How to Properly Maintain Your Air Conditioning Unit | Tips from Your Arlington, TX Air Conditioner Installation Company

How to Properly Maintain Your Air Conditioning Unit | Tips from Your Arlington, TX Air Conditioner Installation Company

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After having an air conditioner installation in your home in the Arlington, TX area, it needs to be properly maintained so it will continue to work as it should. There are easy things that you can do to maintain your air conditioning unit. Along with those things and a yearly air conditioning tune up, you can greatly increase the life expectancy of your air conditioning unit.

Just like any that contains electrical and mechanical parts, an air conditioning unit it can have “normal wear and tear” that is a result of being used on a regular basis. This is especially true, especially if it does not get regular maintenance. It is a good idea for a homeowner to get their air conditioner maintained before the summer begins every year. If an air conditioning unit is not properly maintained and cared for as it should be, the chances of it that it will stop working will gradually go up until to the point where air conditioning repair services will not be able to be avoided. However, after your initial air conditioner installation, it is properly maintained on a regular basis, the chances of it to quit working go down greatly. These tips will help you properly maintain your air conditioning unit so it will last a long time.

1) Keep Your Air Filters Clean and Replace Them When Needed: If, when you had your air conditioner installation done in your Arlington, TX residence, you got an air conditioning unit with a reusable air filter, then it is necessary for you to clean it on a regular basis. Air conditioners are used mostly during the summer months when the weather is the hottest and often during the winter months as well and that is when they need to be cleaned the most. During the other two seasons when they are not used as much, just being cleaned one time during those seasons is acceptable. If you use disposable air filters, you need to replace your air filter every three months and more often during the times when you use your air conditioning unit more.

2) Give Your Outdoor Air Conditioning Unit Enough Breathing Room: The most important facet of any air conditioning unit is air flow. Having enough air flow through a modern air conditioner depends on having enough air flowing through it due to the fact that they function on the concept of forced air. What this means is that the condensers, during air conditioner installation are placed on the outside, requires quite a bit of space around them to make it possible for air to flow through them as they should. Therefore, if the condenser of your air conditioner in your Arlington, TX home does not have enough free space around it for it to breathe as it should then you need to find the space that it needs to work properly. The condenser requires at least three feet of open space around it at all times. To give it the space it needs, you can landscape or trim your tree branches, trees, and grass that surround your air conditioning unit.

3) Keep the Condenser Clean: As your air conditioner sucks in air to generate the right amount of air flow to keep your home or office cool after you have an air conditioner installation done, it is possible for debris to get stuck on the interior of its vents. Foreign particles like pieces of mowed grass, dust, and pollen need to be regularly cleaned off the condenser on a regular basis. It is pretty easy to do this, just turn off your air conditioning unit and get the debris out by using your garden hose with a high-pressure stream of water.

4) Get Your Air Conditioning Unit Checked Out by a Professional Once a Year: Even if you properly maintain your air conditioning unit after the air conditioner installation in Arlington, TX, it is still a good idea (and it is also recommended by air conditioning specialists) to have it checked out on a yearly basis to give you piece of mind that your air conditioning unit is in the condition that it needs to be in to continue working as it should.

5) Take Time to Focus on Your Thermostat: Another important part of maintaining your air conditioner unit after your air conditioner installation in the Arlington, TX area is to take the time to care for the thermostat. After an air conditioner installation, the thermostat typically entails cooling and heating settings as part of its maintenance. Taking it to an air conditioning professional prior to the air conditioner installation will be a big help in letting you know that its temperature gauge is working properly as well. Some people use their air conditioning condensing unit as a place to store some of their belongings. That is a very bad idea as it can cause your air conditioner to become damaged after the air conditioner installation. Any debris or leaves that have been caught in or around your air conditioning unit need to be gotten rid of as well. You also need to turn on your air conditioner prior to you needing it to ensure that it is working as it should. If it is not sending out cold air, your air conditioner unit could be facing any number of problems, like not having enough freon in it. That could mean that your air conditioner unit may have a leak in it. Air conditioner repair professionals have the know-how and the tools that are needed to find and repair a leak in an air conditioning system.

I hope that this blog post has helped learn more about how to properly care for your air conditioning unit. You now know how to maintain it better and when to call an air conditioner repair professional when you need to.