For AC Repair To Get Done Right, Depend On The Experts And Skip The DIY | Mansfield, TX

For AC Repair To Get Done Right, Depend On The Experts And Skip The DIY | Mansfield, TX

The team of experts at Minuteman Heating & Air knows how important a working air conditioner is to staying comfortable during a hot and humid Texan summer. The hot weather means you are going to be using your AC unit most hours around the clock.

Air conditioners like most appliances encounter more wear and tear the more frequently you use them. That’s why an AC repair needs to be conducted by professionals who are certified, efficient, and committed to outstanding customer service.

Minuteman Heating & Air has always prioritized customer satisfaction and values being an affordable and effective AC repair company in Mansfield, TX. We can rapidly resolve any AC repair, proceed with an exhaustive HVAC tune-up, or help with an air conditioning replacement and installation. You can trust us to keep you cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and your vents clean all year long.

HVAC Routine Maintenance

Sure, you can change the air filters in your home or business but it isn’t the same as proper maintenance. An annual tune-up for your HVAC system is an easy way to reduce your energy costs, preserve your HVAC appliances, and increase the effectiveness of each unit.

The fully licensed and insured HVAC contractors from Minuteman Heating & Air in Mansfield, TX will schedule a time that is convenient for you. We have skilled technicians working 24/7 throughout the entire year.

The licensed technician will inspect the entirety of your HVAC network. Checking connections, testing each part to ensure it is functioning properly, refilling coolants, and removing any layers of dirt buildup from your HVAC appliances. A small investment in regular maintenance can extend the life of your systems to an average of anywhere between 10 and 15 years.

Signs It’s Time to Schedule Your AC Repair

Unfortunately, professional maintenance doesn’t make an air conditioner immune from the occasional hiccup. Prevention is key to sustained comfort, but sometimes there is nothing you can do to avoid an AC repair. The most common problems include short cycling, tepid airflow, high energy bills, and suspicious puddles inside and outside clients’ homes.

Short Cycling- A healthy air conditioner typically has a running cycle of between 15 and 20 minutes. In the first half portion, the compressor will switch on, and in the second half turn off. Short cycling is exactly what it sounds like. When your air conditioner is shutting off prematurely or running too long or if it is on/off for too long then you need a Mansfield, TX AC repair.

Tepid Airflow- Warm air blowing out of your unit can be a real discomfort during the hotter part of the year. It is also a red flag that your air conditioner needs attention. Most likely, the refrigerant is low. Please do not attempt to refill the coolant yourself. The amount required will depend on the model. Only experts truly have the skills to do this correctly. Too much or too little refrigerant can be hazardous not just to your air conditioner but to your children and pets too.

High Energy Bills- The cost of living is reasonable in Mansfield. However, when summer heats up and your air conditioner is running all the time you’ll see an increase in your energy bills. A sharp spike in energy costs means you should pay attention. It’s an indicator that something is amiss with your AC unit. Most HVAC appliances have to work harder when a component is faulty, this overworking requires more energy usage and drives up your bills. In contrast, an AC repair is cheap to recurring, sky-high energy costs.

Meet the Mansfield Minuteman Heating & Air Team

Our success is the result of our teams’ expertise, efficiency, and knowledge-ability. New hires are selected for their education, experience, and trustworthiness. Anyone who joins the Mansfield Minuteman Heating & Air team is asked to submit to a thorough background check, drug, and alcohol screens, and commit to our mission of providing the best HVAC services throughout our part of Greater Dallas-Fort Worth.

We offer competitive salaries, room for advancement, and opportunities for learning new technologies and relative industrial skills. Our company is dedicated to providing our clients with trustworthy technicians who complete each job with utter professionalism. We will never try to upsell services to you or recommend you have a task completed you don’t need. Our goal is to be your go-to HVAC service whenever you need routine maintenance or an AC repair. We know the value of trust.

Client Testimonials

“You never know when the next unexpected heatwave is going to hit. It took me many years to appreciate the benefits of annual HVAC tune-ups. My dad is always reminding me to have my ducts cleaned. He knows about how filthy vents can negatively affect an air conditioner and air quality. I was less than enthusiastic when I first subscribed to routine maintenance from Minuteman Heating & Air because I thought it was another expense I didn’t need. I was wrong. I’ve got severe allergies and thought it was due to the pet dander and living in an extra dusty part of the city. After the first HVAC tune-up, I was shocked to discover how less congested I was the next day. I’ve hired Minuteman Heating & Air every year since and now I see why HVAC health is important to my health. Plus, my air conditioner is working extra well!”

Sarah Howell, Mansfield resident

“I work from home. During the summer I depend on my air conditioner to keep me cool while focusing on earning a living. If it’s too hot, I can’t concentrate. I learned recently that my entire heating, vents, and air conditioner should really be professionally serviced every year. Sadly, I learned the hard way. This spring my air conditioner went from cold to cool to warm to hot and then shut off. I called Minuteman Heating & Air because they’d helped install the new furnace a year ago and did an impeccable job and for a really great price. I know they do fantastic work and I didn’t hesitate to hire them for my AC repair. The Minuteman Heating & Air team aren’t your average HVAC technicians, they really go out of their way to do quality work affordably.”

Ed Heath, Mansfield resident

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