Reducing Indoor Air Pollution With Regular Air Duct Cleaning Service | Mansfield, TX

Reducing Indoor Air Pollution With Regular Air Duct Cleaning Service | Mansfield, TX

Do you know that the EPA has listed indoor air pollution as the 4th most considerable threat Americans face? This is a manifestation that indoor air pollution is a growing concern among many homeowners in the US. Fortunately, the air conditioning industry has progressed significantly over the last few decades. Today, there even are portable air purifiers that you can carry around your home. Accessories like air scrubbers have also been developed, lifting over-reliance on UV filters in purifying and cleaning the air. However, furnaces and air conditioning systems remain the go-to appliances for most homeowners.

Unfortunately, there are issues with this appliance that might end up affecting indoor air quality. For instance, if the air ducts are dirty, that dust, pollen, pet dander, mold, bacteria, and other contaminants will be blown by the appliance into your indoor air. Hence, it is recommended that homeowners have an air duct cleaning service at least once every two years. The last thing you want is for your family members to get sick or feel uncomfortable in your home.

Why Should You Clean the Air Ducts?

As mentioned above, most homeowners rely on air conditioning systems and furnaces to cool or warm their homes. These units rely on ductwork for air circulation. But what could happen in case of contamination? By the very nature of their work, the air ducts will be contaminated after some time. When this happens, it negatively impacts the quality of your indoor air. Even worse, it puts your family at risk. Hence, it is recommended that you have an air duct cleaning service every two years at least. This has several benefits, including:

Improved Quality of Indoor Air

According to the EPA, the air inside your Mansfield, TX home is about seventy percent more polluted than that outside. This is largely because of air contamination in an enclosed space. Ducts may collect dust, debris, pet dander, and other allergens after some time. Additionally, they form the perfect conditions for mold growth. When you have an air duct cleaning service, you ensure safe air passage into your indoor space. Below are the contaminants likely to be found in the air ducts


If the air ducts installed at your home have been clogged for a long time, the pest might find a perfect hiding place. Pests, insects, and rodents may start to nest in the clogged ductwork, becoming a health risk. This can be a nuisance to the air passage, not forgetting that these pests, insects, and rodents can transmit diseases through their droppings. This may contaminate the air entering your home. The only way of ensuring that these critters don’t have a place is to have a duct cleaning service.


This perilous addition to the air ducts may present various health problems. If your ducts are left dirty for a long enough time, condensation may form, making them the ideal environment for the growth of fungi and mold. Dust particles easily introduce molds, and breathing in their spores can harm your health. Some typical effects of inhaling a mold spore are headaches and dizziness. To remove this risk, have an air duct cleaning service done after every one or two years.

Dust and Dirt

This contaminant is not particularly complex. If you don’t clean a place, dust will inevitably accumulate. It is the most typical substance to accumulate in your ductwork. What is dust composed of? It is formed of tiny fragments of everything in your house, including dirt, pollutants, pet droppings, dead bugs, and pet dander. They will combine with the air entering your home and body whenever you inhale it unless you have an air duct cleaning service. Both irritation and allergic responses may result from them.


If you don’t properly clean or maintain the air ducts, the material used for insulation might break or fragment and start mixing with the air. Normally, asbestos is used for insulating the air ducts, and when you don’t give them the priority they need, they may become damaged, giving room for the asbestos to travel via the air. Unfortunately, breathing asbestos over some time has detrimental impacts, including lung cancer. Hence, give your air ducts their due attention when it comes to maintenance and air duct cleaning.

Dust Protection

In most instances, when you’re done with cleaning, you might notice that there are dust patches that have started appearing on spaces you had cleaned earlier. This is because air entering your Mansfield, TX home might take embanked duct particles with it. These dust particles appear on the objects or surfaces you have cleaned as air interacts with the items in your home. Your home will remain cleaner if you have an air duct cleaning service because the air will carry little to no dust.

Greater Equipment Lifespan

A large number of appliances that are used in your daily life malfunction due to debris or dust collection, and your HVAC system isn’t an exception to this. If you have an air duct cleaning service, the debris and dust collecting in the ductwork will be removed. This also reduces airborne contaminants, ensuring that indoor air quality is improved. This also ensures that your heating and air conditioning system can serve you longer.

More Comfort at Your Home

A professional will inspect your ductwork for gaps, leaks, rust, and other issues when they clean your ducts. The conditioned air can then be kept from leaking before it gets there. Additionally, you’ll be able to get rid of pests like dust mites, roaches, and spiders. Hence, have an air duct cleaning service to ensure that you and your family stay comfortable.

Absolutely. You should have an air duct cleaning service to ensure great indoor air quality and a comfortable home. However, you should entrust this to a professional. Do you need a duct cleaning service in your Mansfield, TX home? Contact us at Minuteman Heating & Air.

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