not smoking. If you can’t do that then you should consider a smoky air purifier. They also work great near fire places and basically near any kind of soot and smoke producing areas.

Air purifiers are like tress inside your house that take in the bad and let out the good breathable oxygen. If you have children who suffer from conditions such as asthma and allergies, consider getting one today.

Size Of The Home Air Purifiers

One of the significant factors in purchasing home air purifiers is what size do you want? Home air purifiers work per square feet. Measure the room you want to place the air purifier in by multiplying the length and the width to see which would suit you best.

Most home air purifiers come with instructions on them which tend to let you know which of them is suitable for how many square feet.

There is another factor that one should consider when buying home air purifiers and that is to see the air change per hour rate (ACH). For people who are looking for home air purifiers because of allergies and asthma should get one which has and ACH rate of 4. ACH rates can be easily found on the air purifier packaging and manuals.

A 2 ACH rate purifier is good for someone trying to remove odors from their room. The purifier should be run at low speed so that when the air is taken in, it has enough time to react with the activated carbon and be purified.

What Is The Right Placement For Your Air Purifier?

Normally the best choice to put an air purifier in would be the bedroom because that is the place where you spend most of your time. Air purifiers are designed to only clean one room at a time so if you want to get the whole house cleaned, you may need to invest in more models however there is an alternative that is becoming very popular these days.

Newer air purifying systems can be attached with your HVAC unit and clean while they provide air to the whole house. The air ducts in your rooms will serve as the purifiers and do both the jobs. This is a more convenient and efficient way to clean the air in the house. You do not have to purchase separate purifiers for different rooms and the maintenance cost will save you a lot of money in the long run. If you have multiple people with allergies and asthma problem, consider getting the HVAC purifiers to keep all your rooms clean of contaminated air.

Different Features Of Air Purifiers

Air purifiers come with added features which can further ease your experience with them. These features include, wheels for mobility, so that you can transfer your air purifier anywhere in the house easily. Remote controls so that you can change the setting from your present location, this can come in handy when sleeping at night and wanting to change the settings. They come with both HVAC and other commercial home air purifiers. Other features include multiple fan speeds, timers and filter replacement indicators.

With these added features you do get greater control and convenience but consider what you need and your budget very carefully as these are added costs.

Maintenance And Upkeep

Most air purifiers come with instructions which inform you about when to change the filters and other maintenance items. Typically air purifiers using HEPA filters tend to last about a year while activated carbon filters might have to be replaced every six months.

There are other air purifiers that only require one filter change as they use one filter for all purposes and some models use Ultra violet rays to kill off bacteria and allergens, such purifiers do not need any sort of filter change.

Consider these costs when buying a purifier as the ones that do not require regular filter change might be less expensive than the ones that do not require any replacement at all.

So here are the things you need to know air purifiers. If you are considering getting one, keep in mind the long term benefits you might have with an HVAC purifier and non replacement air purifier.