How to Know When It’s Time for Heating and AC Repair | Arlington, TX

How to Know When It’s Time for Heating and AC Repair | Arlington, TX

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Winter is now fast on its way, and that means that before too long you will be turning on your furnace if you have not yet already. Hopefully you have had your local Arlington, TX heating and AC repair company out to service your furnace already, but if you haven’t you may want to be aware of signs that your furnace needs repair. It is always better to find out before your furnace dies then on a cold winter night when suddenly the air in your home is frigid.

Outside of convenience, it is also cheaper to schedule a service call with a local HVAC repair company than it is to schedule an emergency repair visit. Emergency visits tend to cost more, and usually by the time noticeable damage is done the problem has compounded itself. While no one wants to pay a repair bill, it can save you a lot of money to simply be proactive. Here are a few of the warning signs in particular that should prompt you to schedule a heating and AC repair service call in Arlington, TX.

Dust from the Furnace Vents

Furnaces do get dusty, especially since they get a nice long break in Arlington, TX between uses. If you see a little dust coming out of your furnace vents when you first turn it on, it’s not too concerning as it has sat all year. However, if dust starts coming out in the middle of winter or if you start to notice dust coming out of the vents all of the time, it is time to change your filters.

If you change your filters and the dust is still coming out of the vents, it is time to call for heating and AC repair in Arlington, TX. The continual dust shows that for some reason your furnace is not properly cleaning the air, and you want to promptly unclog or replace the reasonable item otherwise the damage may get worse than just some dust.

Gas & Electric Bills Higher Than Usual

No one likes paying for extra gas during the cooler months, but if your heating bills start rising higher than they have ever been in the past you might want to take a closer look at your furnace. This is even more true if your furnace is leaning towards the older side. As furnaces age their efficiency starts to wane, and if they have not been subject to regular heating and AC repair service calls they are even more prone to failure.

When furnaces start to wane, they stop producing a high amount of heat so they need to run more frequently to keep the house at the same temperature it always is. The more your furnace runs, the more you end up paying for gas and electric. Call in a heating and AC repair service to take a look, and if they advise you to buy a new furnace it may be for the best. Paying for a new furnace will be less than paying for higher bills every month when you look at the bigger picture.

Burner Flame is Yellow

The color of your burner flame is very important, because a flickering flame or one that is yellow can indicate that your furnace is creating carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is odorless and can be a silent killer, so if you have any suspicions you should turn off your furnace, open a window, and call a heating and AC repair person from Arlington, TX immediately. You also may want to look for other signs of carbon monoxide which include excess moisture on the walls, windows, or various cold surfaces around the home. Excessive rusting on pipe connections or jacks for your appliances or water leaking out of the chimney or flue pipe are other indicators that there may be a reason for concern. Carbon monoxide is not something to toy with, so if you have any reason for concern always call for help.

Strange Noises are Coming from the Furnace 

Furnaces produce a wide variety of sounds that can be concerning to homeowners. While some of these signs can be harmless, there are a few that warrant a quick call for heating and AC repair. Banging noises can indicate that something is misfiring inside of your furnace, where is squealing noises can indicate that a belt is going bad. Rattling and popping noises often occur with loose pieces or can even indicate that a wild animal is inside of your furnace.

Most furnaces make a low hum which is acceptable, any other noise that is out of the norm for your particular furnace should be investigated. The sooner you check it out the less damage will be done to your overall system. When you try to wait it out sometimes a small flaw or break turns into a major situation that shuts down the entire furnace. Call your heating and AC repair guy and describe the noise to them and they should be able to advise you on the urgency of the situation.

Age & Shape of Your Furnace

Finally, while everyone hopes their furnace will last for decades, most will not. The average life of a furnace falls in between 15 and 20 years. If your furnace is pushing 20 years it may be time to look into replacing your furnace before you are left in an emergency situation. A heating and AC repair technician can take a look at your furnace and offer you a reasonable estimate on its remaining lifespan and its condition. Keep in mind that repairs can add up quickly, so if you have had to call for repairs several times in the last year it is probably time. Replacing your furnace on your own time table is always better than at the last minute.