Avoid These Common Ductless AC Problems With Air Conditioning Repair | Mansfield, TX

Avoid These Common Ductless AC Problems With Air Conditioning Repair | Mansfield, TX

Over the years, air conditioners have evolved with several kinds of ACs on the market today. An example is the ductless air conditioner that impressively distributes warm and cold air evenly and efficiently, leading to more comfortable temperatures throughout your home at an affordable cost.

However, just like the other air conditioning systems, your ductless AC is also susceptible to experience issues along the way. This blog educates homeowners in Mansfield, TX, about the common problems their ductless AC could develop and the possible solutions.

It’s also wise to seek professional advice from a licensed technician from a trusted air conditioning repair company when encountering such issues instead of taking the DIY approach.

Faulty Blower Fan

The indoor unit of your AC contains a fan responsible for blowing out cool air into your home. A faulty fan may stop spinning. The primary cause of wrong fans is an overheated motor or electrical problem. A faulty pan could be due to the possibility of freezing coils.

What does this mean? The cool air in the AC unit can expel itself and bring down the temperature so low that the evaporator coil will start icing over. This can prevent the refrigerant from flowing through the AC properly, leading to more severe issues if not attended to.

Improper Drainage

According to the department of energy, improper condensate drainage is one of the most common problems in ductless AC systems. The condensate is the condensed moisture resulting from removing heat from your home. The AC system has a PVC pipe to drain all the liquid from the indoor unit.

Homeowners in Mansfield should hire air conditioning repair technicians to ensure proper condensate drainage in their ACs since improper drainage could cause water to pool near their homes, resulting in fountaining damage.

Burned Out Air Handler Motor

Ductless air conditioners have lubricated bearings that decrease fan motor friction during operations. Sometimes your AC’s lubricated bearing can wear down, increasing the friction on the engine until it burns itself out.

In such a case, you should consider hiring an air conditioning repair professional to check it out since a ductless AC system cannot circulate air to cool the room without the air handler motor.

A key sign that homeowners should look out for, which indicates that the air handler motor is about to get burnt, is a grinding sound from the unit, which shows that the bearings are burning out.

Short Cycling

The leading cause of short cycling is a dirty air filter. The ductless air conditioners have reusable filters. To avoid short cycling, homeowners in Mansfield, TX, are recommended to wash their filters after every two to four weeks.

Also, short cycling can result from an air conditioning system having too much capacity. To select the suitable accommodation for your home, the air conditioning repair electricians perform a cooling load circulation when installing a cooling system.


Generally, two types of leaks are common in the ductless air conditioning system; refrigerant and condensate., which are discussed below.

The Refrigerant Leaks

Since ductless AC systems have multiple indoor units, they are more vulnerable to refrigerant leaks. Some causes of a refrigerant leak include improper charging, excessive vibration or loose fitting of the compressor, and corrosion or crack of the horse or valve.

A leaking refrigerant will eventually deprive your AC system of the needed fluids. A hissing sound from the indoor unit is one significant sign of a refrigerant leak to look out for in your AC. It’s wise to hire an air conditioning repair technician to identify the source of the leak and make repairs to your ductless AC system.

The Condensate Leak

The ductless air conditioning systems have more air handles cycling the refrigerant, hence, having more condensate lines that need to be taken care of. It is likely to have a poorly configured condensate that could lead to leaking water on your wall.

If a condensate happens to the point of leaking where the system meets the wall of the room, it can weaken that part of the wall. Over time the wall can be drained to a point where your ductless unit falls off the wall since it’s moist and can’t hold it up anymore.

Condensate Drain Clogs

One of the leading causes of leaks in your ductless AC system is the clogged condensate drain line. The main task of the drain line in the AC is to empty the water accumulated in the AC’s drain pan into the outdoor unit. However, if the drain line is blocked, the drain pan won’t be emptied and will back up and overflow, causing a leak. It can, in turn, reduce the efficiency of your AC system and leave you in need of air conditioning repair.

Some significant causes of condensate drain clogs in your AC are build-up dust, dirt, and debris inside the line. It can also clog when more pressure is exerted, making it bend.

Homeowners can safeguard their drain lines from clogging by periodically hiring air conditioning repair professionals to check and clean them.

Improper Installation

Many issues with ductless air conditioning arise from improper installation. For example, these AC units function with refrigerant lines to pump out hot air from your home.

If the air conditioning repair technicians install your AC with low charge or less refrigerant, they will have to exert more effort to cool off your home. This can eventually lead to the breakdown of your AC in the future.

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