Mini-Split Heat Pump | Heating and AC in Mansfield, TX

Mini-Split Heat Pump | Heating and AC in Mansfield, TX

Homeowner’s who are considering their options for energy efficient heating and AC in Mansfield, TX for homes or additions lacking ducts, should consider a mini-split heat pump. The mini-split also provides a solution for small apartments, guest houses, vacation cabins, room additions, income properties and increasingly, for homeowners who choose to efficiently zone their home. The mini-split consists of and outdoor condenser and an indoor air handler, joined by a conduit that only requires a three inch access point. The advantages of the versatile mini-split doesn’t end with its design for ductless homes, and it is this versatility – and the benefits that are behind its growing popularity. The benefits include:

  • Generally easier to install than a system with ducts.
  • Mini-splits lack ducts, so there is no energy lost due to poorly sealed ducts, and especially those located in the attic. Ducts can lose 20-30% of the conditioned air moving through them, costing you money.
  • The air handler offers a lot versatility for locating it. It can be mounted high on a wall, or in the ceiling. If you want them out of sight, they can be flush mounted in the ceiling with a decorative grid. The units operate with remote control operation for easy use. We can provide the installation you need, contact us today for additional information about mini-split heating and AC in Mansfield, TX.
  • With mini-split heating and AC in Mansfield, TX, each air handler has its own thermostat, so you can provide individualized temperatures for each room or zone. Central units can only provide one temperature throughout the home, now the mini-split allows custom temperature for each room/zone. This benefit ensures everyone’s comfort, because not everyone is comfortable at the same temperature.

Furthermore, it allows you to heat or cool only the rooms you choose to, while providing conditioned air to the same space when company comes to visit. After all, if energy conservation or saving money is your goal, there is no need to heat or cool unoccupied living space. Contact Minuteman Heating & AC to schedule installation of a mini-split heat pump, or other heating and AC in Mansfield, TX.

  • Energy efficiency is twofold in the mini-split, and it provides some of the highest energy ratings available. It is an energy efficient heating and air conditioning Ductless heating and air conditioning systems follow ENERGY STAR guidelines, which provides you with the assurance they have a higher energy efficiency than the minimum standards established by the EPA. In addition, when you zone it, and choose to heat or cool only the rooms that are occupied, you save even more. This is possible through an electronic damper, which opens up or closes off the room or zone to conditioned air. This feature, allows you to prevent conditioned air from going into unused rooms, saving you energy and money, and enables you to zone your home without ducts.
  • For those who have been using window units, a mini split system eliminates the potential of an intruder entering by removing the AC, and leaves your windows and their view free for use.
  • The mini-split improves the air quality with multi stage air filtration, reducing dust, bacteria, pollen, and other particulates. The central air conditioner draws air into the air handler, across the evaporator coil and through an air filter. The mini-split heat pump improves air quality by providing an air handler in each room or zone, with its own air filter for cleaner air. As the mini-split does not use ducts, dust, bacteria, and viruses are not circulated throughout the home. The mini split can be especially beneficial to those who suffer from allergies, asthma or chronic respiratory conditions. Contact Minuteman Heating & AC today to schedule the installation of mini-split heating and AC in Mansfield, TX.
  • The mini-split operates quietly, and that is important when it is located outside a bedroom window, next to your patio where you entertain, or near neighbors.

Ensure you use a licensed, qualified contractor for HVAC installation. Minuteman Heating and AC offer NATE certifiedtechnicians, ensuring the highest knowledge, greatest experience and tested for proficiency, accuracy and attention to detail. You can rely on us to provide the professional expertise that meets and/or exceeds the industry standards. You can rely on our technicians to properly size and install your new heating and AC in Mansfield, TX.

The ductless mini-split heat pump offers homeowners the ability to heat and cool a number of zones in the home to the precise temperature desired. They provide the versatility you want with exceptional year round comfort. Contact our NATE certified technicians today to schedule installation of a mini-split heat pump or other heating and AC in Mansfield, TX.

Give us a call for additional information about the mini-split or other HVAC systems for your home. We will be glad to assist you by providing the information you need to make an informed decision regarding a new heating and air conditioning system for your home. Minuteman Heating & AC offers a wide range of professional  services for your home’s heating and AC in Mansfield, TX, including installation, maintenance, repair, and air quality solutions. Minuteman Heating & AC offers professional services in Mansfield, Arlington and the surrounding areas. We are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.