Air Conditioning Service in Fort Worth Area: Tips for Keeping Your AC Unit in Top Condition

Air Conditioning Service in Fort Worth Area: Tips for Keeping Your AC Unit in Top Condition

Air conditioners are essential for helping us stay comfortable during the summer. However, few homeowners know how to keep their air conditioning running properly, which causes them to face the trouble of experiencing lower cooling efficiency and high utility bills at the end of the month. More importantly, they run the risk of paying substantially higher in the form of maintenance fees or may even have to get it replaced after getting it inspected from an air conditioning service in Fort Worth Area.

For these reasons, it is necessary for homeowners to be aware of the right techniques and tips in taking effective care of their air conditioning units. Although utilizing an effective air conditioning service in Fort Worth Area is a must, it is worth noting that there are many tasks that an average homeowner can and must do in order to make the most of their AC.

In this post, we are going to detail these points of information so that you can keep your air conditioning operating smoothly over the long term and save a significant amount in energy bills.

Check Your AC’s Air Filter

For your AC to work smoothly, it filter must allow proper air inflow and outflow. Because of this, the air filter of an air conditioning unit is one of the first things you should routinely check. The air filter can easily become clogged with dust or dirt, which can impact cooling efficiency. Thus, if you notice that you are leaving your AC on for a lot longer to cool than before, it is possible that the air filter has become filled with dust.

Make a monthly routine check to see if the air filter requires cleaning. You should be able to find the air filter located in the blower compartment of your AC’s air handler, near the furnace, or on the backside of the air grille. If the air filter becomes damaged or unusable, you are recommended to seek an air conditioning service in Fort Worth Area from a reputable company.

Inspect the Thermostat

You should also check if the thermostat of the air conditioning unit is working as required. The thermostat has the function of keeping your home at the optimal temperature. It is important that you have the latest thermostat; if you do not, it is recommended that you get it upgraded to an automatic one. This will allow you to program the temperature to be set higher when no one is inside the house and start cooling 30 minutes before you arrive at a certain time.

A programmable thermostat has the major advantage of leaving your air conditioning on unnecessarily, resulting in lower energy bills. A company offering air conditioning service in Fort Worth Area should be able to offer you a quality thermostat.

Clean the Condenser Coils

The AC condenser unit is often the most visible part of an AC. It is the fan that is boxed inside grilles and is safeguarded from debris by a tarp or cover. However, since it is located outside, it is likely for leaves, dust, and dirt to accumulate which is why it is crucial that you routinely clean it. If you do not clean it for too long, the pile of debris can enter the condenser unit and affect the efficiency of the air conditioner. A professional company that offers an air conditioning service in Fort Worth Area can offer thoroughly cleaning of the condenser coils so that your AC operates as required.

Alternatively, you can choose to clean it yourself; all you need to do is remove the panels or grilles from the unit using a nut or screwdriver after turning off your air conditioner. Remove the side panels from the unit and open the top. Avoid detaching any wires connected to it. Use a coil brush to gently remove to scrub away dirt and debris from the coils. For harder stains, you will need to use a coil cleaner spray and be careful in not spraying the electrical components. Should you feel it is difficult, it is recommended that you leave it to an air conditioning service in Fort Worth Area professional.

Check Coolant Lines

Another important aspect of effective air conditioning maintenance is to check the air coolant pipes or tubes that are usually located outside and covered in foam insulation so that energy is not lost. A monthly inspection should be more than sufficient in making sure that insulation is intact and it not missing or become incomplete due to wear and tear.

If the insulation has worn out, you can choose to either wrap the lines using insulation tape or place insulation sleeves. A professional company offering air conditioning service in Fort Worth Area can also be sought if you are unsure.

Seek a Professional Air Conditioning Service in Fort Worth Area

The most important task in keeping your air conditioning working smoothly is utilizing proper expertise. An air conditioning service in Fort Worth Area of a reputable company involves seeking the best air condition care and maintenance from trained and experienced professionals. Doing so can be very important for ensuring all AC components are efficient. Technicians can run a comprehensive check on the air conditioning unit and recommend best advice in repairs. The benefits of this are that you prevent heavy damage that most likely will lead to higher maintenance expenses and ensure the lifespan of the AC is maximized and put to good use.

In short, homeowners need to routinely check their air conditioners and take measures for optimum performance. Although an air conditioning service in Fort Worth Area is highly recommended, doing monthly checks are highly important for keeping maintenance and utility bills to a minimum.