Duct Repair |  Air Conditioning Repair in Arlington, TX

Duct Repair | Air Conditioning Repair in Arlington, TX

The ducts are an essential component of any central HVAC system, yet they are seldom inspected or maintained. Neglecting periodic inspection and sealing can result in the loss of 20 to 30 percent of conditioned air that moves through the ducts. The result is higher utility bills, the loss of comfort and unnecessary wear on the unit itself. Duct repair is beneficial to ensure intact and sealed duct work, as by reducing wear and tear on the unit, you prevent increased heating and air conditioning repair in Arlington, TX.

Unfortunately, an additional unwanted effect of leaky duct work is the potential intrusion of dirt, moisture and potentially dangerous radon gas if present,  in the ducts affecting the home’s air quality and your health.

The loss of conditioned air can be due to any of the following conditions:

  • Broken seals along joints is a common issue, and the solution is replacing the broken seal. Air leaks can be sealed using mastic sealant or metal tape. However, duct tape is not for ducts, and will not seal adequately or last for very long.
  • Duct work can separate in the joints and at connections. This results in conditioned air escaping in your basement, crawlspace or attic, depending on the location of the ducts. It is a common problem, and typically results in the loss of up to 30% of the conditioned air. In a complete separation, the loss can be even higher, and results in a lack of air delivery beyond the point of separation. In addition, an inadequately insulated duct system will cost you money and affect your comfort, especially when the ducts are located in the attic or an unconditioned basement. A common location of separation is where the ducts connect to the registers. Our HVAC technicians can provide this service for you. Contact us today to schedule heating and air conditioning repair in Arlington, TX.
  • Damaged duct work can also lead to the loss of conditioned air. Flex duct can be crushed and/or damaged by pets and wildlife. Flex duct is flexible, easing installation in difficult areas. Periodic inspection of all ducts is recommended, and it is especially important when it is flex duct. Damaged duct work will require replacement. Contact Minuteman Heating & AC for reliable solutions. Our NATE certified technicians can provide the duct repair or other heating and air conditioning repair in Arlington, TX that you require.
  • Blocked registers will prevent a room from receiving the conditioned air your HVAC system Never place furniture, boxes or other items over a register, in front of the air return, or in front of the thermostat. Any of these can affect your comfort and the system’s performance and pressure. This can potentially damage the system, requiring heating and air conditioning repair in Arlington, TX.

The Signs of Duct Problems

The following signs may indicate your home’s ducts require resealing and/or repair:

  • Rising energy costs without an explanation, such as extreme weather, or a lack of annual maintenance.
  • Rooms that are not heated or cooled effectively.
  • Dislocated or loose ducts can allow unusual odors to occur in your home. For example, your home has an earthy smell, and your ducts are located in a crawlspace, check for loose ducts.
  • Visible damage to the ducts.

Sealing the ducts and providing any required duct repair will lower energy costs and increase the performance of the unit, while increasing your comfort. In addition, the indoor air quality will be improved with less dust and other contaminates. Leaky ducts don’t simply leak air, they also pull air in affecting the air quality in your home. They can also allow moisture to enter the system and your home as well as dust, potentially resulting in the growth of mold in the duct system.  A sealed system provides a cleaner home, and potentially a healthier you. Give us a call today for duct repair or other  heating and air conditioning repair in Arlington, TX.

How We Can Help

Minuteman Heating & AC can locate your home’s duct leaks and check for damage. Our NATE certified technicians will provide the heating and air conditioning repair in Arlington, TX that you require for the highest possible efficiency and comfort.

Receiving the Most Your HVAC System Offers

The following will ensure your system provides the maximum comfort, performance and efficiency:

  • Ensuring duct inspection and repair is provided when required
  • Sealing and insulating the ducts prevents the loss of conditioned air
  • Change the filter monthly
  • Annual maintenance helps to ensure reliability, reduced incidence of breakdowns and peak performance. Heat pumps require biannual maintenance as they are used year round. In addition, scheduling heating and air conditioning repair in Arlington, TX when the first sign of a problem occurs will save you money. When a component fails, it may cause the failure of other parts.

When you are experiencing problems with your duct system or problems with an inefficient heating and air conditioning system, uncomfortable rooms or elevated energy bills, Minuteman Heating & AC professionals can provide the solution you need with reliable heating and air conditioning repair in Arlington, TX. You can rely on the expertise of our NATE certified technicians to provide quality duct repair, HVAC installation, repair and maintenance.  We serve Arlington, Mansfield and the surrounding areas. We are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.