How to Keep Your Home Cool During the Summer | Tips from Your Trusted Arlington, TX AC Repair Service

How to Keep Your Home Cool During the Summer | Tips from Your Trusted Arlington, TX AC Repair Service

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Do you live in a hot or humid climate? If your home feels warm and uncomfortable during the summer, it’s essential to invest in a good air conditioning unit, which will help to regulate the temperature.

It’s a well-known fact that heat and humidity can leave you feeling hot, sticky, and uncomfortable. As the temperature rises, many people also feel angry or moody. Scientists have recently suggested that there may be a link between humidity and aggression or low mood. It’s therefore important to carry out AC repair and maintenance regularly as the temperature of your home will have a significant effect on your family’s overall wellbeing.

If you live in Arlington, TX or the surrounding area and are looking for AC repair or installation services you may like to contact Minuteman. They can provide heating and air conditioning advice and services, which will help you keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer.

This article will look at some of the best ways to keep your home cool during the summer months. When the weather turns hot and sticky, it’s vital that you feel comfortable in your own home.

Top Tips to Keep Your Home Cool

AC Repair

If you live in a warm climate, you’re probably likely to already have an air conditioning system installed. If so, the primary way that you can keep your home at a consistent temperature is to ensure that your system is in good working order. Ask an expert to carry out repair if you are having any problems with your system.

If you own an older system that is ineffective, you may like to consider replacing it. A new unit can not only help you keep your home cool but could also help to reduce your monthly utility bills. In some cases, the money you invest in installing the system will be recouped, as your bills will be significantly lower.

If your air conditioning unit seems to be continually running, then it’s probably time to call in an expert for AC repair. Perhaps the air conditioning unit is too small for the room it is trying to cool down. This would mean that its working overtime to try and keep the room at a consistent temperature.

It’s also a good idea to have your air conditioning unit serviced and repaired during the spring. This means that when the weather starts to heat up, your system will already be in good working order. AC repair and maintenance will help you to reduce your household bills in the long run.


Another great tip is to close your blinds or curtains during the hottest part of the day. This will help to reduce UV rays and keep the suns glare out of your home, making it feel cooler.

You could also install blinds that reflect the heat on your windows and doors, as this will keep your home at a lower temperature.

Alternatively, you could have a reflective window tint applied to your windows, which will keep your home at a more comfortable temperature and will save you money at the same time.

Be Energy Efficient 

It’s important not to over cool your home as this will result in an increased electricity bill. Aim to keep the temperature of your home at 78 degrees as every degree you go below this will add 6-8% to your utility bill.

It’s also a good idea to clean your filters on a regular basis and change them where necessary. This will help you to be more energy-efficient and is also good for your air condition system, as well as your family’s health. Replacing the filters will make your air cleaner as it helps to remove dust and pollen from the atmosphere.

Move the Air Around Your Home

Air circulation will help keep your home cooler but will also increase the evaporation from your skin, which will help you to cool down quickly. By keeping the air moving with the use of a fan, you’ll feel 2 or 3 degrees cooler. There is a wide selection of fans available, including ceiling fans and portable fans. You can also get air conditioning systems that have built-in fans, which will help to cool the whole home.

You can set your cooling system’s thermostat to fan only, rather than continuously running the air conditioning. This will help to move more air throughout your home.

Run a Fan When Not at Home

Allowing a fan or air conditioning to run continuously when you’re not at home, as this will help to regulate the temperature. Keep your thermostat set at a comfortable temperature. This is more energy-efficient than trying to quickly cool your home down from a high temperature when you come home.

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