Custom Duct Work in Arlington — Custom Duct Work Services You Can Take Advantage Of

Custom Duct Work in Arlington — Custom Duct Work Services You Can Take Advantage Of

In HVAC systems, ducts are used extensively to deliver and circulate air. You can easily find ducts of various shapes, sizes and materials in the market, but the problem is that these dusts are not designed to accommodate the needs of every home. So, if you buy these “one-for-all” ducts for your home, you will see that either they would be too small to cover all the area that needs to be covered, or so large that they would not be easily hidden and would become an eyesore for your otherwise beautiful house.

Can you prevent this? Yes you can! By getting custom ductwork services, you can ensure that the ductwork in your home is exactly how you want it to be, without causing any problems to the efficiency of the system or the aesthetic of your home.

Benefits of Custom Duct Work

  • Money saver: A ductwork that is not designed for your house, and is either too big or too small for the space would save many dollars from your wallet. If the fit is not right, you would have to pay extra to either add what you need, or to work hard to hide the rough edges (in the case of oversized ducts).
  • Lower energy bills: Custom ductwork services ensure that the ducts are of the perfect fit for your house and this, in turn, minimizes any chance of leakage. Leaking ducts are very common among ill-fitted ducts, and the loss of airflow results in inefficiency of the HVAC system, leading to an increase in your energy bills.
  • Fitted to suit your needs: A “one-for-all” approach does not work when it comes to ducts. When you get the perfect fit with an efficient custom ductwork service, you will get both efficiency and peace of mind, since what you have bought will be your money’s worth.
  • Increase efficiency: When the ducts are not the right fit, the circulation of air is not uniform, which decreases the efficiency of the system. Using custom ductwork services helps you get the bang for your buck.
  • Improve performance: Performance of the HVAC system greatly improves when the ducts are designed to meet the exact specifications of the environment in your house.
  • Peace of mind: Custom ductwork services ensure that you don’t need to constantly worry about the repairs or alterations that need to be made for your ducts that do not fit in the house, and you can enjoy peace of mind.

Custom Duct Work Services—Design and Fabrication

The design of a ductwork is extremely important, as many factors need to be taken into account to provide optimal airflow to your home or workplace. For instance, in commercial services, the material of fiberglass is preferred because it reduces the noise of the air conditioning system. All connections are properly sealed so that no leakage would occur, and all ducts are assembled in a way that provides the best airflow, to give to maximum efficiency. Custom ductwork services keep all these considerations in mind before designing a ductwork system that fits the needs of your home or office, and ensures that no leaks occur due to faulty connections that would result in higher utility bills.

What Types of Ducts are Available in Custom Duct Work Services?

There are various types of ducts available depending on their material. Some of the most common types are described below.

Flexible Ducts

Flexible ducts are used in spaces where rigid ducts cannot be installed due to tricky space. These ducts are made up of a wire coil encapsulated in insulation and flexible plastic. Care needs to be taken when installing flexible ducts, and they should be secured properly. Also, the bends and turns of the ducts need to be minimized during installation, as an increased number of bends adversely affects the performance of the system.

Rigid Ducts

Rigid ducts can be either cylindrical in shape or rectangular, and come in various sizes and materials. Some of the most common and efficient rigid ducts are:

  • Fiberboard ducts: Fiberglass strands are compressed and bonded with a resin and covered with a sheet of foil laminate to make up a fiberboard duct. The foil laminate is used to protect the system from humidity. Because of its insulation, these ducts are used primarily for cooling and heating systems. Fiberboard ducts should not be used for ventilation purposes, because their rough surface decreases the efficiency, and they tend to prompt the growth of algae and fungi.
  • Sheet metal ducts: These are the most common types of rigid ducts. Made up of galvanized steel and aluminum, these ducts are least likely to prompt the growth of dangerous molds due to their non-porous surfaces.
  • Fiberglass ducts: These are a type of sheet metal ducts lined with fiberglass. Since this type of duct dampens the sound of an air conditioning system, it is used extensively in the corporate sector, in offices and commercial buildings. The drawback with this duct is that it is hazardous when it releases fiberglass particles in the air.

Custom Duct Work Services—Installation and Replacement

Whether you are installing ductwork for the first time, or are in need for a replacement of your old one, you need a service that is trained, experienced, and licensed for this line of work. Professionals would understand what needs to be taken care of and will get to fix it immediately.

Improper installation results in leakage, which, as we have mentioned above, contributes to the inefficiency of the system and results in elevated energy bills.

If you observe leakage in your ducts, do not attempt to patch it up with duct tape. It is only a temporary fix, and if you leave the damage for a long time, the damage would increase. It is better to call your custom ductwork services to get a professional replacement. Getting a replacement on time would increase the lifetime of your ductwork and would ensure that you enjoy a proper HVAC system for a long time.