Air Conditioning in Arlington—What You Need to know about Air Conditioner Installation

Air Conditioning in Arlington—What You Need to know about Air Conditioner Installation

In the hot Texas summer, Air Conditioning is the solace of the residents, and many throng around the shops to buy an AC when the heat waves strike. There are many things about air conditioner installation that you should keep in mind. Here, we are listing them out for your ease.

How do You Know when It’s Time for an Air Conditioner Installation?

Many people miss the signs of an air conditioner being inefficient, and therefore delay the decision of getting a new air conditioner. Here are the red flags that can tell you it is time to get a new unit.

1. Irregular Cooling

When you observe that parts of your home are cool while others are not, it is because your AC has worn out or become inefficient. You can either get it checked for repairs, or if the unit is beyond repair, invest in a new and efficient air conditioner that will give you good value for money.

2. Improper Dehumidifying

During the cooling cycle, an efficient AC removes the moisture from the air. However, when you start to notice a sticky clamminess and excessive moisture in the air, it is due to a problem in your air conditioning unit. There can be various reasons for this, including low refrigerant, dirty coil, or an oversized HVAC system. In the case of a worn or oversized system, experts recommend that you replace your old air conditioner with a new one.

3. Elevated Energy Bills

A worn and inefficient air conditioning uses a bulk of energy, which you will notice when you get the energy bill. An increased energy bill is a sign that your AC is not working properly.

Why do You Need an Air Conditioner Installation Professional?

Air conditioner installation is no child’s play. You can try and install a new air conditioner yourself if you are an expert. However, if you are buying an air conditioning unit for the first time, or even the second or third time, help from a trained, skilled and licensed professional will ensure that the installation goes smoothly and efficiently, and that there are no damages to the unit.

Professionals have years of experience and can better recommend you the best place to install an air conditioning unit that provides maximum efficiency. In addition to this, professionals are familiar with the safety rules like the back of their hands, and will use proper measures to get your new air conditioning unit up and running.

Benefits of Air Conditioner Installation

There are many benefits of getting a new AC unit than trying to keep the old one working. Here are some of the advantages of installing a new air conditioner:

  • Save money on the energy bill: No one likes a huge energy bill. You can save on the energy that your old AC unit is draining by getting a new one, and hence cut down on the monthly cost of paying extra for the inefficient unit.
  • Save money on cost of repairs: Many people who prefer to keep their old AC unit around have a mindset that a few repairs would keep the air conditioning up and running. What they fail to see is that the recurring repairs can add up to a huge sum of money that they could have saved by getting a new air conditioner installation.
  • Increased efficiency: A new AC unit will provide you with better and uniform cooling, and removes the clamminess that you experienced in the house with your old unit. The smooth running of the AC unit will make you thank yourself for taking the decision to install a new air conditioner in your home.
  • Environment friendly: Did you know that the older an AC gets, the more damaging it is to the environment? An inefficient and worn out AC uses refrigerants that damage the ozone layer. A new air conditioning will reduce your contribution to the greenhouse gases.

This is only scratching the surface. You get many more advantages which you will notice once you get your air conditioner installation done at your home.

Things to Keep in Mind before Your Air Conditioner Installation

Here are some things that you should keep in mind before installing a new air conditioning unit.

1. Size Matters

Air conditioners are measured by the ton, and getting the right tonnage for your house or office is important to make your cooling system efficient. An undersized air conditioner will not provide the cooling that you need, while an oversized air conditioning will provide cooling without proper dehumidifying. In order to prevent a costly mistake, you should get a heat-load calculation of your house or office.

2. Placement of Air Conditioning

There should be sufficient distance between the indoor and outdoor unit that does not hamper the performance of the unit. For the 2KW to 3.5KW air conditioning systems, the general installation distance lies between 3 and 15 meters. It is always best to consult a professional for advice if you are unsure.

3. Consider Installing a Ductless Air Conditioner

Sometimes, a central air conditioner is not a plausible solution for a home. Homes that are not designed for central air conditioning can increase their cooling efficiency with a ductless air conditioner installation. Ductless air conditioners or mini split systems take up less power to operate, and provide you the flexibility of choosing which rooms to keep cool. For instance, cooling the rooms that are not used regularly is a waste of your resources. This is where a mini split system will help you out, and provide the cooling your house needs.

With an air conditioner installation, you can improve your air conditioning experience by a huge margin. You will be at peace of mind by getting a new unit, as you don’t have to worry about repairs or being embarrassed in front of guests when your AC shuts down.