Furnace maintenance In Arlington | Top Tips

Furnace maintenance In Arlington | Top Tips

A household consists of various essentials which cannot be ignored, and for the weather beaten places, the use of a furnace is apparent. Needless to say, furnace maintenance has to be a consideration, and should not be ignored.

The central furnace working as the basis for all the heating systems in a household needs to be taken care of so that the supply never ceases. So for your furnace to keep running, it is essential to keep the major aspects of maintenance check into consideration.

1)    Cleanliness

The first thing and one of the most important ones in maintenance is to keep the furnace clean and replace the filter system as the need arises. The furnace filter system can easily get clogged with dirt and various other particles that could prove to be a hindrance for the smooth running. Thus, it is recommended to check for debris and similar contents before thinking of replacement.

2)    Look for warning signs with furnace maintenance

Warning signs such as rattling or vibrating noise coming from a furnace means it’s time for maintenance. It is better to call up professionals so as to stay on the safe side rather than waiting on it until you are compelled to replace it.

It is also essential to check your furnace pilot for flickering lights, or a yellow pilot light that indicates an excess of carbon dioxide. It could be a possibility that it may not be carbon dioxide, but if the problem persists despite adjusting the burner screw, professional maintenance is required.

The low crumbling sounds coming from furnace need to be noticed with much seriousness for they mean that there is presence of oil inside the combustion chamber which could result in dangerous fumes reaching your interiors.

3)    The lifespan

The average lifespan of a furnace in the US is about 17 to 20 years. Any older than that needs regular furnace maintenance and it is better to look for signs of wear to replace it before any problem arises. The furnaces with pilot lights are often older than two decades thus require more maintenance and it will be costlier for them as compared to the new ones.

4)    Never ignore temperature shifts

The primary role of a furnace is to provide adequate heating to the entire place it is installed in, and if that is not in proper order, chances are nothing is. If you experience sudden shift in adjusted temperatures or there is a case of inconsistent heating, it often means it is time for furnace maintenance. A tune up is necessary but it is essential to keep a close eye for this problem for when it persists, it ruins the longevity of the furnace.

5)    Inspect the fan belt

A fan belt of the furnace is designed for the furnace blower and it can very much have signs of being worn out such as frays and cracks. Deflation could also be one of the problems of a fan belt and it is essential to look for it during inspection for furnace maintenance. There can be cases where it may only need some tightening to work efficiently.

6)    Stay safe

The need for safety during furnace maintenance should never be ignored. Some of the important safety tips are:

  • Switch off the furnace before inspection (electrical supply and/or fuel supply).
  • Don’t forget to turn on the electricity supply as well as the fuel supply once you’re done.
  • Start with filter first as unclogging it may resolve whatever problem your furnace may be having and there might not be a need to go further.
  • The filter has to have a cover over it for safety purpose, both for furnace use and inspection.
  • The filter also needs to have a return air system which works properly so to avoid any possible hazards.
  • Switch off the fan to check for flames and the burner for corrosion.

7)    Check with Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency

In order to ensure proper furnace maintenance, it is highly important to check the fuel utilization. The simple AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) is a method used to determine what percentage of energy is utilized and what is wasted. That is, for a furnace on A+ (100%) AFUE, no fuel energy is wasted and there is no energy loss through chimney; however, a furnace on 88-90% AFUE rating is losing 10-12% of the total fuel energy it consumes. This goes on till the alarm bells might ring when there is inadequate performance noticed with an F- rating which wastes about 45% of the energy.

8)    Lubrication of blower motor

When one is considering furnace maintenance, it is not all about checking it for replacement needs. Rather, the idea is to elongate the efficient use of the furnace. This could be done by lubricating the motor fittings on a regular basis to ensure that the engine isn’t in turmoil (which could get costly if not checked regularly). Also to ensure that the oil moves easily in your furnace burner, it is important to get the nozzle cleaned so to declutter it.

9)    Schedule furnace maintenance with professionals

Though it is a good idea to keep in mind all the necessary steps one has to take to make sure the furnace remains in good condition, it is always better to hire a professional. Furnace maintenance in Arlington is made easy with us as we offer professional services to ensure that no glitch goes unnoticed.

Maintenance could be done by one’s own self or by hiring a professional, however it is recommended to get your furnace inspected by a professional periodically so to have a clear picture of whether or not it needs replacement or if there are any other requirements. It is also essential to embrace safety precautions while checking for any problems in your furnace.