Quality And Affordable Air Conditioning Repair | Mansfield, TX

Quality And Affordable Air Conditioning Repair | Mansfield, TX

Mansfield, TX gets the top-notch, cost-effective air conditioning repair service they need from Minuteman Heating & Air. You can easily discover that we have a lengthy history and a lot of satisfied customers by reading all of our online reviews. We always have highly qualified specialists available and prepared to tackle any air conditioning repair need.

Protecting Your Unit

Most people wait until they have a problem before calling us, but by having your air conditioning system serviced once a year, you can prevent a lot of issues and failures. An air conditioner will lose over 5% of its energy efficiency annually, but you may recover a large portion of it with a service, cutting your energy costs.

A service from Minuteman Heating & Air will provide you peace of mind during the long summer by reducing the likelihood that your air conditioner will break down and need air conditioning repair.

Even a unit that has been properly maintained can malfunction, but by keeping an eye out for the following warning signs, you’ll be able to take action before you need to make an expensive call for air conditioning repair in Mansfield, TX.

Strange Noises

Any unusual sounds should raise a red flag. If the fan motor’s bearings or fan belts are worn out, sudden loud screeching noises may result. Sometimes, a bent blade causes a loud thudding sound coming from your unit. These noises demand rapid attention since the longer they persist, the more harm will be done. To avoid any costly air conditioning repair, you should contact Minuteman Heating & Air if you notice any unusual noises.


Different cooling processes are used by various air conditioners. During a cooling cycle, the compressor is usually running for about ten minutes and then off for an additional ten. If the compressor starts and stops automatically before the cooling cycle is complete, this is known as short-cycling. The entire cooling effect won’t be felt in your Mansfield, TX home, and the compressor will ultimately need to be replaced during an air conditioning repair due to increased wear and tear from frequent on/off switching.

Short-cycling, which we stated previously, will lessen the cooling impact of your unit. To keep the temperature you have selected, both the compressor and the other parts will be working harder. Each component will require more energy as they work harder, thus raising your energy costs.

Frozen Coils

On a hot summer day, it can seem a little paradoxical to see the evaporator coils beginning to ice. But if they don’t get a steady stream of heat, the coils will become entirely cold. Warm air from your house is drawn out by the fan and blasted over the coils to give this heat.

The heated air’s heat will be absorbed by the coolant inside the coils. Another factor contributing to the coils freezing is a lack of coolant, which prevents adequate heat from being absorbed. The ice and frost that is developing on the coil is the most obvious indication of this and the need for an air conditioning repair.

Frost and Ice will form on the evaporator coils for many reasons, and these include:

  • Your coolant levels are low
  • Fan not supplying enough warm air over the evaporator coils
  • Dirty air filters restrict the warm airflow
  • Dirt layers on the coils

Insufficient warm air will be blasted over the coils due to clogged air filters and malfunctioning fans, which will also cause frost and ice to accumulate. Any debris that collects on the coils will serve as an additional barrier to heat transfer from the hot air to the coils and function as an insulator. If nothing is done, the coils will freeze and the air conditioner will turn off. The coils will need to defrost for up to 24 hours before it may resume operation. Damage will result from your air conditioner often shutting down, therefore you’ll require an air conditioning repair.

Higher Humidity Levels

If the cooling effect is decreased, your house will feel more humid since warmer air contains more moisture.

Your device is dripping water

Ever ponder what became of all that damp air? Moisture in the warm air condenses into water when it cools, which collects in the drain pan. The AC drain pipe is then used to remove all this water from your house. They will become clogged if mold or algae begin to form on the drain pan or line. The water will overflow the drain pan, soaking your floor and the interior of the air conditioner. A short circuit brought on by the water can require the care of a trusted HVAC company.

Your device is older than ten years

Your air conditioner becomes older and loses efficiency, costing you more to run. It is probably going to break down more frequently and produce less cooling. It could be time to think about a new installation rather than shelling out extra money for repairs. In addition, modern air conditioners generally use less energy to operate and have fewer negative effects on the environment. At Minuteman Heating & Air, we fully support the Energy-Star Program run by the United States government to help consumers make the best choices for their homes, bank accounts, and their beautiful world.

Texas’ Reliable Air Conditioning Company

Call Minuteman Heating & Air as soon as you notice an issue with your air conditioner, and we will send a qualified technician to your home right away. All of our work is guaranteed, if you’re not happy with the job we’ve done, we’re not happy. Our best advertising comes from how people speak about us to their friends, families, and neighbors. That’s why we strive to be the most affordable, most efficient, and most courteous plumbing company in Texas! Give Minuteman Heating & Air a ring right away if you have any questions or want to discuss air conditioning repair with one of our friendly experts!

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