Myths about Air Conditioning Services and Usage

Myths about Air Conditioning Services and Usage

HVAC (Heating, ventilation and Air Conditioning) services are often subject to scams, companies ripping their clients off, equipment which does not work as it had been promised to, and so forth. What surprises many is that the facts one might get to know over time about the air conditioning services and the use of it, might actually only be myths.

Due to common beliefs, some of the stories about the air conditioning services and use which does not hold any solid ground to back it and is only a problem which often prevents proper usage and leads to equipment malfunctioning at an early age. If you are a regular at calling for air conditioning service in Arlington TX it is time you check to see if there are some myths you’ve believed in pertaining to service and usage.

Myth # 1- You Might Damage The Air Filters If You Check Them

It is commonly believed by many that the air filters might just break if you try to check them or clean them as you may notice a difference in the cooling of the air conditioner. You might call up the air conditioning service in Arlington TX for maintenance and repair if there is damage or any part has malfunctioned but you can definitely check the air filters. These air filters contain dust and debris which can very easily contaminate your air if not cleaned regularly and also hamper the air conditioner’s performance.

Myth # 2 – There’s Only A Need For Repair When Something Goes Wrong

One of the commonly believed notions about the air conditioner repair is that there is no need for maintenance if all is working fine. Air conditioner problems may occur without warning as well and in scorching summers it becomes extremely difficult to manage without one. If you’re not a regular at calling for air conditioning service in Arlington TX it is better you get in the habit to get it examined for any underlying problems. The routine maintenance of air conditioner also saves a lot of cost on the repair and replacement of major components if there occurs a serious issue which had been going unnoticed earlier just due to lack of maintenance schedule. Opting for a reliable company for air conditioning service in Arlington TX and maintenance, you may get a discount over your yearly subscription so to keep your equipment in good shape for long. Minuteman Heating & Air offers air conditioner maintenance and air conditioning service in Arlington TX for reliable and cost effective results.

Myth # 3- You Don’t Have To Get Involved In The Business

This myth might be the root cause behind the various scamming cases people fall victim to, because they do not take interest in the company they’re opting for. It is extremely important to get all the information you need to know and you deserve this too prior to selecting a company for your air conditioning service in Arlington TX, be it repair, maintenance or installation. This is so that you aren’t charged with escalating prices, taken undue advantage of, get scammed with replacement service not in actual replacing anything, or from opting for very cheap prices only to know the hidden costs later. It is important to do your homework and research about the company which you plan to opt for an AC service technician by getting to know their physical address, hiring policies, customer reviews and testimonials.

Myth # 4 – The Thermostat Positioning Doesn’t Matter

It is false, the thermostat positioning in your house matters and is no joke to place it anywhere as that determines the use of your air conditioner. This is because the thermostat monitors the surrounding temperature and signals the air conditioner in accordance to the cooling which it achieves. If you place the thermostat in a small area it will be cool in a short time and the air conditioner will turn off leaving the other part of the area warm and humid. And if you think you should call for air conditioning service in Arlington TX because your AC isn’t cooling properly, you should reconsider the thermostat positioning.

Myth # 5 – It Is Okay To Examine The Air Conditioning Unit Yourself

No it is not alright to examine it yourself. It is one thing looking up for accumulated dust and dirt in the air filters but entirely a different thing to become a technician yourself (unless you’re one). It is better to call for air conditioning service in Arlington TX to examine your air conditioning equipment even if it is not showing any problems. This is to so to avoid the damage you may accidently cause to your air conditioner while trying to check for some problems. Even if it is not cooling properly and you’ve done the safe examination which doesn’t involve opening up the air conditioner unit, opt for an air conditioning service in Arlington TX.

Myth # 6 – A Thermostat Set On Excessively Low Temperature Will Cool Faster

One of the common myths about air conditioners is that if you set your air conditioner on a very low temperature will speed up the cooling process, which is entirely false. This is because it will only consume more energy and the air conditioner has to operate for long time to reach the desired temperature. This increases the energy consumption and cost as well as you add pressure to it.

Myth # 7 – You Don’t Have To Replace Your Filters

Air conditioner filters come in various types of air filters and depending on that they have to be replaced. A qualified professional at a company for air conditioning service in Arlington TX will be able to tell you when is the time. this is to avoid any asthma triggers or allergens which may accumulate with time to give a boost to respiratory issues in a domestic environment. Also, not replacing the filters means that the energy efficiency will reduce over time.

Minuteman Heating & Air is one of the companies offering air conditioning service in Arlington TX including installation, maintenance and repair with their state of the art technology, equipment and professionally learned and trained employees aiming to serve you and clear off any myths about air conditioning equipment. Also the customers can feel free to inquire about their air conditioner to know about better use.